Half of the eyes are densely packed with wall tombs, which are similar to lattices. Many of them have been broken, some of them are still in good condition, and most of the gravestones are clearly visible. One of them says how many years the tomb was born and died in 1975. This kind of wall tomb is relatively common, but most of them are placed in regular cemeteries or ashes. It is really rare for such a large row to appear at the bottom of the urban area, especially in the residential area. Moreover, I also noticed that because there is a high fort here, it was similar to when the developer first laid the foundation. When I looked into my eyes from the location of our trail, it was close to 1 meter. Maybe there was a septic tank over there, but one of the load-bearing beams was impartial and destroyed several of them. I looked up again and it happened that this load-bearing beam was the property building.

Hu Zongren told me that these things didn’t happen recently, but recently they suddenly became very large and attracted everyone’s attention. It’s not the first time that buildings destroyed people’s yin houses, but I really can’t figure out why that little girl could be an evil ghost. I interrupted Hu Zongren and said to him, Look at these tombs. Have you found any special places? Hu Zongren shrugged his shoulders and said, Isn’t this the tomb? What special weeds are overgrown? No one has come to worship for a long time. I shook my head and said, Look at these tombstones. They can still distinguish words. The colors, materials, styles and fonts of tombstones are almost the same, which means that these tombs should be set at the same time.
I pointed to those tombstones with names and words of birth and death, and said that generally speaking, poor people would choose the tomb with a wall, which is very cheap, but even so, every family has different conditions and conditions, and there are some differences in the tombstone. But you can see that all these fonts are the same, and none of the tombstones have an inscription, and the tomb doesn’t even have a numerical number. I think it is possible that the families of these deceased simply didn’t choose their own tombstone styles or inscriptions. That is to say, this wall tomb group here should have been built and placed by the government at the beginning.
I also told Hu Zongren that this place used to be a rural area, and rural people were much better at the custom of sacrifice than those in our city. Since the transportation was not very convenient when we chose to bury it at that time, if anyone died, the people should not go far to bury it. Besides, burial was still popular in rural areas at that time, and the tombs on the walls were very small and put in a coffin house. The dead here should all be cremated, but no one worshipped them for so many years, and even the graves of others were destroyed when this community was built. This means that the families of the deceased here should have little contact with them, and it is more likely that they will be held accountable
Hu Zongren, after listening to me so much, seemed puzzled. He asked me what to do now, whether to do it directly or find out first. You’ve been talking for a long time, but you still don’t understand what that little girl could be a demon. Was it that this dealer destroyed several graves before her death? I shook my head and said that you saw this little girl last night as if she were a leader of this group of ghosts, giving orders, and last night we also roughly counted the number of those ghosts, not just dozens, but look at the tombs here. There are only dozens? I then told Hu Zongren that it was too hasty to do it now. If we saw that group last night was a small part of so many wall tombs here, it would be very difficult to clean it up later. Maybe something would happen. If it hurts the people around here, it would be a big sin for both of us.
Hu Zongren stopped talking, so I shouted at Manager Han at the top of my voice and asked when your community was built. Manager Han said that he hadn’t entered the company at that time, but he knew that it was 22 years since the construction, and it was only 26 years since the owner officially settled in. I also told Manager Han that there was a row of wall tombs here. Did you have any records of this when you first built it? Manager Han said that he didn’t know why there were wall tombs in this place, so I didn’t ask again. Instead, I carefully observed these wall tombs, and I soon found a common ground. Most of these dead people died in 1974-1997, so I looked at an old house opposite the reservoir, where I dried clothes and raised chickens and ducks. If this family is an old resident here, maybe he can know something, so I told Hu Zongren to go and ask the farmer opposite.
Hu Zongren shook his head and said to me, don’t be busy yet. Come and see what this is. So I stopped and went to Hu Zongren’s side to see him. I looked at the tombstone with a broken half and a small mouth missing. He told me that there seemed to be something in the head. Although it was sunny in the morning, we were in a bright environment. I wanted to see what the dark difference was behind the tombstone. I couldn’t see clearly. I saw a semi-arc outline inside, so I pulled out a lighter to light it.
A gust of wind blew from the gap in the headstone, and my lighter was quickly extinguished. I realized that this backward wind in the grave seemed to mean something, because there shouldn’t be such airflow in the grave. When I was nervous about taking out the compass to find out what happened, Hu Zongren had reached for the tombstone and stripped it off a lot. I looked at the compass and it was still slightly agitated, which was similar to the original compass reaction. I couldn’t tell whether Hu Zongren had stripped the tombstone, but I was relieved that Hu Zongren and I were all right.
