This is … this is crazy.

Is this erha?
There are always six or two waiting here before stopping at the sleigh.
The program has bought tickets for four people, and some workers brought them here. They explained the precautions in detail.
Sled experience: One person drives the sleigh in pairs and the other person rides the sleigh in pairs. When there are rotations in the middle,
It’s no trouble to drive a sled. You need to pay attention to braking when turning to slow down the speed, and stop the dog when he is tired and let them have a rest.
When they introduced, a group had already set off.
A few people’s eyes looked at the past and saw the workers untie the reins for an instant. Six dogs suddenly ran like runaway wild dogs.
See a few people dumbfounded like this.
Is it so exciting?
Lin Yufei has always been most looking forward to stimulating things, and his eyes suddenly lit up. "This project is fun!"
The workers also smiled, continued to explain by several people, and then made all matters needing attention clear, and then took them to the sleigh stop place to let them get ready for the sleigh first.
Is still when they are used to cooperate with Xiao Yu and Jing Guyuan as a group and Xiao Ya Lin Yufei as a group.
Lin Yufei came to the front of the sleigh and looked full of energy. He was inexplicably excited.
I want to give it a hand when I go.
This move frightened the worker and quickly stopped him. "Now they are still in the excitement stage. Don’t touch them. After a while, they can casually flirt and take pictures when they reach the finish line."
Lin Yufei paused and looked at the dog slightly. "Isn’t it hooliganism to wait until they are tired?"
Workers "…"
But Lin Yufei is also very well-advised and will not take his own life to die.
The workers showed them that they finally got the sled.
They sled and looked at the majestic dog ahead, which was inexplicably exciting.
But soon he thought of something and asked the worker, "by the way, what should we do if we want it to speed up?"
The workers taught them to slow down, but didn’t teach them to speed up.
Do you want to whip like a horse?
But he won’t give up if it looks so good.
The workers smiled and didn’t answer this question.
And they don’t need workers to answer anything again, and they soon understand what they didn’t tell them how to speed up.
The workers asked if they were ready, but they didn’t get a positive answer, so they let go of the fixed sleigh reins.
In an instant, the sled was washed out by six dogs.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah" Lin Yufei barked "It’s so cool."
Xiaoya sat there, and the sled bumped clearly to her body. She turned pale with fear, clutching the handrail tightly and fearing that the sled would overturn.
"Lin Yu flies, you let them slow down!" Xiaoya couldn’t help shouting
"slow? How slow? " Lin yufei asked
"Brake!" Xiaoya wanted to get up and beat him up.
"But the brakes don’t stop …" His voice lit up before his eyes fell.
It turns out that the brakes will not stop!
This brake is to slow down the speed. If he steps on the brake, the husky in front will take the initiative to slow down after feeling the resistance.
This is too clever!
Lin Yufei was excited to play after he found it.
It’s fun to let the huskies run for a while and then step on the brakes.
Shaw, sit down and want to bowl at the moment.
She really believes that Lin Yufei will drive well. I’m afraid it’s not even two-ha!
And when they are behind them, Shinohara fish is much more stable.
Jingjiayuan firmly controlled the speed. When he was slow, Shinohara said that he was used to it and then gradually accelerated.
It’s really the first time to run in the snow in a husky sleigh.
This exciting experience makes Shinohara fish feel as excited as soaring.
The snow-covered forest, the feeling of flying in the snow
It’s just a dream that I can’t even think about the picture!
This is so exciting!
The whole process takes about two hours.
There is indeed a place to rest and change people halfway. After they alternate, Jing Jiayuan and Lin Yufei have a rest, and sometimes Xiao Ya and Shi Xiaoyu also enjoy driving sledges.
It is worth noting that after Xiaoya and Lin Yufei changed their positions, Xiaoya drove a sleigh and looked at the distant scenery. After sitting there, the excitement was accelerated by the Huskies.
This time, I sat there and finished copying Xiao Ya’s state.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! I won’t fall! " Lin Yufei was scared and screamed.
Xiao ya is quite abdomen black said, "what did you say? I can’t hear the wind! "
"ah! Sister Xiao Ya! I was wrong! "
After the successful completion, they were rewarded with a night’s stay at Aurora Glass House Hotel.
The hotel town shuttle bus went back to the cabin and packed up the things, and then four people took the bus.
Half an hour later, they arrived at the hotel tonight.
After coming here, several people were shocked. The original glass house is a real glass house and a 36-degree glass house!