Just then Aaron saw a meow in a gray coat and realized that it was the Rockets meow.

Aaron went to Meow Meow, but Madonna stayed where she was until Bobby woke Madonna up.
"Isn’t this the Rockets meowing? Why are you here? This guy just wants to talk to you." Aaron said to meowing before.
"It’s a long way to go for you to attack our children in Stonetown." Meow meow said and prepared for the battle.
"How do you want to play with me? If you practice fighting all day instead of fooling around with Musashi Kojiro, you might be able to play a few rounds with me, but look at it now, I’m afraid you can’t even beat wild Poké mon, "said Aaron.
"How to choose my life path is my own business!" Meow meow said
"It’s really your own business, but what did you gain after joining the Rockets? What else is there except that scar and a debt? " Aaron said
Meow meow speechless.
"Think back to what you joined the Rockets?" Aaron went on to say
"Yes, yes, a beautiful girl …" Meow meow looked up at Aaron’s words and murmured.
"So are you moving towards this goal?" Aaron asked
Meow meow want to one by one and speechless.
"It seems that you have lost your future goal unconsciously," Aaron said. "In fact, you are excellent, which is not suitable for being a thief. You have a lot of ways to go. Why not start your life again?" Aaron asked
"But I will never stop until I reach my goal, even if I waste my life," said Meow. "Besides speaking human words and walking on two feet, as you said, I’m afraid I can’t even beat some wild Poké mon. What can I do?"
"But you can speak people’s words. That is, don’t be a poké mon. What’s the disadvantage? And since you can learn to walk on two feet and speak human words so hard, it won’t be hard to learn to fight, right? It’s much easier to learn to fight than to speak human words, "Aaron said.
Meow meow listened carefully, but the horse shook his head again. "What are you doing here? It’s not just to enlighten me, is it?" Meow meow said.
"Yes, I mainly brought this guy to you. I know that when Xiao Zhi comes, you will definitely come," Aaron said, and then called out Madonna who was hiding behind Aaron’s leg.
"You … you … are you Madonna?" Meow meow surprised and said
Madonna called for a response, but Madonna bowed her head as if she owed meow.
"Madonna is really you. I didn’t expect to see you here again." Meow meow said and looked at Madonna carefully. "What’s wrong with you, Madonna? What happened? " Meow meow heart asked.
Madonna called a few answers.
"Hey, Dream, don’t hide, come out and translate." Aaron said softly to Master Ball in his neck.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ Why did you wake me up when others were sleeping, and this kind of chat happened?" The dream came out and complained.
"Sleep now? It’s only 9: 30. Who were you kidding before? " Aaron said
"Nothing happened to feel sorry for you," Chao Meng translated. "Come on, I’ll go back to sleep," Chao said.
"Whatever. I’ll wake you up later at most," Aaron said.
I dream of staying outside.
"I’m sorry me? What’s going on? " Meow meow said
"A few years ago, I didn’t know you, and I said that you were disgusting, which led you to join the Rockets. I’m really sorry," Madonna said.
"So that’s it. You don’t have to care. It’s good to see me living in the Rockets now," said Meow.
"Don’t comfort me. I’ve heard Xiao Zhi say that all this is my fault," Madonna said tearfully.
Aaron didn’t expect Madonna to have such an understanding after being enlightened by her own crystal, Xiao Xia and Xiao Zhi Xiaogang, but she was right.
"If you don’t comfort me, you don’t care. Besides, it’s been so many years and you don’t care," said Meow.
"But … but …" Madonna began to cry and spoke intermittently.
"I can translate this sentence like this," Super Dream said.
Aaron thought it’s really hard to dream. It’s really hard to turn over this kind of whimpering and talking at the same time
"Good! Stop crying! " Meow meow shouted at Madonna, "I will be sad if I cry again." Meow meow said.
Madonna stopped crying and looked at Meow Meow as if she was surprised by that last sentence.
Meow meow was Madonna see a little blush with shame.
"Are you … really willing to forgive me?" Madonna "asked"
Meow nodded as if shy and didn’t know what to say.
"That’s wonderful, Madonna," Aaron said.
Madonna smiled and nodded at Aaron.
"By the way, Madonna, why are you here?" Meow meow asked.
Madonna started talking about abandoning herself with her master, then living with top cat and them, and then she met Aaron, and after discovering that Aaron was really willing to treat her, she followed Aaron.
"Well," said Meow Meow, "It seems that you also have a rather painful memory, but you won’t suffer any more after being with Aaron now."
"Actually, I want to be with you. I don’t know if you want to," said Madonna, blushing.
Aaron was surprised when Madonna had this idea. He came to Aaron to prepare himself and say it to Meow Meow, but it saved Aaron again.
"With me? You and me? " Meow meow couldn’t seem to believe my ears and asked again.
Dana said with a red face
"It’s so disgusting that I won’t turn it over, even if you bother me to death, I won’t turn it over. Come and understand for yourself." Super Dream complained and disappeared.
Aaron speaks a lot, but if he is asked to translate this passage himself, Aaron feels that he will be like a dream.
Aaron really thinks Super Dream is more and more like him.
Meow meow motionless and then jumped up and cheered happily. "Great! My dream has finally come true!"
Aaron and Bobby both sighed and thought that meow meow so long ambition is these.
"But if I say yes, it means that I think I want to be a Aaron Poké mon and I think I want to be separated from Musashi Kojiro …" Meow meow suddenly became silent again, which seems to be a difficult choice.
"That’s right," Aaron said. "Meow meow, take this. It’s Madonna Poké Ball so you can be together." Aaron stepped forward and took Madonna Poké Ball to Meow meow.
Meow meow motionless seems to be a surprise for Aaron.
"No, I don’t want Madonna to suffer what I’ve suffered. You’re an amazing Poké mon trainer. No wonder Madonna is willing to follow you. I’m willing to go with you. Before that, let me say goodbye to Musashi Kojiro." Meow meow pushed Madonna Poké Ball away.
"Yes, we’ll wait for you here," Aaron said. Madonna also meowed at meow.