Shen Tengyun is good at observing the details. Although he doesn’t know what the faint pink smoke is flying out of the monk’s robe of Albizia, he doesn’t dare to be careless. During his attack, he not only avoided poison pills, but also wore Xu Renfa’s unique mask.

Another muffled sound.
Shen Tengyun, the monk of the Albizia Sect in the middle of the Jin Dan realm, exchanged blows and then his body retreated sharply again.
But this time Shen Tengyun retreat distance is much closer than before.
In addition, this time, the monk Shen Tengyun, a monk of the Albizia Sect, was also uncomfortable after exchanging blows. His figure also kept retreating, although he did not retreat far, it was enough to shock his heart.
In fact, the monk of Albizia was much more anxious than Shen Tengyun in his heart.
This time, they came to seven monks in the Golden State. Now, the strongest Monty Sect of the Golden State peak monk has been seriously injured and fled. Two monks in the late Golden State were both killed by the other side. Even the monks in the middle of the Golden State didn’t even have a chance to blow themselves up, so they were killed by the other side. Now there are only three monks in the middle of the Golden State. When it comes to circumstances, it is even more difficult for them to escape from their birth than to ascend to heaven.
Naturally, this Albizia monk in the middle of the then-alchemy doesn’t want to die. How many people want to die if they want to be famous and profitable after reaching the then-alchemy?
Shen Tengyun has attacked him again when the monk of Albizia was in a hurry in the middle of the Golden State.
The monk who lived in the middle period of then-alchemy couldn’t understand why a monk in the late period of abode of fairies and immortals would have such great power.
But at this time, he didn’t have more time to think about how hard he could fight. He didn’t want to kill Shen Tengyun directly, because then he still had no chance to live. The best result of this monk’s deliberation in the middle of then was to hold Shen Tengyun and then this person threatened the other party and let them escape.
However, this monk’s idea in the middle of the albizzia Sect is good, but is Shen Tengyun so easy to control?
Now Shen Tengyun is more confident than before, and his attack is becoming more and more open.
As a result, the monk in the middle period of Albizia Zong’s Golden State was difficult again. He wanted to capture Shen Tengyun well and then forced Xu Ren to let himself go. Unfortunately, Shen Tengyun’s attack power is getting stronger and stronger, and he has reached the point where he can be evenly matched. It is not easy for him to capture Shen Tengyun again.
Seeing that his situation was getting worse and worse, the monk of Albizia was even more anxious in the late period of then, so he found out a round Dan medicine from his body and swallowed it in one gulp.
As the monk of Albizia who lived in the middle of then realm swallowed Dan medicine, he also gave off a strong fluctuation, followed by the soaring momentum of the monk of Albizia who lived in the middle of then realm.
Shen Tengyun looked solemn, but he didn’t retreat a step. He knew that the Dan medicine the other party had used was Tyrannosaurus Dan, which was once sold in Guishi, Xu Ren.
During this period, Shen Tengyun has been selling any Dan medicine with Xu Ren’s side in Guishi, Xu Ren. What characteristics do those Dan medicines have? He knows all about it in his heart.
Shen Tengyun naturally knows the efficacy and characteristics of Tyrannosaurus Dan, which is why he feels difficult, but also because he knows the characteristics of Tyrannosaurus Dan, Shen Tengyun also thinks that this is an opportunity for him to persist until the efficacy of Tyrannosaurus Dan disappears, so today he can defeat the monk in the middle of the Jin Dan realm.
Chapter seven hundred and twelve Shen Tengyun strength
In the face of the attack on Shen Tengyun by the monk of the Acacia Sect in the middle of the Jin Dan realm, he didn’t flinch. He knew that the strength of Tyrannosaurus rex Dan would be greatly improved, but the strength gained by Tyrannosaurus rex Dan would not last long. Not only would it not last long, but there would be great hidden dangers. When the efficacy of Tyrannosaurus rex Dan dissipates, the monk of the Acacia Sect in the middle of the Jin Dan realm will inevitably lose his fighting capacity because of force, and it will be when Shen Tengyun wins.
Of course, in the face of Tyrannosaurus Dan Albizia, the monk Shen Tengyun did not dare to confront him head-on. His figure kept wandering, not only to avoid the other side’s attack, but also to find opportunities to attack.
Shen Tengyun’s figure is constantly wandering to avoid the attack of the monk who lived in the middle of the albizzia Sect. He has to make himself faster.
Former Shen Tengyun doesn’t know how fast he can go, because he rarely pursues this extreme, and when he followed Xu Ren, he didn’t have many chances to make moves, and his opponents were even less, and he didn’t really understand his speed.
But today is different. Today, Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao didn’t take the initiative to help, so Shen Tengyun was able to take everything on his own, which made him have to rely on his own strength to resist the threat from the monks in the middle period of Albizia Sect.
And this also makes Shen Tengyun have a new understanding of his strength and speed. It is also the first time that he feels that his speed can reach this level. Although he is not two people and three demons, the stars on Sunday are not slower than the monk who was in the middle of the albizzia Sect.
Actually, Shen Tengyun not only feels that his speed is not slower than that of the monk who lived in the middle period of the albizzia Sect, but also feels that his strength should not be much weaker than that of the monk who lived in the middle period of the albizzia Sect.