We can see clearly that the scope in the tomb is very small, which is about the size of a normal-sized storage box, and there is a earthenware jar the size of a pickle jar in it. I think it should be an urn. Besides, there is nothing in it. Hu Zongren carefully looked at it and told me that you see there are some gray graves at the bottom of the jar. Hu Zongren told me that the urn was cracked. After that, he reached out to take it out, and when Hu Zongren touched the urn with his hand, a violent wind blew from the grave. When Hu Zongren and I came out, the wind on the front of the tomb was still mixed with those scattered ashes or ordinary dust. We didn’t guard against it, so Hu Zongren and I fell to the ground and rolled over the slope like two pieces of wood.
Manager Zhao Jing and Manager Liang saw that we had fallen and rushed to help us and asked if we were all right. I felt a little bit hurt, except that I was handsome. I didn’t seem to be hurt. I got up, patted the dust on my clothes, and then said to Hu Zongren, are you sick? What are you doing with people’s ashes? Hu Zongren was embarrassed to smile and say, I didn’t know these guys were so unfriendly in broad daylight. Fortunately, I didn’t chase us. It was a mistake.
Hu Zongren and I told Manager Han about what we had learned before in Jing Zhao, and I pointed to the many high-rise and short bungalows opposite the reservoir and said that I didn’t know if the family was an old resident here, but anyway, we had to go over and see Manager Han. Hu Zongren also told Manager Han that when you built the community, you might have damaged many graves because of the high threshold of the fort. Maybe the construction team couldn’t find the responsible party at that time, so it wouldn’t have happened. You don’t know that this is normal. Maybe if we don’t drill these bushes today, no matter how many teenagers there are.
Although we all know the reason why this community is haunted this time, it must be because of this wall tomb, but figuring out the ins and outs of these tombs may be able to infer the reason why the little girl became an evil ghost, so the four of us went back to the opposite road of the reservoir along the original road. Hu Zongren said to Jing Zhao, don’t you want to follow the experience? Remember that we can’t tell people the truth too much in this business, but there must be some kind deception, but this kind of deception is to solve the problem, not to harm others. Just take a closer look at how we get words from people when someone can consult.
Jing Zhao looked incredulous, but didn’t speak. We walked along a winding path halfway up the hill. At half time, the family raised a little yellow dog, so they barked and went to the yard. An old woman sat in the yard and knitted insoles. When I was about to ask questions, Hu Zongren seemed to want to shine. He went up to the old woman and said, Do you want me to talk to you?
Chapter one hundred and seven [Case 15] Road flyover blood (add more thanks to Chi Luoyu crown)
I don’t know if it is because Hu Zongren is eager to show off. His voice is a little loud. The old woman should have noticed that we were coming to their yard when the dog barked earlier. She wore a pair of reading glasses, but when she looked up, she didn’t look at us through the glasses. Instead, she directly raised her eyebrows and looked at all of us over the glasses. Hu Zongren went to her and squatted down and said, Ma ‘am, we are the workers in the opposite neighborhood. After that, Hu Zongren pointed in the direction of Manager Han’s community. Then she said that there are some situations in our side and wanted to have a chat with you
The old woman didn’t seem to be very interested. She bowed her head and continued to embroider her insole, saying that I didn’t recognize anyone in your neighborhood. You wanted to talk to me. It was a little leaking. The dental situation was not so good. Hu Zongren then said to the old woman that it was nothing important, just chatting casually. I wanted to know, Aunt, have you always lived here? The old woman said that she had been here for almost seven years since she was a child. Hu Zongren asked her, So how old are you this year? The old woman said that she would be 7 years old in the next year.
I’m 7 years old and I’ve been living here all the time, so I must know a lot about the changes in this area. Hu Zongren is proud to look at me. I nodded to him and Hu Zongren continued to ask the old woman, then your bones are really healthy. Many people around here are getting old and rolling up. It’s really not easy for you to be able to do needlework.
Hu Zongren is flattering. Now that people’s living conditions are good, the average life expectancy is already high. It is common to live to 7 years old, but many people of this age are not necessarily so old. She said that she is 7 years old, but she looks like a fast person. I think it is probably because she is a rural person. She is more tired and looks older on weekdays, but the so-called flattery is not worn. Even though the old woman knows that Hu Zongren is flattering, she still feels happy. She said that we are not healthy. There are many old women who are worse than us! But although she said so, her eyes were full of joy.
