"two dog, why don’t you talk? A girl laughs at you and listens-"Bai Xinxin says she is not afraid of ghosts. The problem is that she has never seen a real ghost and doesn’t know what a ghost looks like.

"Yes, she laughs at her and you care about her!" Two dog knew that it was the female ghost Xiaohong who floated back. When she looked up, she saw that girl’s naughty face, and the branches and leaves of the mall were flickering. If ordinary people didn’t see it, they would be surprised.
Giggle, giggle—
"two dog, she smiled again. Do you think it’s a female ghost laughing?" At the thought of ghosts, Bai Xinxin felt that her little heart was almost jumping out.
"Yes, it’s Xiaohong who is naughty. Look there!"
Bai Xinxin looked down two dog’s direction and saw a pale face with two holes and dark circles in the fluorescent white street lamp, which suddenly made people laugh.
Scared Bai Xinxin breath didn’t fall down and a stiff is unconscious.
"Red is coming!"
Xiao Hong, a female ghost, changed into a darling, and her human figure gently fell to the ground to see her face. "Master, isn’t she afraid of ghosts? Why did she frighten me when she saw me?"
"Red and white elder sister haven’t seen a ghost you don’t frighten her! Hurry up and send her back! " Two dog said that he was scared just to see Xiaohong. If he went into the ghost building, wouldn’t he be scared to death
"It’s the master!" Xiaohong was naughty and deliberately turned into an evil wind, dragging Bai Xinxin across the street and floating from the lamp like a sleeping woman.
It happened that an unlucky driver drove a big truck through this street and suddenly saw this horrible scene. When he killed a pig, he heard the big truck creak and smash. The driver’s soul flew and found that after a false alarm, the unlucky driver muttered, "A ghost is a ghost!" And then flew away
Pi two dog stepped into the gate of White Porcelain Hotel with a foot of God’s seal, and saw that the front desk clerk was lit with strangers. If the tenant came in, he didn’t know that these two beauties were spectres and human beings.
As soon as two dog entered the lobby, he felt the sudden drop of room air, and it was as if there were several ghosts wandering around, giving people a creepy feeling.
At the front desk, two female ghosts at the brain immediately became alert when they saw Pi two dog, but they knew that Pi two dog was fierce and dared not speak out.
At this time, the lobby is magnificent, even the stairs are back to normal, and everything seems calm, but Pi two dog knows that this is a ghost ladder, and whoever goes in will not get out alive.
He climbed the stairs directly, pedaled and pedaled firmly, and induction lamp was particularly eye-catching.
Just on the second floor, I saw a coquettish woman wearing cheongsam coming on red high heels and making a tattoo sound.
"I went to this is a spectre! Calm down and can’t look at her! " Two dog knows that this is enchanting and ghosts are specially heady. If you want to look at her in the eye, even the immortals will be recruited.
At this moment, out of the corner of his eye, two dog found that the witch was sitting on the steps with a fart pier. Her cheongsam was gone and she was naked. From time to time, she gave two dog the glad eye. "Little brother, look here, am I good-looking? Look at my eyes! "
With the siren how to hook, lead two dog unmoved and climb the stairs quickly, the female ghost hook can’t lead to a sudden distortion of her beautiful face, and a blood basin with a big mouth flashes, and she pounced on two dog’s shoulder and was about to suck his Yang Pi two dog to blow her up. See the female ghost Xiaohong suddenly fly in like a shell leaving a chamber and wrestle with the female ghost.
After a while, Xiaohong swallowed the female ghost and giggled.
"No, the red and white porcelain hotel is too fierce to eat!" He was taken aback when he saw it. Yesterday, he was red against the ghost house, but how come the red mana seems to have become stronger one day?
"Report to the master, the evocation old lady, that she spit out a Fayuandan after her death and I ate her Fayuandan!" Xiaohong excited way
"Shrimp and Fayuandan?" Two dog said, "God, that old woman’s mana is so strong. I think she demonstrated Fayuandan is not small, but the Fayuandan cultivated by women is too yin. Men can’t be red." Good, good, red, you can take it to the next level. Congratulations! "
"Master, I have learned that after Fayuandan becomes stronger, I can help the master to meet more evil spirits. I can help the master solve his worries!" Female the ghost little red table loyal way
"Ok, let’s build the 14th floor!" Said the two pedal pedal ran upstairs.
On the way upstairs, I met seven spectres, men and women. All these spectres were swallowed by Xiaohong.
After a burst of ji flying dog jumping, two dog and Xiaohong came to Room 1444 on the tenth floor. This suite is the Bai Dong Frost Room where the proprietress of the hotel is imprisoned.
Bai Dong Shuang is the spectre of this suite.
Blowing the door open with one punch, Pi two dog jumped in and saw the huge living room with lights on the sofa and everything in the house, just like when Bai Dongshuang was alive, the room was luxuriously decorated and the eyes were magnificent.
"Are you two dog, the ghost god?" See a beautiful young woman dressed up on the sofa. The beautiful young woman is a bit stunning. Her eyes are like peach blossoms. The seductive figure of Lotus is really white as frost.
"Bai Dongshuang, I know you died miserably. Tell me who is the big brother who killed you?" Two dog looked at her and said
"Don’t let that old lady kill his family long ago. There’s nothing to say!" Bai Dong frost jiao hum a way
"Let’s see if you’ve got revenge, or if you’re angry and you’re going to harm the tenant. That’s what you’re wrong about, isn’t it?"
"Pi two dog, what do you want?" Bai Dong Frost’s face is so cold that ice slag falls off.
"My occupation is to destroy ghosts and exorcise demons. What do you think I want?" Two dog Hippie Zhile
"With you? Not afraid of death, bring it on! " Bai dong frost provocative way