Then I was woken up by the words and saw that the number was Dawn.

I sighed and said hello in the morning.
Chenxi said you were ill. Let me ask you something.
I said something grumpily.
She said what did you do to Ye Ye? Yesterday, she talked with me for three hours, always asking about you. I tell you, she must be interested in you. It’s not that you cooked her up, is it?
I said don’t this person.
Dawn scolded me for her good condition. Maybe you still can’t see her fish. You’re crazy, aren’t you?
I hate yeye together, so I told Chenxi that I had told you to warn her not to touch me. She’s interested in me because it’s her business, so I don’t need to cater to it.
In a huff, Chenxi said that a dog bites Lv Dongbin and hangs up if he doesn’t know how to be good.
I’m not so stingy, but Ye Ye’s performance yesterday was really bad. I hated Ye Ye, but she called and asked me to go. She asked me what you were doing.
Is it something?
Let’s find a place to talk about the contract change.
I wondered how signing a contract could change, so I said where.
Let’s go to the coffee shop yesterday.
I got into bed and went to the dining room by myself. I went to Australia a few days ago and my mobile phone was stolen there.
I was in a better mood at once, so I put on a clean suit and went to the door after washing and dressing.
When I got to the coffee shop, Ye Ye had not arrived at a coffee shop. I was a guest. I ordered myself a cup of Ireland and went to the rack to read a magazine.
After reading a few articles, Ye Ye came with a big bag. She told the waiter to give me a glass of water without lemon slices.
When she took a breath, I asked her what happened to the contract.
She said that Han Cheng changed his mind late and he decided to buy it directly.
It’s not good for me to watch her like this. Don’t let people feel too surprised when Ye Ye does things.
She smiled casually and said that I had calculated the account for him. Now the rent there is 7 million a year, and it will cost 70 million to buy it for ten years, and he agreed to buy it for 60 million.
She explained that you underestimate Han Cheng too late. In fact, he saw that the rent of CITIC Plaza was 145.1 square meters, but the area could not reach it. He asked you to give him that price, which was absolutely sky-high, and Guangzhou could not find a second one. I was scared when I heard your quotation.
I am anxious to say, then why did he promise me so readily? Isn’t it just to let me make money?
Ye Ye smiled. Who knows? Maybe he asked you something.
She frowned and said that it was really strange that I sold it to him at the price of 21,000 square meters in Guangzhou, which was also considered sky-high price. CITIC once sold this price, but my building could not be sold at such a high price anyway.
I said he was fascinated by you.
Ye Ye smiled. Hehe, I’m flattered.
I looked at her bitterly. How much did you pay for it?
Ye Ye said Qian.
I was so scared that I almost dropped my glass to the ground.
Ye Ye smiled like a fox. The boss has been trying to sell the dish for almost half a year. I pressed the price several times and got it.
I sigh for a long time. Han Cheng is late. How can I say you when you are so possessed?
I asked her for a long time, how much did you earn?
Ye Ye smiled at me. You should ask how much we earned. Excluding all kinds of money, we earned about 30 million.
I’m dumbfounded. I can’t believe it’s true. Oh, my God, I was just sleeping. Now you tell me that I made 30 million. I don’t think it’s true.
Ye Ye said it was true.
I asked her why you didn’t take it all.