Xiao Yi smiled "ha ha" with a smile. He pushed the cigarette out of the cigarette case and someone immediately lit it for him.

He took a deep breath of smoke and slowly spit out a blue-white smoke ring.
I can’t see Xiao Yi’s look clearly through the smoke, and he laughs very contemptuously. "If you beg me, maybe I’ll consider marrying you."
Wu Mei has never done such a thing as asking for help. Even for Chi Muhan, she managed to cheat him.
Section 12
But Xiao Miao doesn’t have ChiMuHan’s gentlemanly demeanor. When he smokes and crosses his legs, he is a real hooligan.
He asked her to beg, and she had to beg naturally.
She has always been a flexible advocate, so she squeezed her palm tightly and begged him, "Xiao Shao, I beg you to marry me."
"Gee … I really didn’t expect that there would be a day when a cocky young lady like you would ask for help! Where was your lofty spirit at the beginning? " Xiao Miao flicked the ash into the ashtray, hooked her finger at her and patted her at his side. "Come on, let’s have a drink and talk about catching up before we go on to talk about the solemn and sacred thing of marriage."
Said, and let the bunny behind him poured two cups of Lafite.
He didn’t immediately refuse to say that there was still a play.
Eyebrow Wu can crustily skin of head. She crossed those men’s complicated glances and sat next to Xiao Jiao.
Xiao Yi took a sip of red wine and smiled and handed it to her with another glass full of red wine. She reached for it, but he poured the wine directly into her neckline.
She was so surprised that she wanted to push him, but his hand was on her shoulder, and she struggled, but the cold liquid poured into her chest was so cold that it was biting her muscles.
However, no matter how cold the drinks are, they are not as cold as Xiao Yuyin, who said, "Actually, it is better to drink here."
His voice is not only cold, but also sloppy.
He was humiliated with revenge because she had scorned him before.
And eyebrow Wu can watch the red wine flow slowly from his chest and dirty this clean goose yellow dress.
Xiao Yi brought the men to laugh and clap their hands, which caused quite a stir. Two straight men who just came in and took their seats were also attracted by the table.
XiYunZheng eagle-eyed caught the eyebrow Wu figure at a glance "that’s not how Shen Mei Wu with Xiao Jiao? Didn’t you hate Xiao Yi before? "
Hear Shen Mei Wu three words Chimuhan eyebrows beating a.
Chimuhan stared over there for a long time, and that woman proved to be Shen Mei Wu.
But what did she do here? If she couldn’t seduce him, she went to seduce Xiao Yi.
Looking at his embarrassing eyebrows, Wu is really wronged in his heart. What’s wrong with crying in front of Xiao Yi?
Cry to someone who doesn’t care about himself and see if he can feel distressed?
Why don’t she laugh like a heartless person?
"Xiao Shao, let’s drink wine, but we haven’t been able to talk about many feelings. I’m sorry that I’m here to bother you. I’m leaving. I hope Xiao Shao can have a good time."
Say eyebrow Wu got up to go.
Teach people to buckle before lifting their feet and wrists
"Don’t hurry to leave, Mei Wu. How can I have a good time tonight if you leave?" Xiao Yi pushed her back to the leather sofa again.
☆ Chapter 32 You come to me when you are sick.
"Xiao Jiao so insulting me is not enough? What else do you want? "
She is really tired now, and she just wants to find a place to clean it well and go back and change this sticky dress again and again.
"Eyebrow Wu, don’t get excited. You see, I’m old enough to have a family. It’s time to marry a woman and tell the old man. You know I’ve always liked you, but your eyes have never been poor-Shen Yuchen. Stay here and let me get angry. Maybe I’ll marry you one day."
"Is this true?"
"I’m sure Xiao Yi said that so many people are here to prove it to me. If you marry me, I’ll let my old man move my future father-in-law. Even if he doesn’t come out immediately, he can suffer less in a hellhole like prison for a few years, don’t you think?"
Xiao Yi said it was tempting. Although Chijia was the first of the three families in Jiangcheng, Xiao’s family was not inferior. In the provincial capital, it was hard enough to force his family to intercede, and his father was sure to reduce his sentence.
Eyebrows raised and asked, "What can I do to make you angry?"
Xiao Yi half-squinted at her dim light. Her skin was as white as coagulated fat, her eyebrows were thin and long and enchanting as a picture. His eyes narrowed and moved in front of her wet neckline. "Don’t you know that men have a place to shed fire and eyebrows?"
"You …"
Eyebrow Wu bite lips tight cu eyebrow staring at him.
Several men around laughed again and waited to see a good show.
"You see your clothes are so wet, it must be cold … I’ll help you take them off?"