Shen Tengyun decided to try the strength of the monk who lived in the Acacia Sect, so he rushed forward to meet the attack of the monk who lived in the middle of the Acacia Sect, taking advantage of speed.
There was a loud noise, and Shen Tengyun’s figure retreated sharply. He also had to admit that the strength of the monk who was in the late period of the Albizia Sect was really terrible after Tyrannosaurus Dan. Shen Tengyun had tried his best to fight this blow, but he still felt his blood surge.
However, after the collision, Shen Tengyun strengthened his thoughts. Now this monk in the middle of the then state has an advantage in Tyrannosaurus Dan, but that advantage is not enough for him to face his monk in the middle of the then state. He still has a fight.
With this idea, Shen Tengyun will not blindly dodge. If the opportunity is right, he will not hesitate to recklessly fight with the monk who was in the middle of the albizzia Sect.
In this way, it’s the turn of the monk who lives in the middle of the Jin Dan realm. He feels that the strength of the other side is definitely not as good as that of him for the time being, but he also knows that it will be like this. It’s because he has taken Tyrannosaurus Dan and the efficacy of Tyrannosaurus Dan can’t last forever. If he runs out of efficacy, then waiting for him may lead to death.
In fact, the monk of the Albizia Sect in the middle of the Jin Dan realm also saw that Xu Renshou and a demon planned that they didn’t make moves wherever they went, just to make themselves a stepping stone to the monk in the late period of the abode of fairies and immortals so that the other side could have a deeper understanding of their own strength and improve their combat effectiveness.
It’s a pity that even though he knows that Xu Renshou is going to have two people and one demon, there is no way to resolve it. He can continue to strengthen the attack and hope that his opponent will make mistakes when he is forced. Only in this way can he have a chance to control the other party and seek a chance to survive.
Shen Tengyun gradually entered the state, and his counterattack was stronger every time.
With the battle getting longer and longer, Shen Tengyun feels that his state is getting better and better. He can feel that his martial arts bottleneck has loosened, which makes him very excited and he has become more aggressive.
As Shen Tengyun’s attack is getting harder and harder, the monk in the middle period of Albizia Zong’s then-elixir realm can feel uncomfortable. Now his Tyrannosaurus Dan’s efficacy has not disappeared, and he feels a little hard when facing Shen Tengyun’s attack. If his Tyrannosaurus Dan’s efficacy dissipates, he is afraid that it will be difficult to connect with the other party’s attack.
Shen Tengyun didn’t know what the monk of Albizia was thinking, but his attack didn’t stop for a moment. Now he seems to have entered a very mysterious state, and there is an attack in his heart.
Shen Tengyun’s performance made Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao feel a little surprised. They didn’t expect Shen Tengyun, the weakest link, to be the most remarkable now.
Shen Tengyun, who has been in a mysterious state, seems to hear a crackling sound followed by a carefree feeling.
For a moment, Shen Tengyun felt that he was full of strength, and besides, his spirit was more complete than before.
"It seems that this little thing can actually break through to the martial arts breeze at this time."
When the little demon leopard looked at Shen Tengyun, his eyes were a little surprised. Of course, he knew that Shen Tengyun had a good martial arts qualification and was diligent enough, but he didn’t expect the other party to break through at this time.
"It seems that you know something about the martial arts realm after absorbing the bone-turning monk then."
Xu Ren can naturally feel the breakthrough of Shen Tengyun’s martial arts. He didn’t expect that the demon family’s small demon leopard ink scale could also feel it.
"Martial arts is not only the exclusive demon race of human monks, but also the root of martial arts. You human fists are all outstanding from us, and the demon race evolved according to the offensive and defensive posture of the demon race."
The little demon leopard left Xu Ren with a pie mouth and the demon race. He can easily see that there are traces of hunting by the demon race in human martial arts
"You didn’t say anything wrong. I saw from many ancient books that the description of martial arts also said the same thing. Perhaps it is for this reason that although there are many martial arts people in China today, few people can become real. It is because their bodies are far from the demon race that they can reach the level of the demon race."
After listening to the words of the little demon leopard, Xu Ren thought a little and found that what the other party said seemed to be really the case
"Both the demon race and the Terran physique are good and bad, but the demon race wants to be born with more fierce competition, and some weak demon race roots will not be able to support it. Only in your human heart will you recognize that the demon race is very tough."
The little demon leopard of the demon family naturally knows the law of life of the demon family. Moreover, he has a special memory of the demon family. Although most of those memories are martial arts skills, there are also some information about the demon family, such as which demon family strength is earth and the life habits of the demon family are the least irritating.
"So that’s it. It’s necessary for human beings to be diligent in cultivation and constantly challenge new pressures. Real bodies may not be able to cultivate as strong as demon families."
Xu Ren once thought too much about the demon race’s body, but after listening to the little demon leopard, he felt that there was nothing wrong with his thinking direction before. The demon race terran can actually strengthen their bodies through exercise, and not all demon races are so strong, but the demon race is stronger and easier to be born, which has created an illusion for mankind.
"Now Shen Tengyun has broken through the cool breeze realm, even if it is not much worse than a girl who doesn’t have Tianfeng’s veins, it should not be much worse to deal with the monk in the middle of the then condition."
Small demon leopard watching has gradually occupied the initiative Shen Tengyun rare with a little relief.