Mo Yao’s mind suddenly remembered those children who bullied her, those who were hit in the face by mud balls, and the cold pain. She ran home crying and wanted her mother to cry, only to find that her mother was already cold, colder than her face covered with cold mud …

She is really an ordinary little girl. She doesn’t have any deep hatred. Unlike other members of the Zhongzhou team, she doesn’t have the revenge that people must be resurrected. Her only anger is those children who bullied her. Her only regret is her dead mother … but she is definitely not a waste or a drag on her mother!
"Shut up, I’m not a loser!" Mo Yao raised his gun blade and spat out flames at Imoton angrily, but it was another poison and ammunition that could release dizzy toxins. At the same time, the hair on her head turned like a gorgon, and ten tentacles as long as two meters were exchanged for Ika Musume descent by Mo Yao.
Morton faced Mo Yao’s shooting bullets and was not afraid of his right hand. The whole humanized sandstorm swept himself and Ansuna into it and hit the surface. Like a stone falling into the lake, it was like splashing ripples. Even the poisonous smoke was not released. Morton’s face came out from the sand. He watched Mo Yao’s changing image with great interest and teased and said, "Come on, let me see what kind of ability you have exchanged in the Lord God …"
"Well, Xiaoxi, I’m almost in good health, and it’s time for us to start looking for someone else." Qin Jing got up and patted the dust on his body. His wound turned into a pink scar in an hour. It seems that it will not affect Qin Jing’s action.
Xi also woke up. She bowed her head and picked up the floor heating lamp. Although they thought that Chu Xuan had deliberately disclosed the information to Imton, they could not guess why he did it. Everything could not be answered until Chu Xuan arrived. Instead, they were in no hurry to decide to look for their lost companions first.
Xiaoxi got up in an instant in a passage leading to the outside not far from them, and suddenly remembered that there was a person coming towards them alone.
(Are those magicians? No, Viktor Horvath should know, but just one person coming to find us is to die, unless it’s Morgana … then it’s Imoton and them? )
Qin Jing carefully guarded Xiaoxi, who turned up the light and shone it into the passage, and revealed that it was Wennaldo!
He wouldn’t be so surprised if it was the weakest Mo Yao, because Wennaldo was different from ordinary people after losing his ring. It’s hard to believe how an ordinary person like him escaped from that huge spell.
But then again, it seems that the old man was gone when we were fighting. Did he escape at that time? )
Qin Jing has some doubts. This scene is actually unusual, which also makes him not speak for the first time. Instead, Wennaldo spoke first, but the first sentence he said made Qin Jing and Xiaoxi stunned because he said four words "I am Chu Xuan"
"You said you were Chu Xuan?" Qin Jing consciously shook his head and paused for a moment. "Maybe Chu Xuan stripped Wennaldo’s skin and wrapped it in himself? This is wrong … "
"Not exactly, I’m talking to you through Wennaldo …" The Wennaldo quietly said in a cold tone unique to Chu Xuan.
On the other side of the battlefield, Mo Yao flew out again. This time, she crashed into a wall and even lost her strength. The blade of her gun was broken and half of her ten hands were broken. She kept bleeding outside, and the blood on her mouth also showed that she was dirty in the impact just now and had been seriously injured.
"I remember that you should have won more than B subplots after completing the text W at one time, but I am curious about why you are still so weak. I think if it is B-level reinforcement, it should bring me a lot of trouble. What kind of ability have you strengthened? Detection? Or rebirth what … "
Mo Yao wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and didn’t speak. She was in a very delicate place at the moment. Because of the random attack just now, Imeton left her not far from Dave, but Imeton was nearly ten meters away from her.
I would never have a chance to live on my own, but I don’t want to die, and I don’t want to die …
She clenched her hand and stared stubbornly at Morton.
"You still have hope for survival in your eyes. What do you have to rely on?" Morton is in a cat-and-mouse state of mind at the moment and is not eager to attack.
"Look, this is what I rely on!" Mo Yao shouted and threw something out of his hand. Specifically, it was two things. The first thing broke away from Mo Yao’s hand and flew to Imoton. Suddenly, there was a violent flash, and then a round button-shaped thing got in from the flash. At the same time, Mo Yao ran in the direction of Dave without stopping.
You must hold on until I wake Dave! )
Although this face of Imoton was covered with flash bombs, he was far more than ordinary people for a moment and then he was out of the dizzy state. At this time, it was the round object that directly hit Imoton’s sandy face through the strong light, and then a monster suddenly appeared and bit Imoton.
