"Oh, my God, how many precious materials are contained in this mountain range? How come no one has been here for many years?" A middle-aged Taoist with a dusting hand kept picking those precious materials at the edge of the volcano, and her mouth was amazed.

And a few people with advanced skills flew to the place where the magma was surging, where they could find more rare materials.
"Don’t pick it up, you mysterious people, don’t violate the mysterious convention, the mining right of this mountain is in our gaos thought! If you want it, spend money to buy it! " All of a sudden, the roar of a flying mecha sounded overhead, and dozens of armed mecha filled with barrels appeared in the sky, and an arrogant voice came from the loudspeaker of the mecha.
A mecha warehouse door was opened, and Yamamoto, with a juryman face, flew out of the mecha, bowed slightly below, and then said loudly: "Dear friends, according to the mysterious convention, people in the mysterious world cannot compete with people in the secular world for resources. Now the mines are owned by the Federation, and the Gaos have obtained the right to exploit this Afullen Mountain. Please go back. When the volcano is extinguished, you can buy the training materials you need from the Gaos.
"Yamamoto, put your mother’s fart, when did the Afuron Mountains become the property of Gaos thought? This is simply a barren mountain that no one wants. I am also a federal citizen. I have a citizenship card given to me by the federal government. I can pick up things here at will! " A practitioner in a black tuxedo yelled at Yamamoto in the air, and retaliated by kicking a huge red rock that rolled to his feet, which immediately fell out of a few elite from the fire, and several practitioners next to it set, earning those elite from the fire into their mustard bracelets.
"Bang" a big ring, a thick laser beam exploded at the feet of the practitioner wearing a black tuxedo, and the ground was suddenly blown out of a big hole with a diameter of five meters and a depth of hundreds of meters. The hot magma immediately flowed in along the big hole, filled the big hole in the blink of an eye, and then escaped around.
The practitioner got a fright, looked at the battle armor with countless laser cannons in the air with some fear, and shouted: "The mysterious convention is nothing. It was formulated thousands of years ago and has long been out of date. Now the power of the secular world is even more powerful than that of our mysterious world. If this continues, why don’t we just stop mixing? We don’t have any materials, and we still practice fart?"
"Don’t denigrate the mysterious convention!" GuanFeng voice rang in the middle of the crowd.
The practitioner who shouted suddenly saw Guan Feng, and his look suddenly darkened, and he was afraid to speak.
"Ha ha, it’s great that Guan Feng’s guardian is here, too. You are quick to give an order to let these poor ghosts go away. The things of the Gaos can’t be lost like this!" Yamamoto was overjoyed at the sound of GuanFeng, and shouted at GuanFeng.
GuanFeng a hesitation.
At this time, the star in the crowd said, "Don’t listen to him. The right to exploit the Afulun Mountain has not been decided yet, and our Dragon family is also fighting for its right to exploit it. Now, my father is negotiating with the people of the Federal Ministry of Mines. The Afulun Mountain is still an unmanned mountain. Please use your abilities and enjoy it!"
Star Xuan said, and fly up, in the air flashed his dragon home that glittering dragon flag, at the same time, a three-dimensional virtual shadow flew out on the right arm com, magnified countless times by com, and the tall and majestic figure of Long Tianpeng with white beard appeared in the red night sky.
"Listen up, Gaos thought. I’ll give you a notice as the head of the Dragon Family. We Dragon Family will compete with you for the ownership of the Afuron Mountains, and you must never arm around the mountain before the federal government decides who to mine, otherwise, we Dragon Family will accuse you of abusing force and using prohibited weapons!"
The agent of the Gaos family of the armed flying mecha couldn’t help feeling discouraged, and the peak disappeared. Gao Cang, the head of the quail star Gaos family, went missing again this evening. He was just a housekeeper of Gaos family, so how could he be qualified to talk to the heads of families of the Dragon Family? This guy wanted to think about it, but he didn’t dare to come out of the armed mecha. At that time, it became an impasse.

Chapter seventy-one
Chapter seventy-one
At this time, the light from the com in Xing Xuan’s hand changed, and a middle-aged man wearing a dark blue federal police uniform appeared in the air and said to many mecha in Gaos thought, "Listen, the person in charge of Gaos thought, I, as the director of the police headquarters in Hanfengzhou, the federal quail star, ordered you to retreat. Besides, in the future, the decorative gun tubes on your mecha vehicles were finally removed, which is very unsightly!"
Xing Xuan cursed in his heart: Are these barrels for decoration? They just exploded! However, think about this incompetent Federation now, and Xing Xuan is relieved. It’s not just that his five families control the military, political and financial affairs of the Federation, and his Dragon Family doesn’t have these armed mecha. This police chief is not easy to do, and he was arrested by his grandfather in the middle of the night to suppress Gaos thought, and he worked hard for him.
At this point, the agent of Gaos thought didn’t dare to fart, and immediately led the mecha to fly to Bolton City.
When Yamamoto saw the dragon family, some people were here, and his face was cold, and he looked bad at Xing Xuan.
