Therefore, this way of changing injuries is a perfect match for Bekele.

Although Bekele described himself as a coward who was afraid of pain in the previous description.
But this is exactly the same as what Ma Mouyun said in Lu Yuan’s previous life,’ I don’t love money, I’m not interested in it’.
Bekele can stabilize his heel in the bitter monk and finally seal the body of "original sin"
How could he really be a bitter monk’s joke as he said?
The strength of others is definitely the top level among the bitter monks.
Naturally, his tolerance for pain is even less than that of his bitter monk.
But it must be a far superior person!
But for these Liu Yuan and Bi Meng Hart, it is not clear.
Because they would never have thought that someone would attack the enemy by absorbing damage.
And Bekele’s counterattack against the name of the holy light … Pain.
As the name’ pain’ light spreads around.
The first to bear the brunt are Tam and Bi Meng Hart, who are closest to Bekele.
Although they react very quickly, almost Bekele exhibition attack instantly has made a defense.
But besides Tam, there are still three people left.
See Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gar are all choosing their own bodies to carry Bekele’s holy light attack.
Tam and Sarah chose to resist Bekele’s attack through the spiritual barrier like Lu Yuan.
Surprisingly, it used the same means as Lu Yuan, but Tam blocked the holy light of Bekele.
Sarah, the black-scaled dragon, was still hit by the holy light through defense skills.
On the other hand, the defensive skills displayed by Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gale also failed to achieve the desired effect.
Bekele’s strange holy light easily passed through their defensive skills on display, and severely hit several people.
For a second, Bi Meng Hart, Bi Meng Gar and Sarah’s faces showed painful expressions.
The intensity of the pain immediately twisted their faces.
A large amount of sweating emerged from their foreheads.
Strangely enough, there were no wounds on their bodies.
There are a lot of strange light spots emerging on their body surface.
But in theory, if these have corrosive light spots, there should be no way to do such great damage to them with half a step of platinum strength.
But looking at a few people, these holy light attacks hurt them, but they are far more terrible than their appearance.
Bi Meng Hart lay down after several screams.
At the same time, his soldiers who were illuminated by the holy light to the wild and alien and black seas were also caught in the same situation as Bi Meng Hart.
They also have no wounds, but their expressions have become very ferocious.
And this great pain finally took away their lives easily.
So that a large number of wild aliens and black sea warriors fell to the ground one after another like harvested straw.
The students of Shuilu College who hide behind Lu Yuan are much luckier.
Because of the land front and help them resist most of the holy light attacks in Bekele.
As a result, they were not illuminated by these strange holy lights.
Liu Yuan looked not far away and lost his ability to act because of pain. Bi Meng Hart, Bi Meng Gar and black scale dragon Sarah became heavy-hearted
It was just an attack, and three of them lost their fighting capacity.
Platinum-level Bekele is powerful, which can also be seen.
And Liu Yuan can stop Baker from attacking the holy light.
Is because he was Bekele, perceive the red crescent force.
Red crescent force is a symbolic spiritual attribute.
Therefore, Lu Yuan judged at that time that Bekele’s holy light should contain special spiritual attributes.
Because of Liu Yuan’s own spiritual barrier, he specially joined sharingan’s spiritual strength.
Sharingan can see through all illusions and special pupillary technique.
Innate has a very strong resistance to spirit.
So after joining the power of sharingan,
Bekele’s weird holy light is a method to form a terrorist penetration into Liu Yuan’s spiritual barrier.
If you penetrate the barrier, you will naturally have no way to harm Lu Yuan’s body.
And also block Baker from attacking Tam besides Lu Yuan.
Tam can resist the attack of Bekele’s holy light.