"You said that starting today, you will heal those girls!"

"Oh, right!" Jiuzhong scratched his head and smirked: "Hehe, I played so crazy last night that I forgot about it ~!"
"… put down your helmet and go to heal the girls!"
Nine heavy laughs: "Ha ha, why do you feel so like an ancient procuress?"? !”
"get out!"
"Wait a moment!" Jiuzhong said, "I am working with people in the game. I have an appointment to go online at eight o’clock today. People are waiting for me online. I have to go online and tell them!"
Shen Yue beautiful eyes a stare, way: "not a woman again? !”
"Ahem … how do you know? !”
"Intuition!" Shen Yue suddenly smiled and said, "She must be very beautiful, isn’t she a great beauty? !”
"Ahem … you ask me so I dare say she is beautiful? !”
"That is very beautiful!" Shen Yue pursed her lips, staring at Jiuchong with a charming and angry face: "… you playboy, how many girls do you have to tear down before you will give up?" !”
Seeing Shen Yue’s charming and angry appearance, Jiuzhong felt a twinge of mind, and couldn’t help but go forward and kiss deeply, and then said, "No matter how many girls are knocked down, you are my favorite wife, which will never change ~! !”
"Hum … you will bully me!" Shen Yue gave vent to her personal anger at Jiuzhong’s waist and said, "Well, go and come back soon!"
"Sure enough, I still love my Yueer the most ~! !” Jiuzhong kissed Shen Yue deeply again, then lay on the bed, put on his helmet and entered the game!
The virtual light flashed, and Jiuchong appeared in front of the entrance to the thirteenth floor of hell!
Princess Xiangxiang has been waiting here for a long time. When she saw Jiuzhong appear, she ran forward and said with a little anger, "Holy, you are late!" "
Jiuzhong smiled apologetically and said, "Sorry, I was busy late at night because of something important yesterday, so I got up late today!"
Princess Xiangxiang smiled gently and said, "It doesn’t matter, I’m joking with you. In fact, I’m late today, too. I just arrived soon!" "
"Oh, yes, that’s good. I didn’t keep you waiting too long!" Nine heavy sorry smile again, said: "well, in addition, xiang xiang, I still have some things in reality, need to do it right away, so I’m afraid I have to delay for a few hours! I just came to tell you, don’t stay here, go offline and rest, and come back in a few hours! "
"Well, that’s all right!" Princess Xiang Xiang stared at Jiuzhong with big watery eyes.
"Ahem …!" Nine heavy so fresh by princess xiang xiang also some embarrassed, way: "you … you don’t logoff? !”
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Men’s tears
Princess Xiangxiang smiled gently and said, "You get off first, and I’ll get off later ~!"
"Oh, ok, see you later!" Jiuzhong waved his hand and left the game!
Jiuchong left, but Princess Xiangxiang didn’t leave the game as she said. Instead, she found a place nearby to sit down, supported her chin with her hands, looked at the place where Jiuchong disappeared, and Nunu said to herself, "… it’s only a few hours, and it’s not a long time!"
After leaving the game and returning to reality, Jiuzhong came to the intensive care unit where Wan’er was located with Shen Yue. Because of the mysterious night, Jiuzhong naturally gave priority to Wan’er’s healing!
Before coming to bed, remove all the medical devices from Wan’er for the time being, help Wan’er to sit in a cross-legged position, and then Jiuzhong sat down behind Wan’er and said to Shen Yue, "Yueer, protect me, don’t ask anyone to disturb me before my exercise is over!"
Shen Yue nodded and said, "Don’t worry!"
"hmm!" Nine nodded, leaned out his right palm and pressed it on the top of Wan’er’s crown. Under the cover of water curtain, Wan’er was wrapped in it! Follow Jiuchong’s left hand to hold down the forearm of his right arm, and then his right hand suddenly pressed on Wan’er’s back door. In an instant, Qinglong Prajnaparamita gas turned into a dragon shape with substance, rushed into Wan’er’s body, and swam up and down in the eight veins of Wan’er! Wan’er’s body seems to be transparent at this time, and from the side of the dharma Shen Yue can vaguely see a dragon scurrying about in her body!
With Jiuzhong and Wan’er as the center, they put up a bright green light curtain, and they fell into a state of deep healing!
Three hours later, the light curtain faded away, nine times recovered the blue dragon prajnaparamita gas poured into Wan’er’s body, and the transparency of Wan’er’s body disappeared and returned to normal!