Hu Zongren knew that his flattery had worked, so he said to the old woman, Ma ‘am, do you know if there was an individual cemetery here in the 1970s? The old woman was a little surprised to hear Hu Zongren’s question, and then she put the needle in the insole and looked at Hu Zongren and said that there was a place where people were buried in the government before this place. Our people called it a mass grave. Hu Zongren exclaimed that mass graves? Are there so many people? The old woman shook her head and said that it wasn’t that much, that is, during that period, people from the government often dragged cars and cars of dead people to dig a deep pit near this weir and pond, but no ordinary people stopped it before building a row of cemeteries. After that, the old woman said to us that the row of wall tombs had just been found, and there were all hills in that base before building houses.
I couldn’t help it, so I cut in and asked the old woman, did I say there was a hill before here? The old woman said yes, the front of the mountain is pine trees, not just here. The whole area is littered with hills and hills, and the mountains are densely covered with pine trees. After that, the old woman also told me that it’s not very far to walk here, and the pine bridge was named because there are many pine slopes in front of this place. The old woman went on to say that there are still many graves in front of the mountain, and I’m afraid hundreds of thousands of people were buried.
Hu Zongren asked the old woman, Are all these people from around here? The old woman said that it was not always pulled by the government from the outside, but it was always pulled by that kind of big truck. Sometimes the villagers had to help to move the dead, but later, because some dead people were buried near the weir pond, people in this weir pond head village thought that this was because the dead people had broken the water source, so the government was not allowed to bury it again, and then a Guanyin temple was built near the weir pond.
Weir pond means reservoir. It seems that people drowned frequently in this reservoir earlier, but the local people have improved this phenomenon. It is also a great kindness to build a special temple. The old woman went on to say that the government saw that the villagers were not allowed to be buried, so they came here to build rows of tombs after a while, or were they sent here, but they were not buried, but burned to ashes and then buried. Hu Zongren asked the old woman how it was that the government sent people to die for a long time? Who are these dead people?
The old woman looked at Hu Zongren and sighed as she shook her head, saying that this was sin. Oh, it was not good in those years. Soon after the famine, there was chaos everywhere. Fighting and killing people all day long. The street roared fiercely with a radio. One minute, she said that the composition of the family’s roof was not good. The other moment, she said that the family was a mess. Those sleeves were dressed like armbands of liberation soldiers. The worst thing was them. They said that whoever was guilty was guilty was not able to complain to the official.
I understand what the old woman said. No wonder most of the dates of death there were from 1974 to 1997. It turned out that she said it was the Cultural Revolution. My parents were all people who had experienced those years. When I grew up, my father once described some scenes to me. For example, everyone learned those brainwashing propaganda styles, holding a red one in one hand and shouting with his arms in the other, and his sleeves were all rolled up. Their own moral standards were used to judge several people in a struggle that lasted for a year. Therefore, inexplicably, they became prisoners, and a large number of people became victims by blindly participating in the struggle. They burned schools and destroyed temples and Buddhist temples. It is said that those so-called red guards either died suddenly or died suddenly, but none of them had a good chance in the end.
When the old woman said this, I knew that the dead in these graves were probably caused by the sports in those years, but I soon couldn’t figure it out. We saw some children in the surveillance video of the community earlier, and even the evil spirit who took the lead was a little girl. Do you think that children of this age will not be punished to death even if they are ignorant and participate in sports? So I asked the old woman, but we just saw the tombstone and some of the dead were children.
The old woman sighed and said, "I didn’t say I was guilty." After the tomb was repaired, the government always pulled some cans to the village for help. At that time, a piece of paper was posted on the outside of each can with the date of birth and death written on it. Some children in the village found these things, so they asked the government to say that some of them were orphans without family members to claim them, while others were children who lost their lives in the catastrophe. Most of these children were the families of the combatants or those who were criticized by Hu Zongren. What’s the difference between this and the ancient massacre? It’s disgusting. Although the old woman sighed,
Hu Zongren continued to ask the old woman, "You have lived here for so long and nothing strange has happened?"? What strange things did the old woman ask? Hu Zongren said that it was the kind of weird things, such as making something weird, and the old woman’s eyes became alert. I quickly explained that don’t get me wrong. We were the developers in that community at the beginning, and some questions were just asked, so we wouldn’t talk nonsense.
