After about five minutes, the worm tide is getting bigger and bigger, but those two-headed worms will not increase if they maintain 15 million. After all, the two-headed worms are already extremely high-end zerg, and the number of them is much less than that of the low-end zerg. I am afraid that the mother emperor of the main era has pressed all the two-headed worms to the front to send them to the platform, and the position has become cold and cheerless.

At this moment, a total of nine delivery platforms are suspended, and a small number of zerg are busy among the giant droplets. They pour thick orange energy slurry into the delivery platform and slowly deliver it to the platform. It seems that it is not easy to maintain the delivery state. This is a buffer opportunity.
The human fleet made adjustments while resisting the scouring of the insect tide, and the repair place was repaired quickly. At the initial stage of the insect tide, the impact was fierce, and the speed of action gradually slowed down, as if waiting for reinforcements to carry out the impact together.
The Adventure Guild immediately attached great importance to the arrival of the mother emperor in the main era after receiving the report from the wormhole observer numbered 5973. Moreover, the guard fleet has destroyed a zerg overlord, and even if the blazing body finally escapes from the zerg overlord, the accumulated energy for hundreds of thousands of years will be counted in the meritorious military service.
The headquarters control tower sat with thirteen figures, and the first finger knocked on the desktop and said, "The zerg’s invasion is too amazing. I will discuss the reinforcement of wormhole No.5973 in the main era."
Volume 17 A bloody battle! Temporary parting Chapter 96 Indiana Jones
After extremely insipid secondment, thirteen old guys at the top of the Adventure Guild decided to reinforce the wormhole under Lin Sisuo’s responsibility. The headquarters control tower released a strong light beam and then slowly quieted down.
If these old guys in the Adventure Guild know that Phantom of the Opera has reached the demigod level, there will be no such preferential treatment, and perhaps Lin momo will let the Tenchu fleet go to a more dangerous place according to the situation.
In this world, there are six ancestors of Constant Wave who can sense the approximate position of those demigod-level star cruises, and the sensing speed is extremely slow. There is no one-hundred-year method to grasp the phase information, and the attributes are even worse. After the demigod-level star cruises can shield their own breath, there will always be one or two even six ancestors of Constant Wave who can detect the insect robbery of demigod-level star cruises, adding a lot of variables.
The Adventure Guild is stationed near the wormhole number 5973. Two super-elite fleets have been ordered to enter the channel immediately and go to their destination. It is expected to arrive in five hours, which means Lin momo will stick to it for five hours.
Extra reinforcements are a good treatment. They are usually distributed to those female emperors who are attacking wormholes. If ordinary female emperors need to send one fleet, they can send reinforcements to two fleets due to the arrival of the female emperor in the main era.
The establishment of these two fleets is very magnificent. Each fleet consists of 200 elite star cruises. After the rendezvous, more than 30 senior elite flagship ships among the 400 elite star cruises are two odd ones.
In order to resist the insect robbery, the Adventure Guild and the Light Federation have lost their blood. Many rare star cruises have emerged from hidden places. For the first time, the world has the most intuitive understanding of the control power of the Adventure Guild. Many wise people push their performances, even if they integrate the Woodhouse and the Firehouse, it is impossible to surpass the Adventure Guild. This is a real monster.
At this stage, the stronger the strength of the adventure guild, the greater the hope of surviving the insect robbery. For nearly a thousand years, the wood family and the fire family have also hidden their strength. The adventure guild belongs to a relatively loose organization, and many small families act as agents. It is not surprising that the adventure guild has reached its present level. Those super families are worried that the insect robbery is causing human suffering.
Two super fleets are on their way to the Mirage Amorphophallus, not far from the Adventure Association, to observe the ship, to boost morale. After receiving the news, they will inform Lin momo to reinforce the fleet as soon as possible, and will arrive in five hours.
Lin momo readily accepted the kindness of the Adventure Guild. If the 400 elite star cruise ships are in the array, the Phantom of the Opera will not be too early to shoot the belly overlord monster. It has reached the critical stage of making black balls and cultivating fear thorns, and it has also reached the important stage of devouring each other. Every moment, the charm must be suppressed from the outside.
If you don’t move the Phantom of the Opera, the black ball will explode from the hull, which is different from causing a devastating blow to the hull. However, if you put the process of cultivating fear thorns outside the ship, the magnetic field will continue to solidify. There are so many beautiful things in the world, and you must take risks if you want to create amazing means.
"Good adventure guild did a good thing! Hurriedly inform to need to guard five hours before the fleet can retreat to "Lin momo rubbed his hands and eyes sparkled and his body is recovering.
Incarnate son hurriedly sent a message to let everyone summon up courage to hold on.
The blockade must not collapse. If the mother emperor of the main era enters the public area, it will be a great disaster for the human camp. Maybe the adventure guild and the light Federation will make it retreat to the second line of defense.
It is the second line of defense, and many fortifications are still under construction.
Nowadays, the border defense line is to build the second defense line, and strive for enough time to shrink the defense line urgently, which is not conducive to the future defense against the ancient queen mother. It is conceivable that those zerg giants will definitely go to the battlefield during the worm robbery period.
"It will be five hours soon to resist the reinforcement fleet. When it is normal, it will usually be much shorter than this time. It will take about three and a half hours to arrive. Can’t we still hold on for less than three and a half hours? Don’t be looked down upon by his wormhole captain after this battle. Come on. "
"Yes, Rowen’s fleet will fight to the death."
