After all, their previous elite cup winning was relegated to the semi-final of Jingwu Tianshen League, and this game is the most crucial one to advance to the final.

The commander of the arry team was also invited to join the egg university. In this case, his eyes narrowed and his eyes looked more nervous.
If you only score from hardware, their arry team can score about one point when they die, but the flu team can score out of ten!
That is, all the players’ personal hardware has broken through the million-strong level!
What’s more, it gives the egg a great feeling that sitting on his own face with the flu and the pressure from those four younger sisters is much greater than trying to bring him pressure.
This time, although the flu array is rather old-fashioned with a hell array, the arry team dare not despise it.
After all, no matter what sect you are, there is hardware. Before you become stronger, didn’t some dream friends laugh and say that the dream westward journey is a money westward journey?
It’s really different from competing for anything.
Fantasy Westward Journey is not a game that relies solely on C, command and consciousness.
It depends more on hardware, and hardware just needs money to buy.
This is the same whether it is a dream westward journey or a competition.
Because if you put the game on a realistic level,
Competitive refers to a person who can defeat others with good skills and become a strong one and be worshipped by others.
And the dream westward journey is the same.
If you have money, your hardware will be fine. What’s the difference between this and the weak R and the strong food society? Whether in the game or outside the game, money is really necessary in many cases.
It was also this time that the flu team, the arry team, made a corresponding response. This time, the Jingwu Tianshen League was completely beyond their imagination
Before, they still wanted to leave this secret weapon to sk team, but they didn’t expect that sk team didn’t even enter the top four in this year’s Jingwu Tianshen League. They also wanted the final, but the gold content of this year’s Jingwu Tianshen League was really too high!
Don’t say that the final is the semi-final, and the situation that the arry team has joined the team feels terrible, so the secret weapon was also brought out by them.
But to be honest, even the former sword-shining arry team knew that their chances of winning were slim
After all, it is hardware complete suppression!
And the conductor in the flu team is the flu.
I haven’t heard of this conductor before, but …
After the flu took four sisters all the way to the semi-finals, both Fang Xiang and arry team went to look at the previous pk videos of the flu team.
After reading
Everyone has a cold sweat.
Even after seeing it.
Swallowed water and then gaping way
"Mom … mom eggs …"
"There is such a C!"
"there is such a play!"
If it is said that the previous attempt to play was a variety of surprises that subverted the dream view of Egg Big, then the flu play will completely make Egg Big feel so far away from the first-line command of Dream Westward Journey.
So this time he will be more nervous.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-seven Teaching as fuck
How will the flu side play this game?
Looking at the same three-seal and two-output defensive array of arry team here, I want to squint my eyes.
Although he is confident that he can beat the arry team, he also knows that the arry team saved a hand at the last time and there are no relegation places now, which means that one of the two teams, the flu team and the arry team, can advance to the finals for a while except his own dreamer team.
At this time, both sides are fighting for their lives, okay?
Even if Fang wants to lead the dreamer team, he dare not despise a crazy arry team at this time.
At least the other side is also a million-dollar team, okay?
Fang Fang thought it was very calm at this time, and he wanted to see what kind of methods were prepared to defeat the arry team on the flu side.
Even before fighting, I have already made up several feasible ways to play in my mind.
I don’t know which one the flu side will choose.
Also want to or all eyes.
The first round of the two sides officially played.
First round of the game
First of all, getting the first speed is daughter village, the side of the flu team, which is not surprising to everyone. After all, the explosion performance of the former flu team has exploded in the hearts of several dream friends. Everyone knows that the hardware of the flu team is the straight * dreamer team in this elite group Jingwu Tianshen League, or even more than the dreamer team, it is not necessarily detached.
Does this belong to the hermit master?
Many dream friends ask themselves this question in their hearts
And the flu team here one speed daughter village directly to seal the opposite speed.
Success … Hit.
Then it’s the turn of the flu team to take the second shot.
Two-speed same control two-speed.
Still hit
Then the card speed and then control the card speed.
Then hit
Three shots, three successful hits, and the three seals have been sealed by the Ministry without even a chance to shoot.
"This is not appropriate."
Fang Xiang frowned.
He smelled something different from the way the flu team played.
Normally, the flu team should not play this way at this key moment, but it happened that the flu team did, which was a bit like deliberately avoiding themselves from seeing their real purpose.
But who do you think it is? At first glance, he understood the intention of the flu team, but at the same time, he gave a wry smile
Although the intention was seen, the flu team did a good job of hiding themselves. This game may become very exciting, but for Fang Xiang, he can’t see anything and can’t get any help, so he will smile bitterly.
But others don’t think so.
Inside the clubhouse, I saw the flu team control the arry team three times, and all the dream friends cheered when they closed the door.
A Girl Without Sorrow, including the commentary desk, couldn’t help but come to a wave of "666", and there was a curtain. At this time, he didn’t speak and looked at the arry team and the flu team seriously.
Following the old urk for so long, he is not only qualified to sit here, but also very familiar with some styles of fantasy westward journey.
However, the wave of the flu team seems to be nie and explosive, and it is also appropriate to control the opponent C, but it gives people a feeling of being like a teacher. The root is to fool the party into thinking about them, so the depth of the flu team will not be seen!
This is also the time.
The flu team went to hell.