In the past few days, the master’s swordsmanship has been superb, and he has secretly practiced magic and identified herbs in the middle of the night. On the other hand, he knows that it is too disappointing to soak in the sky all day.

Tian Xirui felt very happy when he drank the small glass and boiled the soup. He finally realized the deep love of his father and mother. Every time his father ate something cooked by his mother, he was very happy and carefully hid it for fear that they would eat more.
"Little Liuli, I feel that I am the happiest person in the world" Tianxi Rabbit is satisfied.
Dugu Liuli is really drunk to see him so naive!
Why does this noble and cold man look like a child in front of her?
"Are you almost healed?" Dugu coloured glaze took him to bowl eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Tianxi Rui first froze and then laughed. "It’s not worse today."
Are you kidding? Eat well and sleep well here, and with her caring, he won’t leave. He depends on her all day and all night. Hey, hey.
Tianxirui smiled like a fox.
Glazed glass dugu said, "Well, since you like it here so much, I’ll let you live in your hospital after I move here."
The small stone blinks desperately, suggesting that Master Tianxirui is angry!
Tianxirui is still laughing. "Well, let’s start tonight, or I’m embarrassed to let you hit the floor every day."
Dugu coloured glaze is very depressed. Does this man occupy her bed and let her make a floor return not bashful to laugh?
If it weren’t for the fact that he was injured, she really wanted to smoke Chapter 174 and pretend to be him.
I don’t know if she can get a picture of him now that he is injured.
Hey, strength is really a bully!
Coloured glaze dugu gloomily holding the was went to Tianxi Ruiyuan.
Xiaoshi sighed naively at this and followed her master to heaven.
Tianxi Rui didn’t expect Xiao Liuli to leave when she really said she would leave. He also added to their feelings these days.
This little glass is really confusing. What is a heart thinking?
These days, she is also practicing very hard, and it is indeed a bit excessive for herself to let her hit the floor, but it is not him who let her sleep. He said that she would sleep together, but she just didn’t want to.
Small coloured glaze is not willing to.
If he hadn’t pushed her around because of his injury, where would he give her a chance to sleep on the floor?
Tianxirui got up slowly and quickly put on his clothes. He hasn’t been out for a long time to breathe fresh air, and he feels moldy.
Go out to bask in the sun first and let the small glass warm the bed first.
Tianxirui’s eyes smiled evil.
When he left the hospital, his white robe danced with the wind, which made him more elegant and extraordinary.
At the moment, there is a shadow in the courtyard. She is watering some flowers and plants. When she sees Tianruixi suddenly appear, her heart beats faster.
Although he lives in the house these days, he doesn’t even know how to get a picture, because he didn’t give her a room to serve because of the lonely glass.
But shadow knows that he often comes to miss.
Shadow quickly stopped what he was doing and then came to say hello to him, "God."
Tianxirui nodded lightly and then chose to leave.
It’s really uncomfortable to stay without a small glass courtyard. He’ll go out for a walk first.
To her surprise, Dugu Liuli went to Tianxi Ruiyuan, and she actually saw that she was sneaking into Tianxi Ruiwu.
Uh, it’s not that big sister misses this guy too much, is it?
This guy is so popular, but he likes to pester her and doesn’t give others a chance to see him. He is trying to devour these women alive.
Dugu coloured glaze suddenly flashes and then quickly slips out of the hospital and hides in the corner to make up.
She is easy to say that the first person dares to say what skin mask the second one needs!
Dugu coloured glaze turned into Tianxirui in three or two, and the small stone was shocked!
"Master, you are amazing!" Xiaoshitoupei
Dugu Liuli cleared her throat and tried several times to find a timbre that was more like Tianxi Ruiyin. She cleared her throat and felt particularly interesting.
Recently, I’ve talked too much about practicing, and it’s not bad to find a beautiful woman to play @
"Let’s go with the pebbles, and you can tune in @ Play Beauty!" Dugu coloured glaze heroically held the small stone in the palm of his hand.
The little stone felt goose bumps all over the floor.
Master, are you trying to ruin the reputation of Tian Tai?
Dugu coloured glaze swaggered into the yard.
I don’t know how disappointed I am to sneak into the house without seeing anyone else. Fortunately, he came back just when she was about to give up!
Dugu Aoxue feels his heart beating faster!
She knows if this is a person or a fifth sister, but she just can’t stand it. She feels that she hasn’t seen him for a long time, but she hears people say every day that he just sticks to fifth sister.
She went to Wumei Hospital several times, but don’t be disappointed to see others.
Dugu Liuli said with a smile, "What can I do for you, Miss?"
Ah, ah, oh, my God, I can’t believe I smiled at her and smiled affectionately. This is a crazy rhythm!
Dugu Aoxue feels that a heart is like a deer in chaos. 175. Chapter 175 Crazy.
"Big miss?" Coloured glaze dugu looked at her with a smile.
Dugu Aoxue feels that she is going to faint!
God really likes her?
I also want her to be beautiful and a big lady from Fort Dugu. Can God not like her?
Besides, how can a dragon like Tiantai linger in a flower?
Dugu Aoxue felt that the sky was too sure to abandon Wu Mei, so she bravely raised her head and tried to squeeze out a warm smile.
"God, I … I embroidered a sachet myself. Can you accept it?" Dugu Aoxue shyly handed him the sachet.
Coloured glaze dugu smiled and took the "big miss is really handy. This work is too fine."
This looks like servant girl embroidery. Can you cheat a little higher?