"Hum, bastard bug Xiaowu died miserably. Xiaowu, none of the crew on that ship was lucky that the zerg overlord Chihuang finally escaped. We’re going to find this bastard bug and cut it to pieces."
"Five brothers to pieces revenge Dreadwind fleet to the death"
"Brothers, the Tianzhu fleet has been on hold. No matter what the surname Lin is busy with, our corona fleet will die. Brothers avenge the Zerg. I fuck his ancestor Taigu Mother Huang to death."
"Revenge the zerg blood to pay homage to the dead brothers"
Although many people misunderstand Lin momo, the zerg overlord’s brilliance has angered several veteran leaders and 23 elite star cruise ships. His star cruise ships have also suffered heavy damage. Human beings are full of bloody races, and they can complain about bad luck or incompetence, but the living want revenge from the dead.
Rowen’s fleet, Dreadwind’s fleet and Corona’s fleet were crazy. They quickly leaned behind the metal foam piles of the pyramids closest to the insect tide. All the ships released turret fire and rose to the extreme. Destruction bombs and armor-piercing bombs were thrown out as if they didn’t need money, so they did not hesitate to smash the old ones, which greatly stimulated his fleet.
The black cicada fleet also took action. With the help of the fortress eye, the Shakespeare lost its energy, and even if the armor plate on one side of the hull sank in less than half, it did not return to repair, but shot light to kill the insect tide.
Every time the insect tide is about to approach the blockade, it will be attacked by violent fire. The offensive to avenge the dead brothers is unusually fierce. Lin momo saw this scene and meditated.
Phantom of the Opera has been silent, even if there is indeed a compelling reason, but it is somewhat unreasonable to watch these ships go to the most dangerous zone to fight. However, both Feiyu and Zeus have evolved numerical ascending moments, which determines whether the post-development road is smooth or not, and any rash action will disrupt the disk plan.
"Incarnate son must do something, even if the card is lifted, it is necessary to reverse the situation, so that Amon and G roebuck can pull the fleet back with the least damage, and just come to an Indiana Jones. In addition, let Lin Elegant bring back all the pieces that have been salvaged to Chihuang, and I want Chihuang to regret leaving this pile of bad meat." Lin Sisuo’s kindness has already been unbearable. The zerg is obviously brewing a new offensive, and the adult tide has no strength to impact the blockade. More often, it is to test the strength of the fleet.
Zerg wise men are unique, but they may not have much fighting capacity. However, the battlefield can play a role in not ignoring the current worm tide and the defense mode is very high. It seems that there is a baton waving secretly and changing into a brain worm, and then it disappears. Do you want to cross the wormhole and return to the mother emperor’s camp, or do you still leave the worm tide as the commander of the Zerg wise men? It’s hard to say until now because there is no trace of it.
When the Amon Bayonet approached the Phantom of the Opera, it brought the corpse from the Phantom of the Opera and released a magnetic field to cover the corpse.
The total volume of Chihuang is three or four times the tonnage of Phantom of the Opera, which is naturally not low. Even if some small pieces of dead bodies fall into the crack method to recover them, they will be two times the size of Phantom of the Opera.
Bayonet’s corpse is only a small part of Amon and G roebuck’s fleet, which is responsible for transporting and bringing back all the corpses. Phantom’s magnetic field encouraged it to swallow flesh and blood twice the volume of the hull.
"Momo find the two of us something?" Amon’s intuition Lin Sisuo’s bringing the Bayonet and the Diamond back is not simple. There are many B-class star cruise ships berthing on the platform. What they want to do is a word. There will be a B-class captain to accept it.
"I’m looking for you. The Phantom of the Opera has sent three kinds of very dangerous missiles, namely, toxic energy bomb, crystal bomb and negative energy burst bomb. I’m going to let your fleet go and smash the insect tide for me."
"Ha ha ha momo! Brother, I’m waiting for your dispatch! It’s not easy for the six of us to break out of this situation today. If it weren’t for Momo, you kept sending medicine to treat us. We would have lost our humanity and become a mutant monster everywhere, and we would go through fire and water.
However, roebuck and I have just promoted several star cruise ships to the elite level. Although the foundation is good, the combat experience is still insufficient. Then again, isn’t it to make special missiles break through the worm tide? Don’t worry, it’s enough to have my bayonet number and diamond number. Don’t say brother is bragging! I can still tell if I have a few catties or two. "
Lin momo scanned the bayonets and diamonds, and the situation is indeed much better than that of the people’s ship. It can be seen that Amon’s opponent is very caring and has a good foundation for commanding, but it is easy to break the worm tide of two-headed worms. It is not difficult to rely on the Bayonet and Diamond alone, even if the missile is excellent.
Amon has got rid of his inferiority complex over the years. Don’t look at a little short man who is indomitable. He will do whatever he wants until it is finished.
"Siso Diamond is guaranteed to be completed here, sister. I want to say that you have been working hard outside for more than ten years. Our soil-ring star enterprise group has created a relaxed development environment to solve our catalytic agents, and now we should repay the Phantom of the Opera for breaking through the worm tide and making the Zerg pay the price."
G. roebuck showed great heroism. She and Amon kept a very low profile because of the demand in the management field, but they secretly made preparations long ago and decided to help Momo as much as possible.
Volume 17 A bloody battle! Temporary parting Chapter 97 Counter-offensive
The Bayonet and the Diamond set off bearing Lin Sisuo’s urgent hope that Amon and G roebuck are looking at the data of toxic energy bombs and paradoxical crystal bombs. They just swept a few eyes and felt quite extraordinary, and the derived phase effect was even more shocking.