"All archers guide arrows to kill soldiers running around, thieves and scouts to assist in shooting." A disorderly army commander saw those people creating chaos and reached the order of killing and forgiving.

See several guide arrows shoot from these archers, and then shoot their compatriots who used to protect themselves one by one. Seeing them fall to the ground, their eyes are no longer the former look, but chaotic gray. Everyone is worried about how painful it is to make the personality of the soldiers and knights of the chaotic shield become so chaotic. Fortunately, Gu Yanlong disappeared after spraying the flame, and the chaotic army did not expand. Even so, the soldiers of the chaotic shield and Blood Knight sacrificed a lot.
Not many people came to burn the flame, but then they ran around and ignited it, and the lethality turned over many times. If the commander hadn’t decided to shoot nike blazer, the situation would be hard to say how bad it would be; Mobile reading
= = = Section 72 When the attack on the village is going on (26) = = =
Section 72 26 head-on contest when attacking the village
The dragon scroll directly burns the soul depending on the defensive blood volume, which is the main reason for the collapse of those soldiers who are used to life and death and used to the pain shield. No one’s soul can resist the flame burning.
Looking at the chaotic array, the leader of the chaotic army had to make the troops retreat and rest. Although after two losses, the number of chaotic troops still occupied some advantages.
After the break, the disorderly army did not follow the regular phalanx, but laid out a front and arrow array with a large number of heavy weapons. Berserker was located at the arrow of the front and arrow. Compared with the French and shield soldiers, they still maintained a high morale. After the leader issued an attack order, all the Berserker troops rushed to the players with a high voice and flapping their chests.
From the emperor’s point of view, I saw a huge red arrow rushing to the players’ phalanx, and the instantaneous arrow part was deeply inserted into most of the phalanx, and the huge phalanx also squeezed the arrow hard and killed the sharp arrow.
The first attack was launched by the rebel Shenhuo Crows, who saw their crows barking and then flapped their wings and flew to the player’s phalanx. But the players’ archers had already stared at them, and when Shenhuo Crows flew to their attack range, they saw arrows flying out of the player’s phalanx, and then a Shenhuo Crow fell from the sky with a moan.
Although the archers tried their best to kill the Shenhuo Ravens, due to the large number of Shenhuo Ravens and the fairly fast flight speed, there were still a large number of Shenhuo Ravens flying to the player array and then spewing death inflammation from the sky to the practitioners.
The players’ phalanx was fouled by the fire crow, and archers and practitioners had to turn their energy to these annoying little things.
Berserker, the rebels, plunged into the players’ phalanx fiercely when the players’ phalanx was in chaos. The leaders of the rebels were all high-ranking sergeants with heavy weapons in their hands, and they were the pioneers of the road.
A sergeant armed with a mountain axe saw several huge shields in front of him being cut off at the same time, and so did the warrior behind the shield. The sergeant took two steps forward, but the warrior behind the shield would resist him again waving a huge axe to cut off the huge shield in front of him, but before he could jump in, he stretched out several long steel guns and steel guns. He pierced several blood holes, but the disorderly sergeant was also very tough. He waved the mountain axe again to cut off the steel guns and then split Huashan with a force. The face rushed to the shield soldier and split it in half, and then continued to attack in the bloody rain, but a golden pike penetrated his neck. The mountain axe in his hand fell to the ground with a thud, clutching his neck and sobbing, and several disorderly troops behind him, Berserker, were also stabbed to death by this pike, and then the shield soldier surged again, which would make up for the deficiency just now.
On the other side, a huge leader of the mutinous army with a huge copper hammer listened to the thump and thump, and the shields were smashed, and the shield soldiers and knights behind them were also smashed and flew out.
Waving a copper hammer, he smashed a few steel guns that stabbed him into pieces, and then he took a few steps forward. He looked up at the sky and laughed like a human being.
After another hammer hit the player, a huge shield of bone and wood appeared in front of him. The leader of the bronze hammer hit it unexpectedly, but this time it didn’t ring. He was most happy to hear the fracture, but slammed his bronze hammer back.
