Although Lingmu ape is a monster beast of the fifth order, it still does not have the ability to spit people out, so its threat to Xu Ren still depends on calling.

Lingmu apes are sharp and urgent, and they are not weak in lethality. Xu Ren is caught off guard and has retreated several steps in succession.
Lingmu ape saw Xu Ren retreat, instead of enough, it became even crazier. Maybe it seems that its own attack has worked, maybe it can take Xu Ren at one stroke or drive him out of the cave directly.
"There are really two attacks that are not only sonic attacks but also mental attacks. Now I probably know what you can get here, but it’s really naive to think that this little means will scare me away." Xu Ren reshaped himself and he did not move with the scream of the lingmu ape.
Squeak …
Lingmu ape shot two lights in his eyes and jumped up and down as he called, which seemed to be a warning to Xu Ren that everything here was it.
Xu Ren hands flashing light has been in the multiplier Xinghai sword shook hands, although the spirit wood ape is tough, but after the wood property Xuan Jing, he is bound to practice the wood property Xuan Jing.
Lingmu ape saw the method to scare off Xu Ren’s two monkey claws and waved forward for a while, and then several gleaming cyan lights flew towards Xu Renfei.
Xu Ren frowned slightly. I didn’t expect this spiritual wood ape to have such a sharp attack. He could wave his multiplier Xinghai sword in his hand to meet them head-on.
Bang bang …
A few rumbling Xinghai sword Gang Lingmu ape attacks both dissipated. Xu Ren’s figure retreated a few steps, but Lingmu ape did not move.
Xu Ren somberly, he is quite confident in his own strength. I didn’t expect Lingmu apes to meet each other and then fall off the wind.
Lingmu ape clasped two monkey paws and kept beating and yelling in his chest, which made Xu Ren’s ears ache.
In order to stop the sonic attack of Lingmu ape, Xu Ren had to wield his sword again, just like star saber Gang flew towards Lingmu ape.
Chapter sixty-two Accidents abound
The roar of the lingmu ape is really difficult. Xu Ren, when the strength is overwhelming, let the lingmu ape be quiet. Xu Ren waved his multiplier Xinghai sword and took the initiative to attack the lingmu ape.
Lingmu ape seems to be completely annoyed. For Xu Ren, the uninvited guest, he has been completely bored by Xu Ren’s attack. This guy’s body flashed directly.
The speed of Lingmu ape is really fast, and in the blink of an eye, the sharp monkey claw has grasped Xu Ren alongside of.seem.
Xu Ren also didn’t want to shoot at the side and rear with his feet, but he was still one step slow and scratched his chest by the claw of Lingmu ape, leaving several deep blood holes in his chest.
So fast, so fast, so sharp, attacking Xu Ren’s heart. This spirit wood ape is really a fifth-order peak monster beast. Don’t look at its small fighting capacity. It’s amazing.
Squeak …
Lingmu ape seems angry when it jumps up. Obviously, it didn’t expect Xu Ren to attack it, which made it feel humiliated and ignored its powerful strength.
Angry spirit wood apes launched an attack again, this time faster than before, and the attack was more powerful.
Xu Ren knew that Lingmu apes were tough to deal with and quickly slashed their swords.
Lingmu ape’s eyes make a determined effort, his hands move as fast as flash, and he directly catches the broken sword Gang.
But in this way, its attack on Xu Ren has to be temporarily stopped.
Xu Ren quickly flicker spirit wood apes pulled the distance again.
Once again, the lingmu ape returned to work and was even more angry. Even his eyes turned green and jumped about in the dark cave like a jack-o’-lantern.
Xu Ren’s face was sombre, and there was also information in the memory of the monster, Lingmu Ape. However, it seems that the Lingmu Ape in the memory of Xianzun is not the same. Although the rank is also the peak of the fifth order, it is stronger than the Lingmu Ape in the memory of Xianzun with its talent and skills.
Ho ho …
Lingmu ape has not only changed its eyes, but also its roar. It is no longer as sharp as before, but has become vigorous and powerful.
Bang bang …
Lingmu ape jumped high and landed heavily, and then hit the ground with a pair of fists.
Xu Ren was about to resume his offensive, but at this time there was a strange sound around him and then several green lights descended towards his position
In the face of the mysterious green light, Xu Ren didn’t dare to be careless. He waved a dozen swords in his hand and poured them out to meet the mysterious green light respectively.
When the sword meets in the mysterious green light, it explodes instantly, shaking the cave as if it could collapse at any time.
Xu Ren was surprised. This spirit wood ape brought him too many accidents. Such strength made him feel overwhelmed to deal with it.
However, when Xu Ren was surprised, he felt that his foot was strange and his calf seemed to be caught by something.
Xu Ren bowed his head in amazement and found that his calf was wrapped with a green vine, which made him feel even more difficult. He didn’t know that the green vine on his left leg appeared when it happened, and it quietly wrapped around his left leg.
Lingmu ape obviously didn’t want to get to the bottom of Xu Ren’s story. His fists thumped the ground again, and as Lingmu ape landed with his fists, Xu Ren’s left leg was wrapped with vines as if he had a life, so he quickly drilled out of the ground and directly hung Xu Ren upside down.
At the same time, when the shape of Lingmu ape disappeared from its original place and reappeared, it was in front of Xu Ren. This guy turned his fist into a hook and grabbed it at Xu Ren’s chest
Lingmu ape claws badly Xu Ren, but I’ve seen it. If I get caught by that pair of claws, my heart has to be pulled out by it.
Xu Ren, the head of the crisis, forced a bright sword directly from Xinghai Sword. However, this sword is neither to resist the claws of Lingmu apes nor to force Lingmu apes to move forward, but to directly drop green vines.
The spirit wood ape technique is powerful, but no matter how powerful it is, it can’t resist the attack of the multiplier. Xu Ren completely chopped the vine with one blow, and his figure quickly fell to the ground.
A pair of sharp claws of Lingmu Ape have actually penetrated Xu Ren’s body, but before going deep into Xu Ren’s body, he fell to let it fall. This attack did not achieve the expected effect.
Xu Ren was really dangerous when he got up with a grunt. If he had been a little slower, his life would have been completely explained here.
Lingmu ape carefully designed the attack and fell again, which made it even more angry. Xu Ren got up and made a sharp turn in his body and jumped at Xu Ren again.
Xu Ren’s body is in a hurry to retreat in the face of extremely fast spirit wood apes, and hesitation may kill him. Xu Ren retired very decisively this time.
Lingmu ape tried the same trick again, punching his fists and trying to cast his magic. The vine entangled Xu Ren.
However, after the previous lesson, Xu Renke dared not wait for the Lingmu ape to attack again. Almost instantly, his figure rose and rushed towards the Lingmu ape.
Xu Ren’s figure leaped at the same time, and the multiplier Xinghai sword in his hand was attacked later, and the fastest speed of counting the swords crashed into the spirit wood ape ready to cast the magic method.
Lingmu ape also made a mistake in predicting Xu Ren. It didn’t expect Xu Ren to find a way to crack it so quickly. If it continues to use the magic vine to trap Xu Ren, Xu Ren’s attack will also fall on it at the same time.
Lingmu ape is absolutely the highest in wisdom among the monsters of the same order, but it is precisely because of its higher wisdom that it has a balance of advantages and disadvantages. When faced with the situation that trapping the enemy will hurt itself, it chose to retreat.