The old woman looked at me doubtfully, then bowed her head and continued to embroider her insoles, saying that there were a few times before when something was wrong. At that time, when your community was built, the water in the weir pond was deeper than it is now. You built houses and laid foundations, and the guns exploded all day. Since then, it has not been peaceful for us here. The old woman said that you built those big columns and ruined people’s graves. At that time, the villagers had almost left. Some kind people also helped you burn incense for the dead, but where did so many graves burn? It was not peaceful all the time when I came here. It was so late every day that our dog barked at that time. I often saw some glistening figures dangling from the hillside. Hu Zongren quickly asked if it was about 1 pm.
The old woman thought for a moment and said that she didn’t remember the specific points, but every time she saw those movies, the troops next to her blew the lights out, and Hu Zongren clapped her thighs, which shocked the old lady. Hu Zongren said that the lights out was when we found it last night. Hu Zongren continued to ask the old woman, Did you see a little girl dressed very dirty and about this tall in those weird things? After that, Hu Zongren was taller than that little girl. The old woman took one look and said that she couldn’t remember it. It was only a matter of time before she saw anything when she was old. Most of the children buried here were poor and died so young. It is only natural to have a grievance.
After that, the old woman got up and patted the threads of her pants. Then she asked Hu Zongren if you had anything else to ask. If it’s gone, I’ll go to work. Hu Zongren said it’s gone. We thanked the old woman and left.
Hu Zongren said that the army’s sun was shining late, and the soldiers all rested after the lights went out. At this time, they dared to come out and move around the little girl. It is estimated that several graves were crushed by the load-bearing beam at the beginning. Maybe the graves were not wronged before they died, but they were restless after they died. I guess I would have to become an evil ghost.
I sighed and comforted Hu Zongren, saying that you are the same, and you are also an evil ghost living like this. Jing Zhao interjected to ask that things are clear now. If you want to find so many graves one by one, I’m afraid it’s a bit unrealistic. In case you are attacked and injured again, what can you do? Hu Zongren thought about it and said, let’s go and worship the Guanyin Temple first. Manager Han said that you are not Taoist priests. How can you worship Guanyin Bodhisattva?
Hu Zongren disdains that ghosts haunt people like you. People don’t know anything about this Guanyin. We don’t call it Guanyin Bodhisattva. We call it Cixi Channel People. Our Taoism belongs to the Twelve Golden Immortals. China Buddhism has absorbed many other religious things. For example, in Buddhism, Galand Venerable, our Taoism also calls the Holy Emperor as the second brother. However, although there was Buddhism in the Three Kingdoms period, it was far less prosperous than Taoism. It was not untrue for us Taoist priests to worship Guanyin. Then he smiled at me and said that you would not worship. You are not hahaha.
So I followed everyone to find the Guanyin Temple along the edge of the reservoir. A small earthen temple built a protruding cliff bottom, which was able to shelter from the wind and rain. The surrounding stone walls were smoked and baked with incense. It was said that there was a strong incense here and there was a merit monument standing in 19 years. The names of those good people who donated the temple were densely engraved. Hu Zongren also gave incense to Jing Zhao and Han Manager. Hu Zongren knelt down and murmured in front of Guanyin. I know that he came out to worship Guanyin for a certain reason, but he hasn’t said it yet.
After the worship, Hu Zongren bought some paper clothes from an old lay mother-in-law carrying a bamboo basket, and then went back to the bridge to the reservoir. Many shrubs around the tomb opposite the wall would cause fire if they burned incense. Although the fire brigade was on one side, don’t get into trouble. Well, Hu Zongren asked me to figure out the best place to gather paper money, make a broom, sweep away all the dead leaves, light candles, then tear the paper into a Z-shape and spread it in the middle. Then he took out his own paper and folded it several times. After that, he put those papers in half.
Then Hu Zongren held the yellow paper in his right hand, pinched his finger and decided to write a pen, saying that he was going to be sent to this place. He asked the city god to come forward and take away these ghosts. Of course, this included the little girl. I think Hu Zongren’s move was a bit fierce, so he asked him if you want to consider how hateful it is. After all, Hu Zongren said, don’t worry, I naturally have my plan. He said that these ghosts are unclaimed and worshipped, and it is the same for them to be captured by the city god wherever they go.
Hu Zongren said that they were far away from humanity, and my family’s blood helped me to practice. It was like this for a whole afternoon until I went to the wall tombs again and checked them one by one with a compass as much as possible, only to find that there was no trace of ghosts at the moment.
Afterwards, I gave generously again and fulfilled my promise. I invited everyone to eat roast lamb. Of course, this was finally paid by manager Han together with the commission. Manager Han knew from beginning to end that we would not cheat, and the payment was especially generous.
