The old growl suddenly rushed up the mountain to the limit.

Xing Shan and Xing Wei, two quasi-deities, followed closely.
The remaining six people are nervously watching until Xingshan three people fly to half the distance, and the figure of three people suddenly becomes weird.
Hey, fourth uncle, how did they fly to the left? Ninth uncle, they are no longer there. Suddenly, a capable man among the six Linghu wondered.
Soon, others noticed the vision and rushed directly to the mountainside. The three of them forgot to turn on the other side. The direction they flew was not to cut the tiger’s platform.
Regardless of the problem, let’s go and save Uncle Jiu and their capable men.
It’s important to save Uncle Jiu. The other five people got up at once.
Left-behind six Linghu clansmen rushed at the front three people in the wrong direction without hesitation.
Not far from the other side of the foot of the mountain, Yuan Yemei’s head is frowning. He said so much to the Linghu family, which is tantamount to saying nothing. People don’t listen. They want to take this opportunity to make the Linghu family owe him a favor, but they would rather die.
The first six of the three rushed to the nine-member department of Houlinghu clan, but they soon cut the tiger platform in front of them, but they didn’t fly for so long.
Suddenly, many younger brothers of the four elders of hades are now in the law center, and Wu Tian is even more passionate at the core.
Look, the three tigers have all come in and are no longer confused by the magic array inside.
Elymus smiles and says, Four Elders, let the old man have a good look at the power of this law today.
Good Wu Tianxin smiled at the gaunt firewood palm, and now it was scattered with blue flame energy crystals. See Wu Tianyi waving his hand, and the energy crystals flew away in succession and fell to a fixed position. Suddenly, a mountain body was lit up at sixty-four places, and then sixty-four points respectively shot a light, and the light was connected to the array base. In an instant, the deer mountain was cut and covered by a large array, and the energy of heaven and earth surged.
Welcome you little tigers to cut Lushan Mountain. This mysterious killing array is what I gave you. Then I want this mountain to be renamed Tuhu Mountain. Ha ha ha. Wu Tianyin rang in a world.
Fight Xuan kill array that human said the same thing. The old white tiger’s face changed and he looked up at the constant rage. The energy of heaven and earth was broken. He didn’t listen to that human 396 just now.
Fourth uncle now is not to say that at this time, why can’t we find Jiushu and their Xingwei are also anxious.
What are you looking for? Uncle Jiu doesn’t want to think about how to die. Shu Yi suddenly heard Wu Tianyin in a large array again.
He can hear me. Xing Wei’s face suddenly turned to look behind him.
Man, where are you? Come to me. Xing Wei growled at Xu Wei.
Haha, since you are in such a hurry to die, then the game
As Wu Tian played with the stereo, it suddenly became strange to cut Lushan Mountain, and it was instantly wrapped in a strong wind, which was as wet as the dew. These dew produced various mirage scenes with the sunlight, and people’s vision was completely blinded by false things, and at the same time, the soil property energy was also covered in a large array of magnetic fields, and the roots of disorder were not clear.
What’s going on? Xing Wei couldn’t help looking at his fourth uncle Xing Shan behind him, but in front of him, the two people were gradually blurred and soon they were completely changed by a mirage fantasy. They couldn’t even see the sound at a distance of three meters, and the sound was blown in that gale. I don’t know where to go with the wind, but I can hear the sound against the wind, that is, I can’t hear the root method face to face, and I often talk to each other.
Vision and hearing are all messed up.
Breathe out the wind and sweep Xing Weigen to control his figure.
What on earth is this? Xing Wei tried to break away from the shackles of a large number of strong winds, but the strange binding force Xing Wei’s resistance to the law was instantaneous, and Xing Wei fell to the ground
Xing Wei immediately looked around. What’s going on here? Xing Wei’s heart was full of doubts and shock.
The quiet mountain peak suddenly changed so dramatically that Xing Wei looked up and could see the strong wind forming a huge canopy, but he couldn’t see the sky. This is a huge closed place completely formed by the strong wind, and all the people in the Lushan Mountain are bound in it.
What surprised Xing Wei most was that there was no one around or that he couldn’t see anyone at all.
No wonder the human wants us to come in from the bottom of the mountain. This is all messed up. Xing Wei couldn’t help but think of Yuan Ye at this time. It’s a pity that it’s late now. It’s not that Xing Weiling’s nine tiger people all regret it.
Second Elder, look at this little tiger. That little tiger is only ten meters away, but they can’t find each other and wander around. Instead of meeting each other, they are getting farther and farther. Now it’s 100 meters. Is it very simple for me to divide these nine tigers one by one and kill them one by one?
Suddenly two tones to xingwei facial expression, a sudden clenched fist to look back and forth.
Wu Tianye’s old figure is slowly now Xing Wei’s left. They don’t show up even if they hear the sound, Xing Wei can’t find it.
It’s really his pleasure to kill a double-attribute quasi-statue-level spirit tiger. Elymus smiled and looked at Xingwei with great confidence.
Humans want to kill me, and I will make you pay the price to feel the strength of the people coming. Xing Wei’s heart is far away, and he growls and turns his fists and claws into white.
Two ghosting images collided with each other and went to listen to the sound of a knife breaking the body. Elymus’s body was straight there, and besides a long sword, he had one more hand of Linghu clan.
At this time, the body broke up and suddenly a light turned into a huge Tiger Claw.
Looking at the sword with a huge gap in it, Elymus seems to be very excited. The claw of Linghu Claw claims to be indestructible, and the white claw of God beast is the title of attacking god. kareem abdul-jabbar is worthy of his name. My sword almost broke this claw without any trace. If I hadn’t changed my cutting position instantly, I would have been injured.
Second Elder, this claw has not been refined, and its power is even stronger than that of the best one. After this war, I’m sure you will refine this claw into a good sword, and you will lose no time to flatter it.
No, this is for you. Isn’t there a five-attribute quasi-honour level in Linghu today? Who wants to think of the attribute quasi-honour level? Tiger Claw is a big man like Elymus, and he has to resist greed, so the treasure root is hard to meet.
Damn human beings roar to hear two human beings look at their paws in front of themselves. Xing Wei’s lungs are going to explode. Regardless of the injury, he suddenly roars and turns into a huge tiger ten meters tall. It is the left front paw of this tiger that has lost its blood.
Another roaring giant tiger rushed to Elymus.
Haha, elymus, a weak force, burst out laughing. Soon elymus’s fingers flicked a few beautiful silver thin lines flashing, which made everyone show several extremely thin cracks.
After the tiger blocked a silver light, his body was cut by the remaining silver light. His body was divided into several sections and fell directly from the half, especially the right front paw.