The sun king sneered at the words with thick sarcasm and disdain. "Are you against it? What makes you object? It’s rare for you to summon up the courage to do your best to oppose me, but you still can’t stop you and your possible followers from drawing a rest. Then what’s the point of your opposition? "

Sylvanas windrunner held her head high without fear, and her beautiful face flashed with life. "I object! It’s because I’m a ranger that I don’t know how to be grateful for the beauty of life, not because a guy like you, whose brain is rotten, will regard life as a tool that can be trampled on and discarded at will. "
The sun king laughed.
"Thanksgiving life? What’s the point of talking about feelings? If living things must always have the fear of death, since the law gives up the fear of death, then we should find ways to kill the dead body to be my stupid subjects! Since you believe that death is terrible and miserable and dare not take this step by yourself, you should abandon your reason and let yourself be your king and I will decide all this for you. "
Sylvanas windrunner sarcastically said, "Let you decide? You have become so ugly. Are you qualified to decide to make us as ugly as you? Enough! Anast Ryan knows that your life is gone, can you please stop going on, let alone knowing that there will be no redemption for yourself and your followers in the future, and still uglily try to pull more people to be buried with you? "
The Sun King was obviously angered by sylvanas windrunner’s high-spirited rebellious declaration.
"You …"
Sylvanas windrunner glanced at her, still trembling, but didn’t dare to look at her. After a sigh, Kael’thas slowly raised his hand with a long bow and an arrow, pointing the sharp arrow at the high sun king, pointing to the once noble but now ugly head.
"Anast Ann, you gave up your life, but you trampled on the life and soul of every life-loving elf. With this sentence, I, sylvanas windrunner * Windrunner, declare that I don’t recognize’ sunstrider’ as my king! So my last advice to you is to go to hell! Not the dead! "
Every word is forceful.
Drip into the soul
At this moment, every elf feels a feeling of excitement from the deepest part of his soul, pouring out of every corner of his blood and igniting every cell of his body.
Can suppress the heart finally turned into a loud roar.
Thousands of elves in Qian Qian shouted "Go to hell! Dirty is not dead! "
The Sun King suddenly sighed lightly, "A fool is a fool … Give up life to’ live’ more easily."
A moment with a touch of thunder light and shadow has killed less than an inch in front of his eye pupil … to be continued.
Chapter 79 Against the Sun King
If Anast Ann’s eyes can still see things, then at this moment, it must be a death warrant that cold mountain has occupied his whole horizon.
No one can support the shield as if it had crossed the attack, and even exorcist could not have lost his mind at sunrise.
This record is definitely the peak of sylvanas windrunner.
Unfortunately …
Anast Ryan is no longer a person.
The fallen sun king is definitely a peerless strong person who stands on the top of many undead.
Unlike antonidas, who was stripped of a lot of magic circuits before his death and almost fell into the Huiyue stage, Anast Ryan became immortal voluntarily. When Frostmourne guided him and the dark forces filled his body, his biggest flaw was aging! It’s no longer his flaw
Without the magic bottleneck, Anast Ann’s strength is the peak of his personal peak at the moment.
With thunder arrows, the Sun King’s eye pupil spirals at a speed of more than 100 times per second, let alone a rotten eyeball. Even a wall in sylvanas windrunner is sure to drill a hole.
It’s a pity that Anast, located at the apex of this world’s mysterious power, has more defense than the wall!
Is it that you don’t flash past thousands of high elves or hear such a word?
[Dark inflammation barrier]!
It’s not words spoken from the mouth, but rather words thrust into every elf’s brain through the soul level.
Dark breath suddenly gathered in the body of the sun king, making him seem to be a black sun full of evil breath.
High temperature!
High fever!
Terrible majesty oppression!
That root is not something a mortal can look straight at.
Sylvanas windrunner believes in her eyes. She has extraordinary vision. She clearly sees a black film on the retina in front of the pupil of Sun King’s right eye.
As thin as soap bubbles
Give her a sense of trance that can be broken with a poke.
It happened that this is like a very unreliable, miniature black flame barrier that blocked sylvanas windrunner’s sneak attack on the peak.
If sylvanas windrunner had a high-powered microscope, she would have found that those things that looked like black flames already had diamond levels …
"Cut!" Sylvanas windrunner stamped her foot and her heroic figure suddenly disappeared.
Almost in no particular order, her feet are in good order, ten people are tall, and three people can hug the huge black flame column and suddenly rise.
Nearby elves are screaming and retreating.
Obviously, I missed the Lord.
For a second, sylvanas windrunner’s figure has appeared ten meters away from the left.
Bow and arrow!
Valkyria’s vigorous posture seems to be teleporting, and generally appears in every corner of the Wang Ting ladder.
Every appearance must be a flash.
With the penetrating virtual attack on the sun king, it must be a plural sharp arrow
If you change your opponent, Girba Nasriya must have become a humanoid hedgehog with several arrows in her body
But it was a fallen sunrise, exorcist!
Sylvanas windrunner changed seven kinds of arrows, and none of them could pierce his dark shield.
But Anast Lian’s flame magic is still slowly chasing the back of the female ranger, and the chasing speed is getting faster and faster, so it doesn’t give the female ranger any breathing room.
Yes! It’s like once you catch a mouse, you keep playing, giving it a chance to escape, and then you catch an old cat that keeps the mouse wandering in hope and despair again.
More than ten thousand elves also prayed for sylvanas windrunner to destroy the king who had fallen into the abyss of evil with great power, because they could not even step over the black flame wall in front of the stairs.
Soon they were deeply disturbed.
The sun king mocked the timing and said, "Although I don’t want to admit it, today the whole race and ancient system of the high elves will go to destruction! Because of absolute death, it’s king’s landing. It’s not a mortal irresistible force … "
In the past, sylvanas windrunner denounced, "So you have given up your lofty position for thousands of years and would rather become a dead dog and kneel down to lick Alsace boots!"! ?”
"Without strength, anger is a meaningless struggle." Sun King or "You can still talk to me so hard because you have not experienced the invincible despair of the Lich King’s absolute strength …"
"despair! ? You don’t deserve it! " International echoed with sylvanas windrunner contemptuous sneer "if there is a name in this world that brings me despair, it will be Duke Marcus instead of you, Anast Ryan! His plan for crossing time is beyond the understanding of a fool like you! "