Hidden words also emerge.

If the cloud sees water, kill it!
Even JianJia surprised to see this sentence "cloud? Wait! See if water kills forgiveness … Is water a koo? No! If you see if water kills you, if water should be dead! This is to create chaos! "
Even looking at this paper, Jianji cut out the place where one sentence was written, and the rest were soaked in the water, and another sentence appeared.
"Alum water … Hum, that’s right. It’s a pity. I don’t know if there is any rice soup to write."
The last sentence that emerged is to run away when you see the letter.
Even the paper was put back to its original surface when it was ready to go out with the box in its arms. Even the paper was put in water as soon as it went out.
"Teacher sister-in-law this box is …"
"It’s better to come early than to come opportunely. This box is just pretending to be injured. It’s a pity that this enemy is a little stupid and can’t even type this broken box."
"oh? Say so "
"I didn’t take the gold, silver and jewels in it. Even the news was rolled into a small paper tube."
Ruoshui smiled gently. "Can you show me any note?"
"It’s just that I just put this piece of paper on fire when it’s confidential, and it burned, and it was destroyed before I could see it clearly, leaving a corner."
"Ah … then forget it." If Shui’s expression is obvious and a little relaxed, "Where is Sister Shi going now?"
"Tell Yaoguang that after all … this thing is very important. Let me help you solve it, but I did something wrong. I can’t explain it when I wake up."
There is no reason to even look calm with a box in your hand.
Even when I went to Ruyan Qimu, I shook the light and gave Ruyan Qimu the illusion of poisoning again, but it was a little different from the back. It seems that I was so smeared by myself that I couldn’t clean it up particularly clean.
"The box is hit."
"Then tell me what’s in it." Ruyan Qimu’s mouth was so micro that he didn’t even open his eyes.
"A special treasure box is all property except the paper stuffed in by the enemy."
"With a wobbly? See who looks the worst. "
"Don’t say that I really want to see these jewels later. It’s a bit like Guo Jia’s arrogance. It’s Mazu. I’m trying to frame Lian Jia and Guo Jia!"
You Yan Qi Mu opened his eyes. "Show me the note and I’ll see if they are going to beautify Ruoshui."
"It looks like they’re not going to let Ji die."
"What about secretly?"
"After the fire, this cloud appeared. If the water kills them, they should be calculated that we hit the box before releasing poison bee. As a result, I didn’t expect that poison bee came out before he could hold back and was discovered by us."
Ruyan Qimu took the note, "Run away when you see the letter. Let’s sort it out. If something happened to you, we saw the message of assassinating Ruoshui and returned to Ruoshui, and then he ran away with the letter."
"Very smooth. I told Ruoshui that this thing was accidentally burned by me. He also blocked me outside the door today."
"Because he asked you to go, but you didn’t, he’s going to explain."
Lian Jia shook his head and hit the box. Looking at the gold, silver and jewels inside, he suddenly saw an extremely familiar phoenix hairpin. "This is a lady’s order to have a phoenix hairpin!"
"oh? How do you know? "
"This is a royal decoration. Look at your armor. This moire is a ladder."
As soon as Ruyan Qimu sat up, "I would be in big trouble if I didn’t believe you so much."
"I’ve asked Shelley to write to Guo Jinghan to see if it’s lost or someone has bought and sold it back to the source, and maybe there’s something else to gain."
"Then I’ll sleep peacefully, and I’ll take care of things outside."
"Yes, you can give it to me. Instead, you need to be vigilant after knowing who the enemy is. If it is a goof, I will lose a face of black patients …"
Even after saying that, he closed the box, rubbed the lock and left.
You Yan Qimu looked at the paper in his hand and stuffed it into his arms to continue sleeping. Of course, he would not forget to cover himself.
Shake the light and come in and put away this box. It’s better to cover it up with a few more layers for Ruyan Qimu!
Chapter 597 Messy escape
If the water vaguely feels that the atmosphere is not quite right for the imperial guards around recently, it seems that they have become a lot stronger, and it can be seen from the pace of the imperial guards that all the people around them have practiced flying skills. Is the department suddenly replaced by a master or is he being stared at?
If the water shakes his folding fan as usual, he will go to Lianjia to sound out the wind.
"If Brother Shui is going where?" Shake the light and got in the doorway.
"Go and see if my sister-in-law can help her analyze and see if there is any new information."
"There’s no need to clear up the news. It has been linked to the deputy commander’s office, so you don’t have to worry about Shuigong. Yesterday, we got a message that this fool, that is, the younger brother Mo Ling, is going to kill the old master and become a new one!"
"You can’t beat me even if you shake the light. What’s worse than you?"
Shake the light and raise your hand. "If Brother Shui can’t beat me now, stay here. I can’t let more people get hurt."
Ruoshui looked at him and nodded with a smile. "By the way, how is brother now?"
"positions will soon be restored, and even the deputy commander will come back with the antidote."
If the water turned away from the light and looked at him with a snort, it gave some eyes to the people next to it. If the water even ran away!
Lian Jian and Ru Yan Qi Mu are sitting here. It’s really powerful that Ru Yan Qi Mu is flying on the roof of the teahouse in Ruoshui Courtyard.
"How can you be sure if the water will go from this humble roof?"
"Oh, you can’t guess?"
"Guess I’m not kidding. This teahouse is next to the master bedroom. Why do you have to go from here?"
Ruyan Qimu rubbed his hair. "Fortunately, you can still bring the tea ceremony here for three to five hours and no one will doubt it."