Shen Yue is just across from Wan’er. She can really see that Wan’er’s eyes are slowly turning. She can’t help but ask, "Tiger, what about Wan’er? I see her eyes are already turning! "
Jiuzhong withdrew her palm, breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the sweat on her head and said, "I never thought that my green dragon Prajna gas would have such a miraculous effect. Her condition has improved a lot! At this rate, one more time, I can wake her up! But before the next time, I have to have a good rest and restore my skills! "
Got up and got out of bed, nine heavy Wan’er lying on the bed, called the doctor waiting outside the door to Wan’er medical equipment!
After the equipment was finished, the doctor, out of curiosity, checked Wan’er’s physical condition. To his surprise, Luan’s various physical functions have recovered to a considerable extent, which is much better than before!
The doctor couldn’t believe it and asked, "Mr. Jiu, what magical things have you done to this patient, so that she can miraculously recover to this extent in such a short time?" Can you teach me? !”
"Ha ha ~!" Jiuzhong heard the words and said with a smile, "You are too old to learn. You should continue to study your modern medical skills!" Well, I’ll leave the patients here to you, take care of me, and your benefits are indispensable! " Say and Shen Yue left here and returned to their intensive care unit!
Back to the ward, Jiuzhong lay down on the bed, picked up the game helmet and entered the game!
Shen Yue said, "hey, didn’t you say you should have a good rest and restore your capability? Why are you going to play games again !”
Jiuzhong smiled and said, "Hey, Yueer, you don’t know. After my realm has been improved, my true qi in my body can run on its own. Although the effect is worse than that of meditation, it is convenient and won’t delay me from doing other things! Anyway, we have plenty of time, and we are not in a hurry, so … Yueer, see you later ~! " Say, put on the game helmet and return to the game!
Virtual light flashing, nine heavy appeared at the entrance of the 13th floor, a provocative, just see the princess sitting nearby, "xiang xiang, you’re early again? When did you come? !”
Seeing Jiuzhong, Princess Xiangxiang smiled and stood up, saying, "It’s just been here for a while. Have you finished your work? !”
"Well, it’s over for the time being, and we can all go all out to get through the next day!"
Princess Xiangxiang came to Jiuzhong. "Then let’s hurry. It’s delayed for a while, and I don’t know if we can pass through thirteen levels of hell today!"
"No problem, I will increase my horsepower!"
At the moment, two people will enter the 13th floor of hell!
The 13th floor of hell is not the maze terrain of the 12th floor of hell. It is much easier to walk, but the level of ghosts is a little higher than that of the previous floor. However, this is not a problem for Jiuzhong at all. Those who dare to stand in the way will be nullified!
The two men fought for a day in the thirteenth floor of hell, and by about eight o’clock at night, they had successfully killed the ghost king of this floor of hell and came to the entrance of the fourteenth floor of hell!
As usual, the two men paused and agreed to fight again tomorrow, but the time was delayed for three hours, about eleven o’clock!
After the agreement, the two of them went offline and left the game one after another!
Back to reality, after dinner, Jiuchong went to Wan’er’s ward and once again used the Prajnaparamita spirit to heal Wan’er. This time, it took longer, for five hours!
It wasn’t until after the early hours of the morning that Jiuzhong finally ended his healing. Although he healed Wan’er, Qinglong Prajnaparamita gas was almost exhausted, but Jiuzhong was fine, because there was more than one strength inside his body, and there were six strands of dragon elephant Prajnaparamita gas with different attributes, and only one of them was exhausted.
And after nine heavy for five hours of healing, Wan’er’s face is better than when she was healed in the morning, and there has been a little ruddy color, indicating that her essence has returned to a level close to normal!
As Jiuchong said in the morning, after his second healing, Wan’er did faint and wake up in a short time after Jiuchong’s healing, but people still look very weak!
"Xuan … Xuan night!" Wan’er woke up and spit out the first sentence is the name of Xuan Ye. He immediately saw Jiuzhong and Shen Yue in front of the bed, and found himself in a strange environment now. He asked in a weak voice, "You … Who are you?" Where am I? What about the mysterious night? !”
Shen Yue smiled and said, "Never mind who we are or where you are now, as long as you know that you are safe now! Besides, don’t worry, your dark night is safe. Do you want to see him now? !”
Hear Shen Yue, Wan’er eyes filled with tears, two lines of tears from the corner of my eye, "blare … think! !”
Shen Yue patted Wan’er on the shoulder and said, "Well, wait, I’ll get you in Xuanye right away and let you meet!" Then he turned to Jiuchong and said, "Tiger, go and get Xuanye!"
"Ok, make it!" It is more appropriate for a woman or a woman to accompany her. Jiuzhong turned out of the room, took six dragon teeth guards who came with him to guard outside the door, and went to Xuan night’s room!