"All right!" Jiu Zhong clapped his hands and said, "Let’s call it a day. Go back to your own stalls and guard your own territory carefully. We’ll contact you if anything happens!"

Han Yi said, "Dragon Head, since they have torn their faces, they can do anything! Longyu is understaffed, just in case, do you want to send more brothers to protect you? !”
Jiuzhong waved his hand and said, "That’s not necessary. As long as you are here, they won’t dare to mess around! Hey … if they really dare to come, it’s an opportunity. You all pay close attention to the movements of their four doors. Once you really find them visiting me, you will give me their lair! "
"yes! !”
"All right, let’s go home!"
At present, the four door lords and the four elders of the Sage Hall all leave!
There were only nine people left in the room, and Wang Baobao whispered, "Hey, didn’t you say you arranged a blind date for me?" Tell me about it! "
"Oh, yes, I forgot this quarrel!" Jiuzhong turned to Shen Yue and said, "Yueer, this boy has a crush on you and wants to have a blind date with you. It’s up to you!"
Looked at Wang Baobao Shen Yue deadpan, cool way: "Who’s calling? !”
Wang Baobao smell speech put on a bright smile, introduced himself and stretched out his hand to shake hands with Shen Yue. "Ah ha ha, let me introduce myself. My name is Wang Baobao. I’m twenty-three, unmarried, with excellent academic performance and no bad habits …! !”
Wang Baobao’s words were interrupted by Shen Yue before he finished. Shen Yue stood up and said indifferently, "Die this heart!" And then turned away, leaving Wang Baobao as a fossil!
Jiuchong patted Wang Baobao on the shoulder with empathy and said, "Hey, brother, I can totally understand how you feel now, but life still needs to go on. I’m sorry for your loss!"
In the main office of Shanhe Building, the headquarters of the Kowloon Games, Zhao Zihe gave vent to madness and smashed everything in the office!
After half an hour, finally finished venting, Zhao Zihe held his head in silence for a moment, then stood up and went to the window, took out his cell phone from her pocket and dialed a number!
Time was short, and the phone was connected. Zhao Zihe said, "Father-in-law … I failed, and I failed to become the new leader of the Kowloon Fair!"
Telephone there rang a deep voice, "… what’s the matter? Didn’t you plan everything? Are you determined to win this time? !”
"I had planned everything … but I didn’t expect things to change!"
"What variables? !”
"Nine people are back!"
"What? Nine people? !” Follow the phone there was silent for a long time, the voice rang again, "… so how did you do it? !”
"I immediately ordered my brothers to kill people and exterminate the grass!"
"You did a good job! What about the result? Did you solve the nine families? !”
"It’s a pity that … he ran off! He is really amazing. He single-handedly broke into kill array, which is composed of thousands of my brothers, like nobody’s business! "
"Well … it seems that nine families have declined, and talents have appeared again in a few generations!" The voice on the other side of the phone was silent for another moment, then said, "Don’t panic, hold your horses, I’ll send someone to get rid of him!" "
"Father-in-law’s talent, that boy’s martial arts is extraordinary. If you send the Tianchi killer, you must send a better one!"
"Don’t worry … I’ll send Xuanye this time to make sure it’s foolproof!"
"Ah-!" Zhao Zihe breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Then I’m relieved!"
In the Proud Dragon Hall in Longyu, Fengbo looked at Shen Yue in front of him and asked, "Girl, what’s the matter? Didn’t the leading election meeting go well today? !”
Shen Yue said: "Although there have been some accidents, he has now successfully taken the position of the leader!"
"that’s not very good ~!" Fengbo smiled kindly and said, "Why do you still look worried and unhappy? !”
“……!” Shen Yue paused for a moment and said, "Fengbo … Nine people are back!"
Chapter 47 Back to the game
Fengbo leaned over and said, "Nine people? Where? !”
"Dragon domain!" Shen Yue said: "… that’s him, he is the descendant of the nine families! His name is Jiuzhong! "
"Ah …!" Fengbo sighed and said, "Sure enough, he is really a descendant of the nine families!"
Shen Yue one leng, saying: "… Fengbo, you knew he was a descendant of the nine families? !”
Storm nodded and said, "I’m just guessing. When your father was killed, I once saw this nine-heavy fighter, which is a family heirloom of nine schools. Now only nine people can know it except you! I really hope that he is not from nine families, but unfortunately the reality is often not satisfactory! "
“……!” Shen Yue asked, "Fengbo, before my father died, was it true that he personally handed the Dragon King Order to Jiuchong? !”
"Don’t doubt, this is never wrong! I saw it with my own eyes! " Fengbo looked out of the window, and there was a hint of desolation in his eyes. He said, "Maybe this is God’s will. At the beginning, your grandfather took the Dragon Club from nine families, and now he gives it back to nine families through your father’s hand!"
"Girl!" Fengbo turned around and patted Shen Yue on the shoulder and said, "Your road is not easy! These two sides may be your enemies. How to choose and how to go on in the future depends on yourself! The only thing Fengbo can do is to support you unconditionally! "
Shen Yue bit her lower lip and said, "… as long as I can avenge my father, even if Jiuzhong wants to kill me for what happened in those days, I have no complaints!" Then turned and left the proud dragon hall!
Looking at Shen Yue’s lonely and lonely back, Fengbo murmured: "I only hope that my proud eyes are not wrong. Jiuzhong is a man who keeps his promise … won’t embarrass Yue Girl!"
Longyu Big Leading Mansion, it’s been a long time. There are servants in the living room with tables and drinks, and the three of them talk fiercely. Jiuzhong will tell Wang Baobao what happened these days, and Wang Baobao will keep shaking his head. "Oh, it’s really a wide world, and even you can make a pheasant turn into a phoenix. I’m so handsome but I still have a talent. Who am I going to reason with?" !”
Nine heavy smelly fart way: "wood method, this is life! Envy can’t drop ~! "
Wang Baobao face upwards sad shout, "my god, you didn’t go to work these two days! !”
Xia Dongdong interjected and asked, "Baby, how have you been these days?" !”
"… I repeat, I don’t call baby, my name is Bao Bao! !” Wang Baobao gnashed her teeth and stressed it again. She immediately put on an intoxicated expression and said, "Wow, of course, this handsome guy is naturally looking for flowers and flowers! I’m telling you, I’ve met a few hot guys these days …! " This boy is full of thieves and prostitutes, and then he salivates his heroic deeds of picking flowers to Jiuzhong and Xia Dongdong!
Jiuzhong and Xia Dongdong listened and said in unison, "It’s a waste of talent if you don’t be a cowherd!"
The elder brother and the three of us talked about it all afternoon until nine o’clock in the evening. The three of them had dinner, and they were really sleepy. They had to go back to their rooms to sleep, but Jiuzhong was stopped by Shen Yue!
Nine heavy call Xia Dongdong and Wang Baobao go to sleep first, he came down from upstairs, sat down on the sofa of the sitting room, leisurely looking at Shen Yue, way, "why, miss Shen Da left me again, for what? !”
Shen Yue hesitated and said, "Now that you already know that you are a descendant of the Nine Schools … don’t you want to ask something? !”
"ask what?" Nine heavy leng leng, immediately thought again, awestruck: "well, since the words are here, then I will ask!" " Jiuzhong suddenly asked with a smile, "Is Miss Shen single now? Are you interested in having a date or something? !”
"Get out …!" I didn’t expect Jiuzhong to be serious at this time, and Shen Yue left angrily!