It’s past four o’clock in the afternoon after we finished everything. We told Manager Han that it would be all right if there were no abnormalities tonight, otherwise, we would call us. Then we went to the clinic to have a slight examination of a wound and I sprained my finger to send everyone home. Everyone didn’t talk for a long time. Jing Zhao asked us to send her to a place where she could take a taxi, so I threw her near the Hongqi River ditch car and she was about to leave after the car. Hu Zongren shook the window and stopped Zhao Jingran and said to her.
Let’s meet formally. My name is Hu Zongren Yaoshanpai.
Chapter one hundred [Case 16] Executives of foreign companies
Have you ever been particularly afraid of something at a certain time? What, you don’t know what that thing looks like, but you’re afraid because you’ve never seen it before?
I have.
I remember that when I was about a few years old, I had already slept in a room alone. At that time, the living environment was not as good as it is now. Buying a house had to look at the type and have a choice. At that time, my parents’ factory workers could live in the staff dormitory of the tube building. At that time, my room was very small enough to put a single bed and a small closet nailed with wooden boards.
My room is near the window, and I can directly see the factory workers’ hospital. At that time, factories like my parents usually provided their employees with complete supporting facilities. For example, we have a brother school, a special staff cinema, a staff hospital and even a funeral parlour. When I was behind the window, I didn’t particularly understand it when I was a child, but I always heard someone crying in that courtyard, and then I realized that it was because of the death of someone.
So I have been afraid of death since I was a child, and I am afraid of the sadness and strange silence brought by death.
Sometimes when I go to bed late, if I can’t fall asleep right after I get out of bed, I tend to play in my bed with my eyes open for a long time. I don’t think the slightest movement in my room can attract my attention. I must admit that the place I was most afraid of when I was a child was under my bed and in the closet.
I don’t remember exactly when I always felt that there were monsters in my closet and under my bed. They would come to my bed while I was asleep and hurt me quietly, especially in my closet, because I heard voices coming out of it more than once, but I can’t tell whether it was an illusion or not today, but I haven’t forgotten the feeling of scaring myself at that time for several times. I seem to see that the closet is about to hit and then climb out of it. What is an ancient costume? I have to explain one reason. Duan Ri TV was popular, so I was particularly obsessed with a TV drama called The Journey to the West, in which there were many monsters and ghosts. Finally, I was so scared that I couldn’t stand it, so I cried in bed in the middle of the night and pretended that I had a nightmare. I called my father to my room. I said there was a ghost in my closet, and I said I was afraid, but my father told me to get out of bed and forced me to go to the closet and ask me to hit it.
I didn’t understand what my dad did at that time, and I even made it difficult for him on purpose. I was reluctant because I made him sleep. I got up the courage to hit my closet. Dad asked me if there was a ghost in it. I said no, my father said, so are you still afraid? I said I’m not afraid. I know there’s nothing in it. What am I afraid of? My father told me that the best way to remember when you are afraid of something is to face it directly.
That was the first sentence that my father told me that impressed me deeply. Since then, I even did this trick. I checked the bottom of my bed in the middle of the night and found that there was nothing but a nest of consumption. So from then on, I kept reminding myself to be brave until I grew up.
After falling in love, I told my story to Sister Cai, because she was afraid of something, too. For example, at one time, she finally admitted that there was a crying woman in our closet, and she was not afraid until I asked her to hit the closet. What I want to say today is really related to the closet, but this time there are no clothes in the closet and something else.
After I took a taxi to Jing Zhao that night, I also lost Hu Zongren a good place to take a bus. Because I had to drive so far from Jiangbei to the south bank, I thought it was a disrespect for No.93 gasoline, so I used Hu Zongren’s way of slapping the window behind the car or pointing out the middle finger. When I left without stopping to step on the gas pedal, I deliberately bombarded my foot oil continuously in a racing way to let him feel that I was "excellent 21". After two or three days of rest, I received a message.
This is not Hu Zongren calling, but Jing Zhao. Although I know that Jing Zhao must have my phone number, Hu Zongren provoked the whole thing. I am a good buddy to help me. No matter what, I shouldn’t directly find me. When I asked Jing Zhao what I wanted to do, she said that Hu Zongren didn’t answer her. I smiled and said that of course he didn’t answer your words. Maybe he was afraid of being beaten by his wife. Because Hu Zongren sent me a message a few days ago saying that he had taken time to go to the hotel and was ready to get married as soon as possible. We are well aware of Fu Yunni’s temper. When it’s quiet, it’s like a girl getting mad, and when it’s menopause. It’s certain that Hu Zongren told Fu Yunni no less than Zhao Jing, and Fu Yunni didn’t like Jing Zhao, so Hu Zongren was not allowed to talk.
