"Antimatter weapons can reach the speed of light, and it may take minutes to get to the sun," Wang said.

In the real world, Zhou Yan never noticed that it takes minutes for the sun to reach the blue star. Even though the sun is already dim, it still emits dazzling red light.
"What if Cybermen find more pieces of the sun?" Shen Xiangning wrinkled her eyebrows tightly. She was worried that it was not unnecessary. If Cybermen noticed unexpected solar meteorites, the situation would be even worse.
"Don’t worry, I’ve been maintaining my gravitational magnetic field, and these robots won’t notice the external changes for the time being." Leviathan changed his huge figure and camel everyone to the water.
They all look at the dying sun from a distance, waiting for the last minute before darkness comes.
"Hey, are you really from the future?" Sunseeker came to Zhou Yan and took the initiative to talk to him for the first time.
"Hello, my name is Zhou Yan." Zhou Yan held out his hand to face Sunseeker’s bewildered expression and said with a smile, "You should also hold out your hand."
"It’s really troublesome for human beings." Sunseeker followed Zhou Yan’s example, and the two men held hands gently together.
"What is this?" Sunseeker scratched his head some not white;
"This is a way for our future people to express their friendship," Zhou Yan said with a smile.
After learning this novel gesture, Sunseeker came to his ethnic group and started shaking hands with different blue stars. He said, "You have to learn what this is the expression of future human beings. Anyway, you have to learn!"
"You don’t need to say anything to them?" Ji Fangwei walked beside Zhou Yan and looked at the sun overhead with him and said
Zhou Yan said in a daze, "What?"
"No, you imply that we all know."
Yavin’s voice sounded behind Zhou Yan and Ji Fangwei, and they all turned back for three months. The Terran was looking at them with dribbling eyes.
"If we can be born," Shen Xiangning’s tone gradually strengthened, "we will certainly abide by the law of biological development and be a silent bystander."
"Yes," said Evans, touching half of his jade face, "I won’t let the Terran tragedy happen again."
"ah? What are you talking about? " There is a wrong picture of Wang. A person looks left and right and doesn’t understand, "What bystanders are performing what tragedies?"
"Idiot!" Shen Xiangning couldn’t help but knock on the wrong head and say, "You are the one who needs the most attention. I mean, after fishing in Bluestar, don’t think about it."
"ah? What does fishing have to do with my paranoia? Dr. Shen, you are so strange! " Wang wrong figure cover was knocked red head resentfully said
"I think what they mean is to let Bluestar people re-create their own literature without the so-called help of Moon Man Technology," Zhou Yan said.
"Oh, so that’s it!" Wang Cuotu suddenly realized and then said sadly, "Oh, I hate manual labor."
"The sun has changed again!"
I don’t know who shouted a.
All eyes were on the huge star, the dark red sun, and several black spots suddenly appeared on the surface, which seemed to be an ominous sign of disaster.
More and more black spots have eaten almost half of the sun, and at the same time, the cyber fleet has also discovered the sun’s abnormality.
Gaia’s innocent child’s face immediately covered the whole sky. The difference is that her eyes are full of anger at this time and she no longer hides her mechanical voice. "Stupid worms, you unexpectedly annihilated the sun with antimatter to attack us!"
Leviathan patted the tail fin and turned into several blue ripples echoing on the surface of the world. Its ethereal sound sounded "gravity is coming" all over the blue star.
Will Zhou Yan come or not? The whole person was suddenly pressed on Leviathan’s back by a force. It came from the depths of the earth. The force seemed to rub him into the center of the earth, and his blood, bones and nerves could resist the gravity of the universe.
Even the pain can be caused. At this moment, Zhou Yan feels like he has been crushed into a deformed object. He struggles to look up at others.
Gravitational forces have caused unimaginable distortions in several people’s bodies, and this distortion itself is a legal experience, and there are still senses. Zhou Yan can clearly see that their limbs are extended like a hovering viper, but their mouths are still humming.
While the other gravitation leads to the passage of time, some blue stars rapidly age and their long hair gradually turns white. They seem to have been sucked dry and wrinkled, and their skin is tightly attached to their skulls.
Zhou Yan watched helplessly as the crying little girl grew into a girl in just one second and an old man in another.
Life is nothing to peace and time.
Outside the Leviathan refuge area, the blue star landform slowly emerges, and the mountains, rivers and mountain basins are undergoing changes in gravity.
The original dark purple sky was burning, and the cosmic gravity was wrapped in the sun’s anger, which almost destroyed all the cyber fleets.
"Fleet! Destroy those debris that get in the way of the sun! "
Gaia can no longer maintain her huge figure. Her image is flickering in the middle, and her face has faded. Children pretend to show ferocious and cold faces, and their red eyes are full of horror, blood and cruelty.
In the face of the demise of the cyber fleet, she did not show emotion, but a cruel smile appeared on her lips and said, "I will also show you the taste of antimatter."
Gaia held up a slightly immature little hand and held out the index finger of human and animal harm, and a terrible white light flashed at the fingertip.
Her eyes sparkled with innocence and malice, and she slowly extended her finger to the newborn blue star, just like an ant whose fingertips were about to be crushed to death by a childish child.
Zhou Yan propped himself up with his last strength and issued a weak resistance "No"
At the moment when consciousness was about to disappear, Zhou Yan felt that someone slowly hugged his strong arm and slowly recalled his consciousness.
"Don’t lose yourself. Our thinking and Leviathan are one, and the spirit feels that Leviathan’s power has entered his long river of thinking."
Ji Fang Weiyin sounded in his ear.
His body temperature was continuously handed to Zhou Yan, which made him regain some energy. Zhou Yan closed his eyes and slowly meditated on the green river in his mind.
Suddenly he felt that he was Leviathan or that they were the whole planet.
He can feel that consciousness of all living things in Blue Star is United, regardless of each other, and all of them have become individuals as big as Leviathan.
Just as his mind gradually became a part of the blue star, a harsh warning sounded in his wandering consciousness-
[Danger! Danger! It is monitored that player Zhou Yan’s health is decreasing and self is disappearing]
When he fell into darkness, he saw a touch of vibrant blue.
At this time, Leviathan conjured up his true appearance like a giant whale hovering in the middle, and all human beings became consciousness and were protected by it in the long river of thinking.
Its long, narrow, dark eyes were looking at the antimatter that destroyed a planet and slowly said, "I naturally fled my homeland when Leviathan suffered the same crisis."
"I was able to create Leviathan by wishful thinking, but the evolution of life was accidental. We fled Leviathan and abandoned me."