Juventus players came back from several directions, some went to the flank, some went to the general road, and some people planned to go around Silva’s direction to block him.

This is a contest between one person and an entire team!
Such a scene makes people forget to breathe!
Is david silva successful in singling out Juventus’ entire defence? Or did Juventus successfully surround Silva and let Lazio’s counterattack come to an end?
The answer will be revealed in a few seconds!
Chapter 58 This is a strike that cannot be denied!
David silva!’
With the roar of the commentator, david silva is approaching the restricted area quickly.
Someone finally caught up.
The first one who came back was not the defender, but the midfielder, Nedved, the Czech "Iron Man"!
Nedved used to play for Lazio, but at the turn of the century, Lazio was worthy of the title of a strong team. At that time, there were many stars playing for Lazio, which was much better than this diaosi-like Lazio.
Nedved used to hate leaving Lazio, but he eventually became a Juventus player and became one of the favorite players of Juventus fans.
Now in the face of the old master, he can’t hesitate and bear it.
The recovered Nedved directly tackles david silva from the rear side. He knows that he can’t catch up with him. It’s not easy to catch up with him now. If you want to keep david silva, you have to make a choice now-save yourself or sacrifice yourself to keep the team?
Nedved chose to sacrifice himself and achieve the team.
When he managed to shovel at david silva, many people screamed.
If this foot shovel is strong, then Silva will have to lie in bed for at least a month or two.
For the benefit of the team, Nedved is willing to be a villain!
There was a loud and harsh hiss in the stands.
Perhaps it was a keen intuition, or maybe the booing alerted david silva. When Nedved shoveled it, Silva just waded the football out, and then his legs swung naturally, just avoiding Nedved’s tackle!
Nedved’s foot went between his legs, but it didn’t trip david silva.
"He passed!" Many people saw this scene and breathed a sigh of relief.
Changsheng is also one of them.
He was always on tenterhooks before.
If Nedved shovels Silva and the referee doesn’t punish him accordingly, he must make Juventus look good.
This is not contradictory to his previous attitude. It was just to keep Lazio from scoring. Now that’s to hurt your own players!
Fortunately, it didn’t happen in the end.
David silva’s only slightly staggered, and soon maintained its balance.
He’s still moving on!
When david silva rushed into the penalty area, Juventus defender Cannavaro finally chased back.
However, Silva didn’t give Cannavaro a chance to stabilize his position. After seeing Cannavaro fight hard to recover, he immediately made an action to shoot.
Cannavaro did not even think about it, but directly made the action of blocking the shot.
David silva, on the other hand, gently buckled the football, thus passing Cannavaro.
There was no difficulty at all, clean and neat, and without any delay, david silva even passed Juventus three people, and then directly faced world-class goalkeeper Buffon.
Although his previous series of performances are perfect, he also has a great chance of falling short.
Many players will feel in a dilemma when facing Buffon-is it direct shooting? Or did you pass the goalkeeper? And when you hesitate, you often have Buffon posted it, and there is often no chance at this time. Most players who take the ball will choose to rush out and then be saved by Buffon, who has excellent goalkeeping skills.
Some players are simply scared by Buffon’s air field, and their brains are blank, and they don’t know what to do next. As a result, the attack ended in failure.
What about this time?
David silva looked down at the ball as if he didn’t see Buffon had attacked at all.
Buffon doesn’t attack like some goalkeepers like to shout, as if they were afraid that others wouldn’t know he attacked. Of course, this is to put pressure on the opposing striker.
However, Buffon no longer needs to exert pressure by voice, as long as he appears in front of the striker, that is pressure.
He is like a cheetah hunting, quietly approaching his prey, and then pouncing on it, like thunder, killing his prey.
The distance between two people is rapidly shortening. If we get any closer, david silva will lose the angle of shooting!
It seems that Lazio’s golden opportunity will fail this time.
It’s all david silva’s fault. He brought too much!
Maybe it would be better if he just passed Cannavaro and chose to pass the ball?
People who think so have forgotten a series of outstanding performances before david silva …
Buffon stared at the approaching prey … Ah, no, it was david silva.
He feels that he only needs to run one more step, and he is in a very suitable distance, and then he can hold the football in his own hands.
Just take one more step, take one more step, and then fall to the ground …
Buffon is very skilled in this movement.
But just when he fell to the ground, he found that the football was gone.
Yes, the football in sight is gone!
Where did the football go?
When Buffon almost tackled the football, david silva swung the football to the left with his right foot, setting aside the range that Buffon could control!
But because the distance is too close, it is almost impossible for him to get rid of Buffon’s defense …