That’s a magic weapon, of course, but if you want to be the top chair of Ten Swire Lingbao in the future, you can’t even do this.

That’s good. Li Yueling turned to the water god shuttle with a smile. I’m sure you heard clearly that you can come to the emperor for a change today.
I didn’t expect that the water god shuttle was still car-scrapping. Even if kunlun mirror knew at the bottom of the ranking, could it know that another magic weapon was things? If it knew the magic weapon, it would be banned.
What are you talking about, cudgel? I’ve never seen a magic weapon stupid enough to be a magic weapon like you. You’re just waiting to be banned for 500 thousand years. kunlun mirror retorted immediately.
But Li Yueling heard something from it and immediately asked Kunlun, do you know that another Swire Lingbao is a thing?
This kunlun mirror is speechless, but it is a magic weapon in a flash. It can be sensed that it can reach the boundary. You will know when you see it. Hey, hey.
Fart with you, even if you two are together, you can’t resist it, let alone drop the water god shuttle. kunlun mirror is very angry with the magic weapon but sells himself. It’s incredibly hard for Bao Ling to shock his mind and ripple at kunlun mirror Li Yueling way at the same time
Then you will know that you were higher than the magic weapon in the ranking of the magic weapon in the past, so a few people are far from the magic weapon today. What qualifications do you have to say that?
It’s a strange thing that I’ve met, and I’ve never seen a magic weapon quarrel.
Li Yueling looked at the fierce bickering scene of kunlun mirror Water God Shuttle and couldn’t help but talk for a long time. Finally, I couldn’t help but go. Suddenly, a loud noise interrupted the quarrel between the two places. Then you said that the magic weapon was a thing. What makes you dare to say that the emperor and Kunlun Force Method can be considered if you just said it.
Jiujiuli Vulcan clock ranked second among the ten pieces of Taikoo congenital Lingbao in that year.
Ask kunlun mirror about it, but that will help you. Hum, don’t say you’re kunlun mirror. Even Wei Neng can’t handle it in a magic weapon. The clock of Vulcan is in a state of longing, and the water god shuttle finally gives in.
At first glance, I heard that kunlun mirror suddenly remained silent and didn’t refute what Shuishen Suo said. Li Yueling immediately knew that Shuishen Suo said nothing, and he had also inquired about the origin of ten Taigu congenital Lingbao from kunlun mirror, including the magic weapon ranking of that year.
In Pangu, it is said that the clock was made by colorful stone, a nine-headed god of fire and crow in ancient times. It is the fire source and the anode of the world.
Tell me about your method to help the emperor get a double ninth from the Vulcan clock and think for a moment. kunlun mirror also didn’t stir Li Yueling’s eyes. God’s mountain flashed and smiled and said to the water god.
Chapter three hundred and ninety incompatible
Water can defeat fire. Although the magic weapon is not too powerful, it is the only one in the world to defeat it. It is not an opponent, but the magic weapon can match your strength and you will be able to get it.
That moment away from Vulcan clock Li Yueling don’t ask the key.
It’s 3,000 feet away from the magic world, and the language of the water god Suo is amazing
How is it possible that Li Yueling’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled? The Emperor has already searched the sea for that place, and Fiona Fang is well aware of it, but he has never sensed a magic weapon except you.
The place where Jiujiu is away from Vulcan clock is the lava vein that has accumulated for ten thousand years. Even if it is God’s insight, it is a method to find out what is worse. At that time, the magic weapon suppressed all other fires and you felt it again.
How do you feel that you are like Li Yueling who is separated from Vulcan clock? Listen to some flavor from it and smile.
This is not a magic weapon. I want to know if this deal between you and me can be done. Even if it is not a magic weapon, I will never sleep for hundreds of thousands of years.
To tell you the truth, Li Yueling is really in distress situation from the perspective of the water god Suo Shen. No matter what, everyone feels that he is a Japanese aggressor and he is great and unyielding.
Since you don’t want to get away from the Vulcan clock with the help of the emperor, you are free and unfettered. Li Yueling is generous enough to understand the anchor array beads and is not afraid of the escape of the water god shuttle.
Aren’t you worried that the magic weapon will immediately escape from other worlds?
Your distance from Vulcan clock is incompatible with the emperor. That’s two benefits, and the emperor will worry. Li Yueling looks at people and magic weapons as thoroughly as before.
He has already felt the attitude of the water god shuttle. In fact, it is the root of the double ninth from the Vulcan clock. Otherwise, it will not be so frank, and it has been suppressed from the Vulcan clock before, so it is even more difficult to see these two magic weapons.
Yes, the broken clock in ancient times has been pressing on the magic weapon. Water and fire are heaven and earth.
But it was abruptly broken by the broken clock. If you don’t take the effort to suppress the broken clock, the magic weapon can be unsealed as early as 500 years ago. Where will it be your turn to intimidate the water god shuttle today? Then turn a green light to Li Yueling’s side and rest assured that it is a magic weapon that won’t help you. The broken clock is determined not to run away.
At this time, kunlun mirror has to see that Li Yueling has settled the water god shuttle, which means that it is a magic weapon, and the boss plan is missing a younger brother. However, the water god shuttle is now free.
If it weren’t for Li Yueling’s help, kunlun mirror couldn’t afford to offend it. Seeing the water god shuttle, he was not interested in taking his own sample. kunlun mirror also counted as wise and turned to follow the road behind him.
It’s here. It’s a big circle and it’s back to the point.
When I came to the East China Sea, the water god shuttle soared several times with a dazzling green mountain rushing straight into the water with a magic weapon.
When Li Yueling followed the water god shuttle to the bottom and stuck it in a huge submarine rock, the broken bell was there after repeated thousands of feet of fire.
Once the volcanic rock is broken, the broken clock can be unsealed in a moment, and if it is restored to its full power, even you and I can’t deal with it.
According to you, it is a clever way to get it before it is unsealed.
When the time comes, once you can see the broken bell, you will pour the magic weapon with immortal strength, and the rest will be taken care of by the magic weapon. Shuishen Suo seems confident and does not forget to add that you can fix the life-saving fire. If it is the best, once the magic weapon holds it, you can pour the life-saving fire into its bell body, so that it can listen to your orders. Of course, if your life-saving fire is not strong enough,