Jing Zhao said, but he didn’t answer the phone. That can’t be done. This case is all about him. I said to Jing Zhao, what do you tell me? Do I look like Hu Zongren? Jing Zhao said it’s urgent. I can tell you something first. Hello, if you call him, he will definitely pick me up and deliberately tease her. What makes you think I must convey this sentence for you? Jing Zhao froze and didn’t speak. Obviously, she didn’t expect me to say this, so I went on to say, okay, just say something if you have something to say.
Jing Zhao said that the new entrustment is like this. The employer is a foreign-funded enterprise. The returnee executive is young and lives alone. Recently, his home is a little dirty. He asked the master to look at it and found no specific problems. He appeared several times a month ago. Recently, he has slept in a sleeping bag for more than a week and is afraid to go home. I asked Jing Zhao whether to rent or buy a house. Jing Zhao said that she didn’t know that the house was haunted, which belonged to a mansion. I thought it didn’t seem so difficult, so Ma Lian Hu Zongren, who knows that he won’t answer my words, snorted. Don’t tell me what to do. The first ten cases are more difficult than one. It’s just over half the number. Hu Zongren and I have been injured several times. Who knows if we can make it to the end? Who knows if your Xuanyuan will be a pervert?
Speaking of Xuanyuan club, I suddenly feel bad. It is important to show that if friends can’t type C M old domain name, they can visit C M to prepare domain name.
Jing Zhao didn’t respond positively to me. This sentence told me that when she made an appointment with the victim, she talked about it over dinner at 6: 30 this evening. I asked her what she wanted to put off until then, that is, it was too late to finish eating, but it was too late to investigate during the day. Jing Zhao said that she also asked the other party to answer because she had to work during the day. I said that he had to work at home, so we deserved to wait on him, right? Jing Zhao said that there was no way. These things would always be found, and I couldn’t hide.
Jing Zhao introduced me and Hu Zongren to the gentleman, and then said that we are both famous masters here. Just say whatever you have to say, no matter how absurd it is. The gentleman sighed and said that it was a shame that I accepted science education for nearly 20 years, and my academic career went very smoothly. In the end, Hu Zongren asked him what your name was. He said that his surname is Du Di and he has returned from studying in a famous British university. At present, a very famous multinational logistics company is the Chinese management director.
After taking a sip of tea, Mr. Du said that he wanted to invite you to come to my room after dinner. All kinds of strange things came out from the wardrobe and bedside all the time. At first, I was making noises from the pipes in the wall, but since the sound appeared, I haven’t slept steadily all night and had nightmares. That’s a trivial matter. The most important thing is that I did see those things with my own eyes.
Of course we know what it is, so Hu Zongren asked men and women directly.
Chapter one hundred and nine [Case 16] Strange sound
Mr. Du seemed a little surprised to hear Hu Zongren cut to the chase, so he took a conscious look at Jing Zhao, which meant it was really a pedestrian. Then he told Hu Zongren that it was a woman in white with a face and no facial features and curly hair.
When Hu Zongren and I heard Mr. Du describe it so concretely, we said that the ghost manager was not only strange to him, but also unforgettable, otherwise it would be impossible to remember it so clearly, but he didn’t have a face. I really didn’t expect that usually, when we meet a ghost, it is more or less directly related to the state before death, that is to say, if we have video materials or photos, we can recognize the ghost at a glance, but there are also some ghosts who will avoid it or be physically disabled. Willing to show people their true face is just like Hu Zongren and I helped the private detective Jie Fangbei handle the case some time ago. The female ghost just fabricated herself as a beautiful woman to confuse the living, but what is the expression of this facelessness?
Many years ago, I once saw the name of a Stephen Chow film, and I forgot that there was a villain who was a man with no face, and our people said that there was a certain record of this kind of person with no face. For example, there were some anecdotes in Lin’ an Prefecture before the Qing Dynasty, including some ghosts, saying that I read it because a Qing literati revised a lot of ancient prose, which made my high school dropout look like a claw, so I would tear it up, but that was when the master came. In order to estimate that the master will have to tear me up, in addition to telling the people about all kinds of ghosts, such as hungry ghosts, chihuo ghosts and other categories, there are also some kinds of ghosts and monsters, one of which is called "Yan ghosts"