"Brother Dog, you have taken me halfway and abandoned me. If you abandon me and don’t want me, I will jump off a building and commit suicide!" Lowe little love in anger way

"Hey you! Aren’t you playing tricks? " Two dog speaks Liaodu.
"I’m just playing tricks on you. I’ll follow you wherever you go. I’m your follower!" Lowe little love is full of a non-negotiable tone way
"Lao Xiao loves me. You crazy girl is used to being wild. I’ll talk to your dad and let him take care of you! Don’t forget that you are the daughter of the mayor. How can you wave around? Do you know that a bad one will affect your father’s career? " Two dog earnestly way
"Haha, my dad won’t care about me. I’m so alone, I don’t have a home to eat, and he’s happy to come!"
"What are you two whispering about? The mayor has been waiting for a long time. We have to go quickly!" Fang Yao frown way
"Okay, go see the mayor!"
A few people came to Lao patriotic office.
"Uncle Lao, you are the mayor of Yangcheng. Oh, you are a wise head makes a close mouth. Your girl cheated me miserably. I want to know that she is the mayor’s daughter and dare not take her to take risks." two dog came in with a barrage.
"Xiao Pi, Xiao Ai, this girl is crazy. If you don’t let her go out, it will kill her. Anyway, I can rest assured that you are a big brother to lead her to progress!" Law patriotic language amazing way
"ah? Uncle Lao, I’m afraid you don’t know that my main business is not farming, but treating diseases and exorcising evil spirits, that is, dealing with supernatural ghosts. Can you rest assured? You can’t rest assured that I can’t afford to bring your girl! " Two dog a face of bitter ha ha way
"It’s so small that my girl’s experience in the wild can be said that you have such a strong mana. Of course I can rest assured that you protect her!"
"Lao Shu Xiaoai will talk about it later. What are your instructions for me?" Two dog saw Chou Dan sitting on the sofa with an ugly face. It is estimated that he was scolded.
"Xiao Pi, come out!" Said the patriotic is called him this goods out of the office to the people, "I ask you the five-pointed star agricultural trade building you really took over? Spend a billion to buy? "
"Yes, yes, I am holding a stake and signed a six-to-four agreement with Fang Yao. If I can’t make a profit in one year, I will pay her one billion yuan!"
"Oh, you asked Chou Dan to restart the five-pointed star agricultural trade building, right?"
"Uncle Lao, to tell you the truth, in addition to helping people to cure diseases, I am just going against the fate to find channels. It takes at least two million Jin of channels. Just Fang Yao built a farmer’s building. I didn’t expect Gao Xinghua to leave the farmer’s building and stay in the cold. Fang Yao’s ten billion is equal to hitting Shui Piao. I came to find channels. This farmer’s building is good. I signed the agreement at a glance. You are the mayor of Yangcheng. What’s your opinion on this matter?" Two dog the cheek way
"Xiaopi, if it weren’t for you, the five-pointed agricultural trade building would really be in limbo. This is the wrong decision of former Gao Xinghua. As you can see, there is an industrial park over there with heavy pollution, and the subway is less crowded. The conditions for doing agricultural products scattered centers there are not enough. After discussion and research in the city, it is decided to give up the five-pointed star and set the scattered center as a silver area with a large crowd!"
"Uncle Lao, now that I’m here, is it possible for me to apply for restarting the five-pointed star agricultural trade building? The status of the scattered center in Baiyin District remains unchanged. Is it okay for me to supplement the farmer’s market here in the five-pointed star? " Said two dog a face looking forward to looking at Lao patriotic.
Chapter 66 Fang Yao Compensation
"Small skin, if you ask the city to give you a green light all the way, don’t worry about it! I will make a decision now. Since you control the five-pointed star agricultural trade building, I will give you approval now! " Say that finish Lao patriotic called Qiu Mi to explain to her, and Qiu Mi quickly prepared a red-headed document to write-a notice to restart the agricultural products scattered center in the five-pointed star agricultural trade building.
The red-headed document of Lao Aiguo came into effect after it was signed and sealed.
"Uncle Lao, you are still efficient. If you approve, I will approve. I love you to death. Haha!" Looking at this red-headed document, two dog’s experience is like a child’s New Year’s Eve.
"Xiao Pi, Zhong Ji is very happy. To tell you the truth, this time I was ordered by Zhong Ji to investigate Chou Dan. Do you think Vice Mayor Chou Dan is not doing his duty?" Law patriotic this just get to the point.
"Uncle Lao, because she is the person in charge of the farmer’s trade, I have been talking to her about the farmer’s trade building these two days. This woman will play tricks and talk about her incompetence. If you don’t believe me, I will play the recording for you!" With that, two dog played out the recording of Chou Dan’s dialogue.
Lao patriotic immediately spirit not dozen 1 come after listening to the recording, "Xiaopi, these two days have made you suffer. You are the country’s super boss. A small deputy in Chou Dan is incredibly rude to you. People like this in the province will definitely be severely punished! At the same time, I sincerely apologize to you on behalf of the Yangcheng Municipal Government! It’s our poor reception! "
See Lao patriotic bow two dog hurriedly stop way "Lao Shu is not your pot you don’t! I didn’t ask for anything else. That’s why Chou Dan should consider letting her go to the grassroots to exercise! "
"She has no chance, and the province will definitely dismiss her!" With that, Lao Patriot copied the recording with two dog’s consent and hurried back to the office to wait for Chou Dan’s genial smile that he quickly grabbed the second dog hand and said, "Boss Pi, I don’t know if you are a big boss in Da Nai Village. I want to know something that will never neglect you." Boss Pi, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I knelt down for you! "
Seeing that she really wanted to kneel down, two dog quickly got up and said, "You’re either neglecting your roots or being a bitch and playing tricks on Chou Dan. You didn’t wait for the province to investigate anything you said!"
