If Wu Seer’s attack on him is disdainful to hide, then he suddenly jumps out of the crack behind Wu Seer. Duke’s attack is that he can’t hide if he wants to.

A dragon king with rich combat experience has been blind for a while, and he kept swinging his head in exchange for letting his right eye see more things in disguise, which reduced the blind area of his left eye.
This is a very clever practice.
Even alexstrasza didn’t finish it. He kept changing his position and covering his field of vision as much as possible, but Duke did it.
I don’t know how many "Arcane Shock" are superimposed, and a huge fist blows up. If it is an ordinary hook, the blow is absolutely missed. It should be said that even the giant arm can’t easily hit Neltharion.
Rumby’s fighting energy can make him hide and go straight.
However, Duke’s fist quality is half of magical energy, and this hook actually followed Neltharion’s dragon head to swing for ten times in less than one second.
The fist finally came at his left face.
"This is impossible!" Neltharion exclaimed in despair.
Fei Wang Chang Qing Chu, the black dragon, just hit the paladin, but Duke’s blow is absolutely different. If it is so rich in magic, blasting his wound will definitely make him dizzy and miss his last chance to escape.
Neltharion is a coward! He’s such a coward!
In desperation, he sent a mysterious spiritual imprint to a certain direction in the void, which was addressed to the ancient god Enzo, and it contained Neltharion’s absolute devotion to Enzo.
It’s a pity that the stone sank into the sea.
He immediately realized that Enzo would make a move and seize this opportunity, so his field was abandoned!
No! It shouldn’t be like this!
He immediately made a second move and Duke sent an idea.
It wasn’t an attack. After the failure to control Duke, he knew very well how shocking Duke’s mental defense was.
That’s … For mercy!
"No, don’t hit me! If you want to shift your fist a little bit and let me escape, I will thank you forever. I can give you my ten thousand-year savings treasure department … "
"Well, you show me this thing first!" Duke quickly turned his thoughts back to what he wanted.
Neltharion’s decisive hands are given away. Anyway, it’s not his thing. Everything is floating clouds before his death.
Duke suddenly shouted in his mental world after receiving that thing.
"Neltharion you lied to me! ?”
Huh? I’m not lying to you!
As if solidified Neltharion side Meng force.
Yes, he lied to the number of people, to his brother, to his spouse, to his children and to his boss. He lied to everything, but this time he showed his sincerity. It was definitely the real thing.
When he didn’t respond to Neltharion, Duke’s fist had reached an ugly face than the gorgeous purple-blue arcane energy fist that hit Neltharion.
The bearer-type state has been blasted by Nozdom with a hammer, and his bloody face has suffered further shocks.
Even if it is better than Nersalio, it is a violent dizziness
Come and fly at high speed, the dragon’s body turns into a head, and it looks a bit like turning the tortoise over. It’s very funny.
Duke, how many seconds did the four dragons fight for?
Three seconds? Or four seconds?
No one can tell how much they know-enough!
The four great dragon aspects were ashamed of their mistakes. They gathered all their minds and attention and made rapid progress while trying to resist the nightmare power from savis.
No hesitation!
No pity!
They risked the possibility that they would finally bite themselves and pounce fiercely.
The fiercest nature is the death of his wife and child, Malygos. He accurately bit the place before, and it seems to have broken half of the back of the head, while biting and releasing magical powers at will.
Yi Sela and Nozdom changed their tactics. They tried to destroy Neltharion’s wings.
While alexstrasza attack Neltharion’s chest.
Finally, more than twenty seconds later, Neltharion issued the last and strongest scream in his life.
A sudden death wing Neltharion was beheaded.
Huo Li flapped his wings and dozens of magic kings, Marigos, flew to a higher sky and then flew to the original south gate of Lordaeron with a high breath.
At this time, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians saw the huge, ugly and ferocious black dragon head in Marigos’ left front paw.
"Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Did you see that? Did you see that Neltharion finally died at my hand? " Marigos’ blood is full of revenge and hearty pleasure!
This euphoria made Qian Qian’s brain almost melt with a million bubbles.
"Ha ha ha! The taste of revenge success is so sweet! "
In a trance, he saw his former partner as if the world smiled at him …
Marigos got carried away, and actually did some somersaults in his mind, and then he flew farther north without looking back to Neltharion’s head and flapping his wings.
"This guy …" alexstrasza glug a discontentedly.
Nozdom swore "Bastard Marigos! He ruined my collection! This is not a long time to copy in the river! This is the big traitor Neltharion! "
Yi Sela smiled. "Forget it. Just ask Marigos to come back when he’s finished venting."
Over there, alexstrasza glanced at the square and muttered, "Duke, this small limelight is gone!"
After Marigos flew away, everyone turned their attention to those two people in the sky … to be continued.
Chapter 614 Hero?
Back to 30 seconds ago, Wu Seer was shot.
Perhaps it can be said that he overreached himself to block the car, but in order to carry out justice, he jumped from a height and was beaten to fly to Wu Seer without even the slightest regret
"Holy light! If you hear my prayer, please respond to me! Please punish this world’s most evil dragon for death! " Seemed to hear the call in his heart, and Wu Seer saw a shining blue door.
Who was so brave that he was half-delivered?
Isn’t he afraid that [slow fall] is not good enough to fall in the middle and fall to pieces?
In an instant, he saw the crazy mage.
Sure enough, only he has the courage!
Wu Seer has seen many wizards, but Duke is the only one who completely subverts his impression of the mysterious man.