As soon as the copper hammer came out of his hand, he slammed his foot. The copper hammer leader quickly screamed and jumped up, clutching his foot, while the owner of the bone and wood shield, Huaxia Ventilation, moved the shield forward and cut it with a single shield chop. The copper hammer leader was directly smashed, his teeth collapsed and his eyes were highlighted, and even his tongue was knotted.
Life is threatened, and the leader of the copper hammer can’t consider the pain. He grinned and picked up the copper hammer that fell to the ground, and once again it will hit the huge shield of China.
There was still a loud noise, and the Chinese drafty wooden shield did not move, and the huge copper hammer with the handle flew out again. This time, it hit his own head impartially, and then the head of the copper hammer was smashed and burst like a watermelon, and it was terrible to be scattered in red, white and yellow, while the Chinese drafty raised the shield and continued to rush to another strong enemy.
On the other side, three chaotic troops with the same looks set off a bloody battle with three giant swords. Three of them are brothers and sisters, and no one can take cherry blossoms.
Just when the three men led the disorderly army behind them to make a rapid assault, a huge gold-backed bear king appeared in front of the three men, and then a huge roar from the bear king flew to the three men, and then he heard the thump thump thump thump thump thump thump, thump thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump,
The triplets helped each other to get up. It seems that Xiong Wang’s collision power is still very strong. At the very least, the three people were badly hurt, and each of them picked up the giant sword around them and bravely rushed to the monster again.
It’s bang, bang, bang, bang, the triplets made the trapeze again, but the difference is that before the three of them got up, Xiong Wang quickly rushed to the front of the left boss and bit off his neck, and then a blow tore the right second child to pieces. The third child still looked stupid and forced. Why did he suddenly become alone? But before he recovered, Xiong Wang was sent to Yin to meet his brothers with a roll, which counted as a merit.
After solving the triplets, Xiong Wang tore all the miscellaneous fish around him to pieces, and then a huge roar rushed to another battlefield again, where the battle was its owner Huaxia Horn.
Huaxia Horn is fighting with a double-edged disorderly army Berserker. He saw that the double-edged Berserker burst and launched attacks on Huaxia Horn again and again, but they were easily dodged by Huaxia Horn or blocked, and they were able to avoid the release of shields or other skills to create considerable damage.
Double-edged rebels attacked several times and gave themselves a few scars, so they wanted to bypass the strong attack from the side in front of them, but they would have seen how the prey Xiong Wang could let him go directly from the side with a swoop and bit off his head with a single blow, and then a pair of iron claws tore the body into two halves. Xiong Wang’s mouth was dripping with enemy blood, and a pair of bear eyes glared at the enemy in front of him and then threw the body at another rebel army again. Mobile reading
= = = Section 73 When the attack on the village is going on (27) Another beast = = =
Section seventy-three When attacking the village, 27 Another God beast
Zhao Bohao looked at the scenes in front of him, and the battle was also boiling. His magic bear had already rushed to the front and had a fierce battle with the disorderly army, while Jin Zi pig turned into a cold sniper, a porcupine and stabbed one of them into the sky.
Zhao Bohao’s magic bear roared and rushed to a battlefield. A flying collision directly crashed several random troops and then rushed into the crowd to kill them.
A Berserker waved a giant sword and rushed to the magic bear. The sword crossed the fur surface of the magic bear, and a wound was left when he continued to chase and chop. When the magic bear slammed an iron claw, he saw that the man was caught in half with the sword. Suddenly, the magic bear would cut himself with a roll and avoid it. By the way, he squashed a Berserker ready to sneak attack himself.
Once again, the earth magic bear rolled back horizontally, and then it crushed itself with the broadsword that it had just cut to itself, and then it was as easy as biting off an apple tree with a roar at Berserker, where the face was covered with saliva of the earth magic bear.
Will the man head force spit out a large hidden weapons bang hit a ready to wield a knife to attack the disorderly army head, and then the man was holding the head tons yesterday by knight steel spear pierced the throat and slammed down without interest.
