Read fine in accordance with the frightened by these barbaric alien hid behind Su Yu dare not speak again.

The werewolf who made things difficult for Su Yu was more emboldened by a large number of foreign booing, pointing at Su Yu’s nose was a burst of screaming.
"Come and tell me what he just said to you?"
Does it matter what you say?
It doesn’t matter anymore.
On what Jack and Su Yu said just now, these aliens should make a good fuss about Su Yu.
No, no, seven beautiful Terran beauties behind Su Yu!
These seven are all extreme!
Those terran women in the spring building are much better!
Su Yu is indifferent to look at all these alien moves, and there is no stir in his heart.
Anger is so extreme that I have almost forgotten the taste of anger.
It’s no longer necessary, is it
These aliens feel that they look at Su Yu like clowns, and Su Yu looks at these aliens like clowns.
These aliens in the restaurant have no idea how close death is to them.
"I just told him the secret cooking technique to make wolf human flesh delicious, but it took me hundreds of good werewolf bodies to figure out something good, and he didn’t want it." Su Yu’s face was still expressionless when she said this.
Su Yu didn’t tell a lie. He did eat wolf meat.
Past lives, the earth, past lives, China, and Terrans dare not eat creatures? Stop talking about wolves! Even cockroaches and earthworms can eat them!
Su Yu also wants this werewolf to feel that one of his own people has been eaten.
Those werewolves really flew into a rage and roared, "How dare you, a humble human, eat my noble wolf clan?"
And for a moment, they suddenly turned their faces and joked, "You have made a big taboo for my wolf clan! Lend us a few Terran girls behind you for a few days before we consider letting you go! "
All the foreigners in the restaurant are laughing loudly.
No one will believe that despicable terrans will eat wolves. Do they have the guts?
Wolf clan is a stronger race as far as Xinghai is concerned, while ordinary Terran belongs to the kind that people want to step on but are afraid of getting their feet dirty.
At this time, the werewolf, who was eyeing Su Yu’s concubines, jumped from his seat and came to Su Yu’s face with a disdainful smile. "How much is this little woman?"
Say that finish this Wolf clan stretched out his hand to pull a handful of official Wan’er hair.
But I heard a loud noise.
The werewolf reached out to Guan Wan’er’s hairy hand and stopped. Red blood mixed with brains splashed from his head to his slender green hand, and his head had been penetrated by Su Yu’s fist.
Jack froze. Everyone in the restaurant froze.
They didn’t expect Su Yu to make direct moves at this time, and they didn’t expect Su Yu’s fist to directly penetrate the werewolf’s head like a sword.
It’s not the same as the Terran they’ve seen before!
This is a ferocious, bold and powerful Terran!
Su Yu pulled his hand out of the werewolf’s head. The werewolf was dead and his body collapsed.
And Su Yu looks like nothing happened just now.
It was as if nothing had happened to him just now.
Su Yu killed him as easily as running over an ant.
"This …"
Jack made an incredible look at everything in front of him, and his head is still white.
He said a lot to Su Yu and was insulted by other people, so that Su Yu could leave safely.
But now it is impossible for Su Yu to leave.
Su Yu never thought about leaving.
He hit the mirror door and waved his hand to let Jack and Su Huiyin leave here. Then he looked at the restaurant and reacted with anger.
"Humble Terran incredibly dare to kill a werewolf! Kill him! "
"What about those women? Where have you hidden them? Hand it over! "
"That’s the woman we have booked. That’s our wealth! How dare you hide it! Sin is unforgivable! "
In the face of gradually surrounded by a full face of murderous look and violent expression, Su Yu, an alien, has no fear.
Su Yu corners of the mouth slightly raise a strange radian.
He’s going to set up the Terran Power here today!
All the foreigners in this restaurant can’t escape!
Treat Terran women as playthings?
Treat bullying humans as entertainment?
Hehe, I’ll let you have enough fun today! Let you be afraid of the terran!