Nesta is successful as a player, and he doesn’t want to be a loser after he retires.

Playing in a big club, he enjoys winning and is used to winning.
He really can’t accept failure.
So he wants to be a successful coach.
So … Is there any better choice than following the winning streak?
Look at dimatteo. He is now the head coach under Chang Sheng, and occasionally helps Chang Sheng, who has been suspended, to direct the game. He has also done a good job.
Nesta is very excited.
Changsheng’s career plan for Nesta is to sign a contract with Lazio for two years, with an annual salary of 2.8 million euros-only 300,000 euros more than that in AC Milan, but this is no longer the focus of Nesta’s attention.
During these two years, Nesta will definitely not be able to play many games in Lazio.
Actually, career is what Nesta wants.
With the increase of age and injuries, Nesta also realized his inability.
He mentioned this when talking about renewing the contract with AC Milan, hoping that AC Milan club would allow him to be a Part_time player and play the main force from time to time for the sake of health and state.
Coming to Lazio, this condition of winning constantly is just what he wants.
He values two things.
First, he can return to Lazio as a player. When he reappeared in front of Lazio fans in a Lazio jersey, the Rome Olympic Stadium roared with cheers … which made him very excited.
Another point is career planning. After a two-year contract, he can sign a coaching contract with Lazio and learn how to be an excellent coach by the side of Changsheng.
Of course, Changsheng’s requirement for him is to obtain a coaching license during the two-year contract period.
With this, it is possible to be a coach.
Nesta has no problem with this requirement, and it is not difficult. Two years is enough for him to get a coach’s certificate.
Morabito saw Nesta and Changsheng chatting happily by phone, and he felt that AC Milan was hopeless …
In terms of salary, even if AC Milan is willing to meet Nesta’s opinion, I’m afraid Nesta can’t consider staying at AC Milan now.
Look at his eyes, flashing a strange look, you know that Lazio has completely captured his heart.
Morabito in the heart with a sigh, know it’s over.
Sure enough, after Nesta finished talking to Changsheng, he turned to look at his agent.
"Vicenzo." He said. "Since AC Milan have doubts, we won’t renew their contracts. Let’s talk to Lazio! "
Nesta’s contract with AC Milan is less than half a year. According to the rules, he is free to contact other teams without the consent of AC Milan.
Any club can sign him, they just need to convince Nesta.
In this way, Nesta’s personal wishes are very important.
But where does Nesta tend to be, is there any suspense?
Lazio, of course!
Lazio’s flag will return to Rome Olympic Stadium after ten years’ absence.
It’s exciting to think about such a prospect.
Think about it, when Nesta wore Lazio’s blue jersey again this summer, he appeared in front of tens of thousands of Lazio fans and enjoyed the cheers of the mountains and waves … What a legendary scene.
The piece that Lazio lost ten years ago finally had a chance to be made up after ten years.
Lazio’s wounds, never again.
Lazio’s shame will also disappear.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Farewell
Entrusted by Nesta, Morabito soon started personal contract negotiations with Lazio.
Because Nesta’s contract with AC Milan is less than the second half of the year, he can do anything now.
He doesn’t need to say hello to AC Milan club in advance.
At the same time, both he and Lazio have kept this matter highly confidential, so now no one knows the transaction between them.
AC Milan thought they could force Nesta to accept a pay cut.
In the eyes of Galliani and allegri, Nesta is a good substitute, so although he is old, he can still be a substitute if he is willing to reduce his salary. Of course, if Nesta still refuses to reduce his salary to 2.5 million euros, just give him up.
Mexes will definitely come to AC Milan anyway. AC Milan have almost reached an agreement with the Roma club.
Nesta is also very cooperative about returning to Lazio.
So the contract between the two parties was also signed very smoothly.
Because of the key terms, everyone has communicated on the phone before.
Now it’s just on paper.
It took almost two days for both parties to negotiate the contract completely.
All that remains is for the player to sign it himself.
Lotito will come to Milan with the contract text and then sign with Nesta.
The signing time will be after the training-although Nesta is injured, he still has to go to the training base in AC Milan for physical therapy and massage every day.
After the physical therapy massage, he will go to Lotito to sign it.
As soon as this word is signed, he will become a member of Lazio again from next season.
In the parking lot of Milanello, Nesta met Adriano Galliani, the vice president of the club who had just arrived.
Galliani greeted Nesta when he saw him.
Although they are somewhat unhappy in the contract renewal negotiations, working together for ten years has made their personal relationship good.
But today is a little different.
Galliani joked with Nesta after greeting: "Alessandro, are you really not considering our new contract?"
He thought Nesta would reply to him in a joking tone.
Unexpectedly, Nesta’s face suddenly changed. He sneered: "A new contract with an annual salary of 2.5 million euros? I’m sorry, Mr. Galliani. I am a player who won the Champions League and the World Cup. Since you can give a player like Mexes 4.5 million euros, I really can’t accept an annual salary of 2.5 million euros. "
Say that finish, he turned and roared off.