Repair is to stop here.

This butterfly, Hua Xian, is so cruel.
"Small! If you eat the heart of the earth, maybe the blood will work. Now come back with me immediately. "
Butterfly Hua Xian is not reconciled.
Eyes suddenly fell on Jiang Feng, and I had more thoughts in my body and mind.
Chapter 1665 happeneth butterfly Hua Xian
Refining blood wants to get the seal of Jiangfeng Heaven.
This is almost impossible.
Butterfly Hua Xian is also white in his heart. This is just an excuse for him.
After all, it is only natural that the original things should be made for no reason by Jiang Feng to get butterfly Hua Xian’s dissatisfaction.
I can’t get anything myself.
Also absolutely can’t let others get it.
"The ego challenges you!"
Butterfly Hua Xian is not stupid.
There are so many powerful fighters on the side for nine days. Butterfly Hua Xian root can’t make a rash move.
But eyes riveted on Jiang Feng.
"I’m sorry I don’t accept the challenge!" Jiang Feng waved directly.
Seeing that the situation is getting more and more complicated.
A lot of onlookers are also pointing fingers.
"Even the proud mark was smashed by Butterfly Hua Xian. This Jiang Feng is definitely not an opponent. Although he missed a wonderful fight, he also saved his life."
"Who said that I didn’t expect Butterfly Hua Xian to be so unbearable?"
"Ah … poor proud mark"
Many people regret it.
After all, proud mark strength they are obvious to all.
Indeed as expected butterfly Hua Xian surly.
"I now challenge you to life and death. If you can beat me, I will tell you the secret of the golden mark of awakening."
As soon as this word comes out,
Jiang Feng eyes also followed by narrowing up.
I am lucky to have four marks.
It never occurred to me that I could awaken the golden mark for an instant and my eyes narrowed.
"A crush! ?” Butterfly flowers sneer at a way
Jiang Feng is not alone.
The surroundings, including nine days, are bright at the moment.
Breaking the routine, one person awakens two marks or even three marks, which everyone dreams of getting.
I accept your challenge! Jiang Feng answered directly.
"That’s good!" Butterfly Hua Xian said that he flew directly to the center of the ring with his feet.
Jiang Feng followed closely.
Two people occupy half respectively.