"No" green ink yan want to also don’t want to directly interrupted her.

"Why not?" RuXiaoNan thinks he is a little unreasonable.
Blue ink yan heart with anger but not to come out.
Although the pants seem to be covered, the shape is really … It’s better to cover them than the skirt.
"Anyway, when you wear a skirt, you must wear pants inside, and you are not allowed to go barefoot in winter."
RuXiaoNan listen straight grin.
Is this guy taking the wrong medicine? Why do you care what she wears now?
After a busy day, Mubolun stayed in the old house at night.
RuXiaoNan was busy summoning Suzaku and didn’t cook. MuBolun was able to send someone to the mountain to order some food.
When RuXiaoNan saw LingXiaoTian again at dinner, she completely stayed away for a good half-day and didn’t return to absolute being.
"How strange?" LingXiao smiling bowed their heads and looked at his strange clothes.
Retro red Paisley spiral shirt brown trousers with a long end hanging over the shoulders at will.
"So handsome!" RuXiaoNan shout
Suddenly feel a cold behind.
Turned to see blue ink yan eyes swept over.
RuXiaoNan consciousness swallowed saliva.
Blue ink Yan this expression is the most terrible, the whole body does not move, but his eyes swept over and looked at it so seeping.
"Come and eat, or the food will be so cold." She laughed and pinched the food with her own hands. In the past, the face of the green ink Yan was relieved.
"Your clothes here are really strange. Why are you wearing so little?" Ling Xiao Tian nai pulled his shirt.
In ancient times, even in summer, they had to wear Chinese clothes layer by layer.
"It’s strange that you ancients can wear just what you have to wear." Ru Xiaonan insinuated that his eyes were afraid to look at the blue ink face over there
Mu Bolun was the last one to come in. He sat next to Ling Xiaotian. "How about this outfit? Wait a day, I’ll find a stylist to help him trim his head. Walking outside with such a long head is too attractive."
Ru Xiaonan looked into Ling Xiao’s face and suddenly went to different places in his former world. Most people will feel unaccustomed or at a loss.
But she can see a dazzling smile from the other person’s face.
Those peach blossom eyes are really beautiful
Even a person who has never been an anthomaniac like her has to admit that these eyes are really charming.
"Hey, what is this?" MuBolun suddenly bowed their heads and saw LingXiaoTian side with a piece of cloth.
"By the way, I just wanted to ask you what this thing is for and where to wear it?" Ling Xiaotian said, pick up the cloth.
RuXiaoNan is to mouth food poof a spray out.
Lingxiaotian was wondering about a pair of boxers in his hand.
Qing Mo Yan’s mouth was smashed with a chopstick.
MuBolun desperately pressed Ling Xiaotian’s hand to make him put his pants "this thing can’t be worn outside"
"Is this worn inside?" Ling Xiaotian is puzzled.
"Is … is the most inside" MuBolun forehead saw the sweat.
"But it’s not comfortable to wear it tightly." Ling Xiaotian shook his head. "I don’t like this. Can I not wear it?"
MuBolun canthus disorderly jump "that … whatever"
Eating a meal is called an embarrassment.
Ru Xiaonan’s face is reddish and blue, and his face is black and Mubolun is pale.
Ling Xiao looked as usual and commented on a few dishes. After dinner, he complained that there was no dessert.
"Do you like sweet food?" RuXiaoNan asked.
Few men like sweets.