Lin Moying, don’t pretend to be crazy, you can stay here and dominate the report.

Xiao Xiao jumped up with excitement at the moment she returned to the door. She had seen her son for six years, and she could finally take a look at them again. They grew up as handsome as their father, and they were nice and cute. She couldn’t wait to rush forward and kiss them hard.
Tears can’t stop for a moment.
Didn’t you see that our son grew up? They were smart and sensible, but she slept for six years when they needed her mother most. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry
Xiaoxiao wipes away tears and her eyes are dribbling. From now on, when she is a mother, no one will bully her son again. If Sai Han dares to start work again, she promises to let her serve as a snack for poisonous snakes.
Two small figures are walking slowly along the corridor. Xiaowu is still surprised to stare big eyes. Did you see those snakes have actually run away? His face is radiant with strange brilliance.
Well, Xiaowen gently replied to his brother’s words
Not bad. Xiaowu tried not to laugh. Look at Niang. It’s so funny. She didn’t dare to move there. Haha, at last he couldn’t help laughing.
Xiaowen glance back at him small arms Chapter 157.
Xiaowuma shut his mouth and raised his eyebrows at the right mass. Brother Yang, why are you staring at others? Mom, she is funny. She is usually fierce to us, but she was afraid of that just now.
Xiaowu Xiaowen said that she is our mother and should not be disrespectful to her.
Oh, Xiaowu absently promised Ma and excitedly said, Is that woman crazy? I think she often does, and oh, she dares to throw stones at her mother. Haha, speaking of which, he put aside his brother’s words and squeezed his beautiful facial features together, laughing his head off.
Another identical little face shook his head.
Towards evening Duan Yishen returned to Wangfu. He jumped into the carriage and walked into the gate with a gloomy look.
His/Your Highness
Unexpectedly, Sai Han was dressed in brocade and waited there to see him smile and be truly beautiful.
Duan Yishen raised her eyebrows and sharp eyes and swept her princess’s story. The pace of speaking kung fu did not stop. He kept walking in the direction of Moyuge. He didn’t see Yingying all day. He really wanted to know what she did today. If she didn’t eat enough, she couldn’t help but think of her mouth.
Hehe, it’s a pity that Sai Han didn’t even see the touching scene of his mother’s meeting when he knew that his mind was laughing a little more lightly.
Suddenly Duan Yi paused. Looking back, his eyes were cold as a knife. What did you say?
I said that before Sai Han started to smile, Xiaowen Xiaowu broke into Moyuge and met Lin Moying.
In a flash, her throat has been gripped by iron tongs like five fingers, and she will be pushed against the wall. Her eyes swept over her. What did you do?
Sai Han painful bite bite lips report don’t want to know what Lin Mo surplus reaction?
Duan Yi was dazed.
Sai Han grimaced and her cheeks looked a little distorted. You didn’t let their mother meet you because you were afraid that Lin Moying would wake up. Once she wakes up, she will leave you.
Sai Han’s face swelled and she flapped and struggled. Just as she was about to suffocate, he suddenly loosened Sai Han and sat down on the ground panting. Suddenly, her sharpened bar was pinched.
Duan Yi heavy cold stare at the bottom of her eyes across the bloodthirsty luster again dare to say that the king will kill you mercilessly and then step away.
Looking at his slightly hurried back Sai Han sneer at it.
The strong will weaken because of the fetters, and that’s the sound of surprise behind his dead hole, which scared her. Look back and be alert and stare at the bearer.
Walking slowly in the shadows, a woman’s face covers half a ghost face.
Pushing the door, Xiaoxiao fell asleep quietly.
Duan Yishen gently walked over and sat next to her and stared at her sleeping eyebrows but couldn’t help locking them together.
The housekeeper has told him everything during the day.
She took the initiative to go to Moyu Pavilion and return those snakes that suddenly appeared. What does all this mean?
He doesn’t want to think about it or prove it.
Fingers caressed her cheek again, and her eyelashes trembled suddenly, then recovered. At the beginning, his eyes were stiff, and he raised his hand and looked at her deeply, and turned back.