Exactly aliens! In the former battle, an alien in Qi Teng and an alien in asuna have already turned to ashes in the spell, but Mo Yao has not been beaten by Zhao Ying for a long time, so she doesn’t need to make an alien in her hand, but at the moment, the alien in her hand has become her last lifeline.
Although Morton is not afraid of aliens, it is also quite troublesome to deal with, and he really cares about it for a while.
(There are still ten meters …)
Mo Yao dragged her injured body slowly towards Dave. She ran as hard as she could, but her body couldn’t handle it. Aliens roared and collided constantly.
(Five meters …)
After all, aliens are monsters in high-tech movies, and there is still something we can’t do to deal with an immortal magic monster like Morton.
(Here we are …)
Just when Mo Yao was less than one meter away from Dave, she suddenly saw Dave’s eyes tremble slightly.
Is he awake? )
Mo Yao froze. She was there in disbelief. At that time, she didn’t know what to do. At this time, a huge sand hand suddenly fell from the sky and held her firmly in her hand.
Don’t you know that they sent you to Morgana? Don’t you know that I am implicated by you? Why don’t you get up and fight with me …)
Mo Yao is so desperate to think that when she has been dragged to Imoton, her huge sandy face seems to have reached a little anger. "Okay, I’m tired of cat-and-mouse games, so go to hell now."
Mo Yao’s look was slightly brought back by Morton’s word "death". At this time, her whole person suddenly calmed down, and it was completely calm. The gray color in those eyes made Morton leng leng.
"Do you want me to die?" Mo Yao’s video came out of hell. She got cold at this time. "If you want me to die, you must pay the corresponding price …"
As she spoke, her body suddenly lit up like a lamp, while she gradually penetrated in the light, and Imton felt Mo Yao’s amazing energy response.
"You want to blow yourself up!" Morton didn’t expect Mo Yao to be so determined to choose to blow himself up before he died. He immediately prepared to throw Mo Yao out, but it was too late, and ten meters around him fell into a violent explosion.
(Mom, I’m coming …)
The seventh volume The magician apprentice Chapter 20 Qin Jing bottom line
"… that’s the basic situation." The gray-haired man named Wennaldo imitated Chu Xuan’s speech mode in a very strange way. After that, Qin Jing did not pay attention to that aspect …
"You told me to leave new york because you want to make nuclear weapons? !” If it weren’t for Morgana’s resurrection wizard patrolling around here, Qin Jing would have growled at Wennaldo, oh, not Chu Xuan. "What the hell do you want! What about the other members of the Zhongzhou team? They couldn’t have met Wennaldo … By the way, is it right that you deliberately told Imoton that Mogana would prevent the curse of aging? And how could you possibly break through the Morgana shield? You don’t forget that the US government has released nuclear weapons and returned with success … "
"You ask too many questions in one breath …" Wennaldo frowned. His move was simply cloned by Chu Xuan. "First of all, how to break through Morgana’s defensive shield naturally has my way to the members of Zhongzhou team. I remember that most people have entered the mirror world and should be safe for the time being …"
"Wait, how do you know that they have entered the mirror world? Have you been watching us?" As Qin Jing spoke, he remembered that three men were "peeping" at the moment, and he felt a bad cold in his heart.
"Well, it was less before the Raytheon spell destroyed the land," Chu Xuan admitted cheerfully without doing anything.
"Hey, don’t do this again. You know that people have * * ……" Qin Jing was preparing to talk with Chu Xuan when the topic stopped. "… No, not everyone entered the mirror except me and Xiaoxi, but Mo Yao and Dave didn’t enter the mirror world, so they …" Qin Jing suddenly closed his mouth and said that his place was a collapsed building, and the roof and floor were torn off by the whole building, leaving a slight wind wall, but still.
Is it my illusion? He seems to be deliberately ignoring whether they are …)
"Dave is the key to my layout …" Chu Xuan paused. "I think you may have guessed that she is dead."
Chu Xuan’s voice came out of Wennaldo’s mouth and entered Qin Jing’s ear. Even though the wind around it was getting worse, those words still clearly entered Qin Jing’s ear.
(Mo Yao is dead? )
For Mo Yao, Qin Jinggen doesn’t know what kind of emotion he should be, and he is exactly the same as his sister. Although she strongly denies that Qin Jing is also trying to say this to herself rationally, Qin Jing’s memory of his sister still stays in childhood. Except for his appearance, he doesn’t know whether his sister should be quiet or restless. That stubbornness in his bones has become his sister in Qin Jing’s eyes. That’s his sister …