A listen to the province to investigate her this outrageous woman which have any power and prestige to entangle cousin east China sea dragon king pretending to be poor begged "Aaron I was wrong, I beg you to say a word to let your boss forgive me, ok? I won’t dare again, Aaron. I’m your cousin! "
"Chou Dan you don’t say no I this relative? Also scold me for saying that you don’t beg me for death. How can you beg me now? " The east China sea dragon king a dark cool way
"Aaron, before I was wrong, I didn’t know what to say. Now I take back what I said. Will you forgive me? Cousin Woo, you know I’ve struggled for so many years, and the deputy mayor is still looking forward to progress. If I’m investigated this time, my future will be ruined. Good cousin, talk to me. I was wrong. Whoops! "
However, regardless of Qiu Dan’s pleading with the East China Sea Dragon King like a snot and a tear, he has completely given up on her like a clay sculpture.
"Chou Dan, vice mayor of Yangcheng, you have no people’s consciousness, and you have no contribution to Yangcheng’s economic development. You climbed to today. You are yourself. How cool are you? You are the monkey! And you don’t even realize that your line is not a mistake but a serious dereliction of duty! Take ji Mao as the direction and ride the people’s heads to shit. Will people like you, the leaders of the province, hate each other and hate you? " Two dog despise way
Qiu Dan, seeing that he couldn’t move, pestered Lao’s patriotism and cried and begged, "Lao’s mayor, I’m in a bad mood these days. I didn’t even have the minimum etiquette, but I swore at Pi’s bosses. This is my serious dereliction of duty and it has also caused great losses to Yangcheng’s economy! I was wrong! I was guilty! However, if you kill someone, please ask the organization to give me a chance to make amends! "
"Comrade Chou Dan, I am ordered by the rank to investigate this matter. I will truthfully report to the organization. You are not too worried about how to deal with the news in the province!"
Sent Qiu Danlao to be patriotic and said to Pi two dog, "Xiao Pi invited you home for dinner at noon. As a result, a good family dinner was delayed tonight. Uncle Lao will make up for you. Be sure to come. Bring your friends and always come."
"It’s my honor to treat uncle Lao!"
Don’t overdo it, patriotic two dog, a group of people, cars and cars all the way from the city building. Fang Yao dreamed and exclaimed, "Gee, two dog, your cow is so big than me, and you’ve never seen such a cow! Oh, my God, you are a small farmer from a township who can give Chou Dan to Rama. Chou Dan is the deputy mayor. You are so small and energetic! "
"Mr. Fang, you just called my boss a braggart!" Tian Huili Xiang jiao hum a way
"pear fragrance, I have eyes to look down on your boss. I’m sorry!" Fang Yao said this Qiao face burning pain, she seemed to hear the slapping face.
"Say sorry and it’s over. You’ve been sneering at Brother Dog for the past two days. You should make it up to her!" Next to LaoXiaoAi for two dog resisted way
"Miss Big, this-"See Lao Xiaoai’s insistence on her own Fang Yao’s dumb words and blushing speechless.
"What do you say about this? How can I compensate my dog brother?" Lao Xiao loves to chase after him
"Miss, I’ll make it up to you. How can I make it up to secrecy?"
"Ok, I’ll ask Brother Dog if Brother Dog is not satisfied, I won’t end with you!" Lowe little love smirked way
A group of people went back to the couch hotel, two dog, and went straight to the Datong shop to take a nap. When they saw Fang Yaoguai coming in shyly, they said, "two dog, will you come out?"
"Fang Yao, I’m sleeping. What can I do for you?"
"You come out and say it!"
The two came to the corner of the people and saw that Yao’s face was red and simple. "two dog, tell me what compensation you want?"
"I want to kiss you, will you?" Two dog joke like a way
"You! Don’t joke, tell me what you want, I can do it and try to satisfy you! " Fang Yao didn’t know that she was a braggart until Lao’s patriotic office. It was none other than the famous big boss of Da Nai Village.
"I told you I was going to kiss you!"
"You! This can’t be done. Aren’t you launching a love offensive against Xiao Ai? You kiss her! " Fang Yao took a white look at two dog and twisted his waist.
Chapter 669 Hotel misunderstanding
Looking at Fang Yao’s devil-like pretty shadow, two dog suddenly got excited and was looking for pear fragrance to be happy. He never thought that Fang Yao called "Room 6 of two dog Nandu Hotel is waiting for you. Come here!"
"ah? I am coming! " Two dog’s heart says that it’s a happy event from heaven, Fang Yao. This is to keep pace with me and the room.
Thinking that this guy’s face was beaming, he was going to meet with Fang Yaomi and Lao Xiaoai. "Brother Dog, where are you going?"
"No, I’ll do something!"
When I heard that I was going out to do things, Lao Xiaoai tugged at him and said, "Brother Dog, I’m your apprentice. I’ll help you if you have anything!"
Two dog’s heart says that I can do it for Fang Yao’s secret meeting?
Thinking of him, he shook his head and said, "You can’t do this little love thing. I can’t take you after you go home."
"The elder brother of the dog what ah? How did my dad tell you that you forgot what my dad said? " I can’t take her anymore. Lao Xiaoai is anxious to jump over the wall.