On the sidelines, the friar said it was good that he had always been very good at swearing. A demon oath was about equal to his Du Jie venerable master.

So he high-fived and Zong became more and more self-possessed, and when he was secretly preparing to break the oath, he saw Zong Yue laughing.
Jun Ba Zun was puzzled, "What are you laughing at?"
Zong Yue said, "I laugh at the honour person who lied for the saint and was willing to give up a bad luck."
Junba venerable man can’t understand him, and if he can’t solve it, he can’t help but face a change after he swore an oath of demons.
"Did you do something?"
Zong Yue readily admitted that "it’s the ordinary demons who swear their own demons, and even if they swear, they won’t have much influence on Penglai Xianzong’s brother, but it happened that this time, I and the Venerable Master vowed not the ordinary demons but the heaven and earth demons."
"It’s impossible that this demon oath of heaven and earth has already been lost." Jun pulled out the venerable person and looked worried.
"Yes," said Zong Yue.
It happened that in 300 years later, Penglai Xianzong’s brother copied this oath and Zong Yue naturally followed suit.
"Maybe this is fate," Zong Yue sighed.
Although the venerable man has heard of the power of the demon oath in this world, he does not believe in the so-called fortune saying that when the complexion changes slightly, it will return to normal.
"You send this heaven and earth demons oath can prove you koo? The demons of heaven and earth swear that you know who knows if you did something in it. "Pull out the honour person and drink a way.
"You really can’t die until you reach the Yellow River." Zong Yue kept clapping and then sighed. "It’s a pity that I recorded evidence when the Saint Temple did this crime."
She threw a shadow stone with the sound stone falling to the ground, and the picture of Cang Yao killing the "Xie Lao Patriarch" reappeared vividly.
"You didn’t take out the evidence earlier?" I didn’t expect that Zong Yue actually had evidence.
You know Cang Yao, but their vigilance of Penglai Saint won’t be too bad to be videotaped and not found.
And just now, Zong Yue took one bite at a time. She didn’t have any evidence and didn’t need any evidence to make Junba Venerable really. She was a blind cat and hit the dead and guessed the truth at random.
Who knows that she knew the truth and left evidence, but she endured it for two days, waiting for them to report her and swear with her to take out the shadow stone.
"Don’t take it out early?" Zong Yue pretended to think for a moment and said, "Maybe I forgot."
"You saw your Taoist elder killed with your own eyes, but you can still hide it and don’t say it. If you hadn’t deliberately delayed the old patriarch, you might still be able to treat you!" Jun pull honour person scold a way
Zong Yue Yingying smiled and applauded and said, "Do you want me to kill the old patriarch?"
"Did I slap the old patriarch to death and then hide it without asking?"
"Did I have the cheek to come to Ziweifeng to tell the thief and shout to catch the thief again after covering up?"
"It’s only natural to kill people for their lives. You just lectured me with righteous words. Now I should teach you this good nephew with righteous words."
"I’m waiting for you to force the saint temple to practice the punishment you said."
Before Ziweifeng, everyone was almost puzzled by this.
How to get one is that Penglai Saint sued Zong Yuexian for killing the old patriarch, and another became Zong Yuexian. He took out evidence to prove that the Saint Temple had planted a frame after killing the old patriarch, and shouted to catch a thief.
"It is said that the killing of the old patriarch is a crime committed by Xuan Tianzong in the Saint’s Temple. Even if he is accountable, he should be accountable to Penglai Saint, right?"
It will be a long time before the monks always watch.
"Cangyao Fairy Penglai Saint has done such a cruel thing."
There are onlookers whispering.
Listening to the people whispering, Cang Yao closed his eyes and wry smile, "Zong Yue is really not as good as you."
Who can be as calm and self-contained as Zong Yue when the relatives and friends of Taoist couple are born and die? Even after she looked for the door and the patriarch of Xuantianzong, she remained calm until she wanted to talk, dig a hole and swear that the Ministry was completed before calmly throwing out evidence.