At this time, Guan Feng flew up from the ground and said to the crowd, "Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Long Xingxuan, the grandson of Long Tianpeng, the head of the dragon family. He has nothing to do with our mysterious world. You can greet him directly if you need anything in the future. He is very generous!" Say that finish, some proudly look at the star xuan.
Star Xuan did Sarah laugh in the heart. This Guanfeng was just put by himself and felt annoyed. He deliberately wanted to let himself have some blood here. Ha ha, but what are you afraid of? Anyway, his Dragon Family has plenty of money, so it’s very cost-effective to make some friends in the mysterious world.
Thinking of this, Xing Xuan laughed and said, "Don’t worry, as long as our Dragon Family wins the right to exploit, we will definitely give all the rare materials ejected from this volcano to all of you present, and I, Xing Xuan, can be the master in our Dragon Family!"
The underground people suddenly got up, and they cast grateful eyes towards Xing Xuan in succession.
"Ha ha, what are you waiting for now? Take the time to find ready-made training materials!" Star xuan ha ha a smile, said to them.
They suddenly realized it, dispersed in succession, and searched for all kinds of cultivation materials in the rushing magma torrent according to their own cultivation level.
When Yamamoto saw it in the air, he quickly flew down and threw himself into the torrent of magma. He had already seen the flash of Ziyun sand in the air.
Xing Xuan made an expression of eyes towards GuanFeng.
Guan Feng understood, and immediately shouted at Yamamoto with a voice wrapped in real power: "Infinite Buddha, Yamamoto Xiuyou, being original suddenly remembered. Last time you left several orphans in the secular world, you haven’t explained clearly. Let’s go with being original!"
All practitioners immediately cast disdain eyes toward Yamamoto.
Yamamoto burst into tears and shouted, "Guardian Guan Feng, don’t be wrong. Didn’t I make it clear to you that there is no such thing!"
"Oh, really? Recently, however, it was revealed that when you came to the secular world 70 years ago, you got pregnant with a little girl in the secular world for no reason, and gave birth to a person named Gao Wuteng, Yamamoto Xiuyou. As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire, so you’d better come with me. If there is really no such thing, I, the guardian of Guanfeng, will definitely clear your name, so as not to leave a stain on the reputation monument in the mysterious world! " Guan Feng said, grabbed Yamamoto, twisted his body, and disappeared from around the volcano of Afulun.
Star Xuan listen GuanFeng plausibly talk, couldn’t help one leng, Gao Wuteng? Isn’t it the current head of the five federal families Gaos thought? This GuanFeng, also too can rumor?
Below, the black moon’s face has flushed bright red.
Xing Xuan looked funny, flew down to the bottom, took up Black Moon’s glittering and translucent, cold and greasy little hand and said, "Little girl, let’s go inside and see if there is anything that interests us!"
Black Moon took a bite of Xing Xuan, broke the clutches of Xing Xuan and flew towards the crater.
Seamless fairy clothes, even around the crater that is being sprayed, can’t feel the slightest heat.
And behind them, those practitioners looked at Xing Xuan and Black Moon, and couldn’t help wondering: How high are these two people’s accomplishments? They can be close to the crater, and they can’t stand being on the edge of the volcano for a while!
Because the achievement method of uniting is different, so none of them know that in fact, Black Moon has just entered the period of mental deficiency, and Xing Xuan is just an ordinary master of cardiac period.
A huge fireball spewed out from the crater, and Xing Xuan’s mind jumped, his fingers bent, and a real force swept out from his fingers.
A fiery oblate thing in the fireball was grasped by Xing Xuan, and a very deep and gentle energy was introduced into the body through the palm of Xing Xuan’s hand, and Xing Xuan’s heart couldn’t help pounding.
"How is it possible that the celestial pole is mysterious and immortal, and it is a treasure of cultivation?" Xing Xuan opened his mouth wide in surprise, and a red awn flashed at his eyes, staring at the oblate red thing in his hand.
Looking through the red surface, a blue energy as deep as the sea, as warm as the sun and as soft as the spring breeze appears in the red disk.
With a wave of his hand, he put the celestial mysterious jade into the mustard bracelet. Then, he quickly pulled up the black moon and said, "Go, find grandpa, and you must get the mining right of this mountain range!"
Say, two people take off, in the direction of Bolton city dragon home compound.
Blink of an eye time came to the dragon house compound, in order not to cause the crazy alarm of the high-tech security system in the yard, two people appeared in the air and knocked on the knocker.
The guard opened the door for two people, and then Xing Xuan went straight to Long Tianpeng’s bedroom.
Long Tianpeng just put down the phone call to his son Long Yukong, when he saw Xing Xuan, he asked doubtfully, "Xing Xuan, is that volcano really of high value?"
"Not very high, but very high. Grandpa, the hope of our Dragon Family has come. This volcano not only has ordinary refining materials such as elite from fire, Ziyun sand and thick yellow beads, but also the cultivation treasure that fix true practitioners most hope to get to speed up cultivation-celestial mysterious fairy jade, that is, as long as we get the right to exploit this volcano, it is equivalent to opening the door to the mysterious world!" Xing Xuan said to Long Tianpeng with bright eyes.
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Chapter seventy-two