The demon bear continues to wreak havoc and slaughter the disorderly army. Because Zhao Bohao has just added a lot of spiritual attributes, his strength has soared again, and he is a pervert. Now he is killing a soldier like a dog.
Suddenly, a chaotic army with double swords jumped in front of the magic bear, and a double-edged cross cut flew out of the sword and directly hit the strong body of the magic bear.
The magic bear looks huge, moves slowly, and dodges in a small range. It is still very quick and insightful. The magic bear dodges this powerful cross with a flicker, and by the way, it will crush a random army next to it.
The magic bear’s hind leg was pushed by an overwhelming army, and then it flew like a shell leaving a chamber to the double-sword warrior’s foot. The army had been trampled into a piece of rotten cloth by great reaction.
The double-sword warrior was agile, and a horizontal jump flashed across the magic bear. This fierce swoop, but when the magic bear landed, he deliberately hit the ground with his paws and listened to a huge vibration and hammered it with his paws, which easily created a huge piece of smoke.
When the double-sword warrior saw the smoke flying, he jumped out and withdrew. At the same time, his double swords were always ready to attack, but the demon bear tried his best to create a smoke zone, which could make him easily withdraw.
In the dust of the magic bear, the sensitive nose moved quickly and the blink of an eye ran to the rear of the double sword warrior retreat.
The powerful hind legs are slowly gaining momentum, and the sharp bear teeth are shining brightly, and the thick bear claws are also grasping the earth hard. The magic bear is ready to attack and attack, and the double-sword warrior falls into his trap.
The double sword warrior retreated more and more slowly because it also felt the potential threat. Suddenly, he stopped and twisted his whole body in the direction of the magic bear.
With a thud, the magic bear, etc., is the moment when he still turns around. The magic bear once again hit the double sword warrior like a shell.
Dong, a pair of sword warriors failed to hide this time, and the magic bear came into the closest contact with him. A huge bear head collided with his head intimately, and the magnificent body inertia of the magic bear directly took him to fly for several meters.
When the double sword warrior landed, he was unconscious. After being knocked unconscious by the planned attack of the magic bear for a long time, the next thing was not that I wrote more about it. The magic bear made his prey the most tempting food. After a gust of wind and clouds, the magic bear once again looked at himself. The soldiers smiled fiercely and showed their teeth to scare those people to run away.
Although there are many talented people in China, the number of Nai is few and there are really too many soldiers at the head of the mutinous army. Players’ defense line has been broken by the mutinous army a little bit, and even if the Chinese enemy has two advanced spell scrolls, it can’t save the current situation.
Zhao Bohao looked at the disorderly army and raised the phalanx into a concave word a little bit. That’s an anxiety in his heart. Now it seems that there is one thing that can solve the dilemma. That is, he draws the card of Qiong Qi, a fierce beast in the Middle Ages. He thinks about whether to attract his attention again with that strange egg.
He stretched out his hand and took the white egg in his hand, gently beating a small bug, lying still inside, and it slowly crawled when Zhao Bohao summoned a dead object.
When the worm climbed into Zhao Bohao’s palm, he didn’t see clearly that it turned out to be a silkworm. Yes, it was a silkworm
Seeing that this silkworm is milky white with bamboo-like folds, there are ten big feet in the back abdomen and six small feet in the front abdomen. When it wriggles like a suet jade carving, it is like a milk train and a cute pet, especially with a brilliant Jin Ju at its tail.
"Does Nima mean snow silkworm in the middle Tianshan Mountains, but what tail will have a A Man Called Autumn Flower? It won’t be a beast chrysanthemum silkworm again." Zhao Bohao looked at the creature in front of him, and the grass mud horse was thunder enough. Now there is another beast chrysanthemum silkworm system, which is to kill his rhythm.
Chrysanthemum silkworm heard Zhao Bohao complain and was quite angry. His mouth directly bit his palm, and the sharp mouth directly pierced Zhao Bohao’s skin and brought out a little blood.
"Ah, why are you biting me?" The intense pain made Zhao Bohao scream, and the Chinese enemy next to the battlefield was startled by this sudden shout of Tathagata and asked him what was wrong.