Zong Yue raised his eyebrows. "Are you praising me or satirizing me at the Temple of the Saints?"
Cang Yao bit his lip and said for a long time, "Although I made a big mistake at this time, you are by no means a good person."
Zong Yue asked with a smile, "Why can’t we make a moral selection? One point will be deducted for a mistake made by the Saint Temple, and one point will be deducted for another mistake. Finally, who will get a slightly higher score? "
Cang Yao said, "Although it was wrong for me to kill the old patriarch, you also killed my fellow teacher younger brother, which is not worthy to be called Mrs. Xuantianzong Shaozong."
Zong Yue was surprised. "Why do you still miss the Saint’s Temple? I didn’t ask about it in advance. I just broke off my marriage. Do you still think that Xie Zongzhu can promise the little patriarch to marry me?"
Cang Yao stubbornly said, "Although I have made mistakes, your mistakes are not small."
Zong Yue tut. "I’m the White Maiden Temple. No matter what, I’m going to make a crime for me today, aren’t I? Ok, then you say I’m listening. "
Chapter 59 Chapter 59
Zong Yue likes to laugh, but he likes to smile when he is full of ambition. Cang Yao knows that the more prosperous the smile, the more dangerous it is, such as now.
But she couldn’t help it and couldn’t wait.
She advised Zong Yue to escape, but Zong Yue didn’t.
Not only that, but also exposed her murder of the old patriarch and framed others in front of most monks in heaven, which discredited her and the whole Penglai Xianzong.
Cang Yao tugged at her hair band, and her long hair poured down like a waterfall. She dumped her hair, which would symbolize the virgin position of Penglai. Penglai Fairy Order said in silence, "I know I made a mistake. From today on, I represent not Penglai but Cang Yao myself."
Zong Yue raised his eyebrows and jokingly asked, "The Saint Temple is so bold. Should I learn from the Saint Temple?"
She also threw the gold hairpin and silver crown to the ground and made two loud bangs.
Zong Yue said in high spirits, "I don’t know if I am wrong, but from today on, I represent not Tiansan Xiu but Zong Yue myself."
She is obviously playing with Cang Yao, watching the monks and whispering.
All eyes lingered in her and Cang Yao for a long time, sighing in my heart.
No matter the confrontation, just the momentum at the moment, the former Penglai saint lost in front of her eyes, and Xie Shaozong decided to break up the engagement.
The same hair is equally beautiful and moving, but if you have eyes, you can see that their aura is different.
There is a dark cloud over there in Cangyao, but here in Zong Yue, it is calm and carefree. It seems that this is not a famous Penglai saint who used to fix the true boundary, but an unknown person who casually came to the roadside with weeds.
How dare this Vietnamese dare to provoke this Saint Zeng Penglai?
The monks’ eyes intertwined.
Cang Yao also seemed to wake up embarrassed and said, "I know that you are naturally not afraid of me."
"Fairy order spirit pet?" Zong Yue asked and then remembered, "Oh, you said that Qingluan? I think it ate too much and let it go early. "
The onlookers listened to the fairy’s name with different eyes, but when they heard Zong Yue say that the fairy had eaten too much and had been released, their eyes were suddenly uniform and thought alike-
Xuantianzong Shaozong, the future Taoist couple, is really boastful and dare to talk big.
Release the fairy, even the immortals in the world dare not say this.
But what came next broke their thoughts at the moment.
Listen to Zong Yue and say, "If you don’t believe me, you can ask your old martial uncle to join me, but if I release the fairy, I will lose."
The friar in the crowd was in an uproar for a moment.
Although they have heard of the reputation of Penglai Saint, most of them have heard of her beauty and her status in Penglai Xianzong. Although they don’t know the strength of this Penglai Saint, they want her to become famous for more than ten years, and her strength should be similar to Xuantianzong, the less patriarch of the honorary fix-up world.