"Start the array quickly and never let them run away!" Zhang Lao shook his fingers and shouted

Never let cooked ducks fly!
"Yes, yes!" Big fat also rubbed his hands with nervousness.
Yao Chao had already launched the law. He was better than lucky that he couldn’t beat Ji Night because of the defense. He planned to trap Ji Night and wait for the rear brigade to clean up. He didn’t expect Ji Night to be temporarily abolished.
Lin Qing, who just slipped out of the green net, was so surprised that his back oozed out in a cold sweat.
Another capsize in the gutter!
When she used the "green rope", she thought that when she met a strong enemy, she would run away quickly with her night. With her speed of attack, she was unexpectedly better than these three people. It should be more than enough, but I don’t know that she got into the trap of others.
Around a large forest land, a hexagonal star is faintly formed in the blink of an eye with yellow light and yellow and white staggered.
The light movement in Lin Qing’s eyes turned out to be a six-star trapped array
Seeing the old man’s eyes as happy as a reed stick, he grabbed Lin Qing, a carp, and jumped up and jumped up. He took the wrong step to get to the old man’s paw with one punch before the night.
The amazing strength came to Zhang Laoshou’s bone pain, and the sudden fierce confrontation made him take a big step back.
The old man’s nostrils instantly enlarged and Bai Hu trembled. "Ji Jun, what secret trick did you make?"
A medium-term strength of then lost to the early big fat and Yao Chao of then, and both eyes were stunned to a great extent.
Lin Qing has a "secret trick"? This is my strength! "
Three people together to think JiShi into zhongshan top really makes sense!
At this time, Ji’s face is overcast …
He felt the same way about Lin Qing’s strength. Just now, he was kicked … Although he knew that she was in harmony, the surging strength made him almost bleed.
After being covered in a black robe of woven gold and stained with dust, there was a dull pain somewhere. She was injured in this way, and Ji Yeping had never been so embarrassed.
But it seems that she can’t be blamed …
Now, it’s complicated to see her blocking his front.
"We are together!" Yao Chao shouted
Lin Qing saw that Yao Chao’s tricks were directed at her, while the other two people’s goals were directed at the night.
She was as fast as a sandbag, and she was so fast that she avoided Yao Chao’s attack by taking a wrong step.
In the blink of an eye, she was already in another place.
The attack failed again? !
Three people together one leng speed how so fast!
Big Fat’s face turned red. "The three of us outflanked Ji Jun and forced her into the corner of the law to see if she was still hiding."
The cold wind blew lightly and hung Lin Qing’s shoulder, and she was teetering at any time. At this time, her brain was depressed and she was going to explode.
This day is definitely the most memorable day in his life.
He endured the emotional voice in his heart and calmly said, "Who gave you the courage to dare to attack my family, Hu and Zhang?"
He ordered a little Lin Qing to recite "Ji Jun, you let me go"
"Do you have an idea?" Lin Qing will he put light to ask
Ji Ye Lin Qing took a deep breath and looked at the fat and old man. "Yao’s family can give you better. Don’t forget my family. Now Zhongshan is not as good as Yao’s family. I can promise that if Hu and Zhang take refuge in Ji’s family, Yao’s family will give you Ji’s family."
The big fat man and the old man couldn’t help looking at each other.
Yao Chao said angrily, "Don’t listen to Ji Ye’s alienating him. It’s splitting our alliance. Think about the two teams behind you. You can’t represent the two teams, and this six-star array is laid by me. If you have infidelity, don’t want to leave."
Ji night laughed coldly. "I can trap me in less than half an hour after only six stars are trapped."
"Ji night you don’t want to delay the speed to hand over the black and white ball I can let you eat less! Lao Zhang and Xiao Huji are at a disadvantage, but it is a golden opportunity! "
When Yao Chao saw Ji Ye in a few words, he provoked their group to stop drinking too much and attack Ji Ye.
With a genial smile, Lin Qing turned around and pulled up Ji Ye to avoid Yao Chao’s attack again.
Now it makes more sense for whoever is hard-fisted, and the other two also come here in an instant. They Yao’s family has already settled down, and the two strategies have turned back.
Three people gradually pushed Lin Qing to the corner.
Avoid the law again!
"Give things up quickly!" Three people have different opinions.
The wind and crane crashed at night.