Li was dressed neatly and came out after washing, feeling refreshed.

This time, Li She wandered aimlessly, and went to see what was novel. At this time, it was still early, and the villagers were not up yet. Li She also avoided the trouble of greeting the villagers, mainly because the villagers were too enthusiastic, which made Li She feel overwhelmed.
Li She saw that there was a house just opening in front of her, and looked at the man. Hey, he was still an acquaintance. After looking at the plaque in front of the door, he found himself in Majia pub, and the man who opened the door was Ma Yi.
"Ma Yi, you’re up early!" Li She took the lead in greeting.
Ma Yi yawned and heard someone calling himself. When he turned around, he was flattered and ran cheerfully. "Is the mayor here for a drink?"
"No, no, no, I’m just looking around." Li is most afraid of this kind of enthusiasm.
"That’s right, it’s not good to drink early in the morning, so go to Ma Nan and finish your breakfast soup!" Before Li She could react, she pulled Li She down in front of Majia Hotel. In fact, she was opposite Majia Tavern, patting the closed hotel door and shouting, "Ma Nan! Ma Nan! Open the door quickly! "
After waiting for a long time, there was movement inside. It seemed that he was dressing and shouted, "Who is it?"! What’s the hurry! "
"It’s me! Open the door quickly! " Ma Yi shouted outside.
Ma Nan certainly recognized his brother’s voice. "It’s Ma Yi. Wait, let me put my clothes on."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Beggar
After a short time, there was a sound in the room, and Ma Nan broke the door open, complaining, "What’s the hurry in the early morning in such a cold day?"
Ma Yi smiled and said, "Brother, look who’s here!"
Ma Nan just looked up and saw Li She immediately said cheerfully, "Please, mayor, I’ll finish the breakfast soup for the mayor!"
Li She didn’t refuse, hehe smiled and said, "It’s better to boil two more eggs."
"Well, it’s good for the mayor to come into the house." Ma Nan quickly invited Li to go in and went to the kitchen himself.
"Ma Yi, don’t accompany me, go to work yourself." Li said.
"Well, mayor, enjoy it." Ma Yi left, leaving Li She sitting quietly in the restaurant. Compared with before, the restaurant has not changed. The only difference is that the willow tree in front of the window has lost all its leaves and stood naked.
I thought: This is where I met Hadron and others. I heard that they are training wolf riding, and I don’t know if there are any achievements. I will take time to see them another day.
There is also Li’s confusion about his current development direction. It is better to develop his own territory step by step, or to brazenly attack and devour other people’s territory. For now, the latter is still unreasonable. After all, it is still a big man’s world. If it is too obvious to attack other people’s territory at will, the government will definitely step in. This is a trouble.
Li She felt that she would slowly develop her own territory, nibbling away at the surrounding territory, and then show her fangs when the princes competed for hegemony, which shook the world with one blow.
Just thinking about her heart, Ma Nan brought the breakfast soup with a big smile on her face.
Breakfast is very simple. A bowl of coarse noodle soup is decorated with a few pieces of green vegetables, plus three boiled eggs, which is the whole breakfast.
"Mayor, I’m sorry, there is no meat in the restaurant, and Xiaohua hasn’t come yet, so no one sells meat, so we can only make do with it." Ma Nan said with some shame.
"Ha, ha, ha, nothing. What’s good about eating meat in the morning? I just like this light stuff." Li she said and took a big bite of noodles. "And this boiled egg is my favorite thing."
"Ah, since the mayor likes it so much, I’ll cook more!" Ma Nan said.
"You really treat me like a fool. Come on, you go to work and let me have a quiet breakfast." Li she buried herself in eating noodles, and Ma Nan stopped bothering her.
But Ma Nan didn’t bother me any more, which didn’t mean that no one bothered me. No, a man in rags happened to see Li She eating outside, subconsciously smashed his mouth and came to Li She.
Hmm? Li she noticed the movement, looked up and found a beggar coming towards her. The simple cloth could not stop the chill in the morning, and the beggar crossed his arms and bent his body in order to keep his remaining body temperature.
Li She is very surprised. Li She hasn’t found beggars in Tianmen Town for a long time. This is the first time. The existence of beggars means that Tianmen Town is still very poor. It seems that she still needs to work harder!
The beggar stood quietly in front of Li She, without saying a word, staring quietly at Li She’s leftover half bowl of noodles.
"Come on, warm up after eating noodles." Li she pushed the noodles over.
The beggar excitedly took the noodles, but he grabbed them directly into the bowl without chopsticks and ate them with relish.
Li she noticed a detail, that is, the beggar’s hair is very lush, and it is all yellow hair, which is everywhere on his body.
According to Li She’s observation, except for the face above the neck, all other places are covered with yellow hair, which is not long, just like body hair. Li She has seen those European and American stars on TV before, and after taking off her clothes, she is also covered with body hair, but this beggar is more dense, so Li She is also able to shrug off.
Xiao Hua, the shop assistant, happened to come to work. When he saw the beggar, he immediately said, "Why did you come to the shop?"
"Nothing, I let him in." Li said quickly.
"Ah, it’s the mayor. Have you eaten? I’ll let the shopkeeper know." Xiaohua was surprised.
"No, I’ve already eaten." Li She answered, then looked at the beggar and asked, "Xiaohua, do you know him?"
"I only saw him wandering in front of the restaurant a few days ago, and he should have been in trouble." Xiaohua said.
"Oh, yes!" Li She nodded. It turned out that she was not an indigenous resident of Tianmen Town. It seems that she misunderstood him. She added, "You see that he is so fortunate and bitter. You can give Ma Nan a message for me later and ask him to do me a favor and allow this beggar to work as a handyman here."
"Our shopkeeper said it long ago, but …" Here, Xiaohua pointed to his head and whispered, "He has a problem here."
Crazy? In this way, Li is really helpless and can only let him die.
Suddenly, the beggar in front of Li She twitched all over, and the bowl in his hand had already broken to the ground. The beggar fell to the ground and tossed around, as if in great pain.