I don’t want to go to Yun ‘er, which is not the most proud snow and plum scenery.

Bend over and lean close to him and whisper vaguely in Jing Yun’s ear, or third brother can’t let Yun go any further.
These days, he seems to be punished. He has no need to ask for anything, which makes him tired. No wonder he has no strength to go to the imperial garden.
Give him a hard stare. It’s a default that Jingyun doesn’t answer.
That’s great. What should I do if third brother is wrong? Yun will blame third brother to death. Oh, it’s rare to relax when facing a lot of state affairs every day. Nothing seems to matter to Jing Yun, and teasing Jing Yun has become his daily thing.
Yeah, gnash your teeth, you wolf in sheep’s clothing
I didn’t expect the little thing to resist. Jing Yao smiled and leaned down and picked him up. He adjusted his posture and took a steady step. Since this is the case, let the third brother hold you to see Mei.
Jingyun’s face is red, but it’s just me in full bloom.
Tell him to feel sorry in public, or did he just come to insult him? Thinking of this scene, Yun struggled even harder.
Don’t move and fall. I don’t care. Oh, let go menacingly, and Jing Yun quickly hooked his neck.
Come and throw yourself at Yun ‘er.
Jing Yun’s gas knot contradicts his face with a thin layer of anger. Is he very happy to play like this?
I can’t stand staying here for a moment. When can I go to the palace?
Jing Yao slant head to think about when you laugh at the third brother.
Laughing at him, how can he laugh? It’s really a play. It’s a joke for the emperor. It’s an insult, but he can’t stand it until he sees them in Shanghai.
Pulling an ugly smile stiffly feels like crying.
Jing Yao tut tut-tut. What’s wrong with a disappointed face? Laugh so well that he still hates himself and knows that he hates being forced, but he can force him to do something he doesn’t want to do every time.
It’s really a long time since I saw Yun’s smile. It seems that such a small wish can be realized suddenly.
Cover Jing Yun’s face so that he doesn’t see his loneliness. Stop laughing. It’s too ugly.
This sentence is even more insulting.
But I can’t laugh and I can’t avenge myself.
Don’t go until it’s dark. I think the palace is not so easy, even my third brother.
Jing Yun understood that the deep palace is not an emperor, but also the empress dowager. In the near future, there may be queens and concubines of all kinds. Once the door is as deep as the sea, the palace is even bigger.
But as soon as the idea floated, it was as if I had been punched in the chest, and I was so bored that I shook my head and threw away those troubled thoughts.
The most important thing now is for mom to get revenge. Don’t just think about it.
After a long silence, Jing Yao suddenly asked him the question he had just remembered. He asked Jing Yuner with great interest. Do you think you are a family, third brother? Every day, the sun sets, and you sleep together.
Not to interrupt him and give up hope.
Jing Yao was a frozen question some chattering solution.
My brother, the emperor, the monarch and the minister are not the same father, but they can’t change the fact that their brothers will turn against each other, which is even worse.
If you want to find your family in the royal family, you have dug your own grave.
Knowing that Jing Yun was telling the truth, Jing Yao couldn’t stand it. His answer was firm.
Really? That’s how much I thought about it. It’s really chilling to say that the third brother is not showing any respect.
Go back and pick it up. It’ll be gone in a minute. I’m not interested in enjoying the plum blossoms. Jing Yao turned to hold Jingyun and walked back with anxiety.
He wanted to escape for the first time, but he had to send Jing Yun back to the Temple of Clouds first. It was very contradictory to want to escape, but he was worried about being attached to him. He cut himself again and again.
Jing Yun felt him curl up in his arms and keep his tears in his heart.
They are destined to turn against each other, and it is good that he can realize it earlier.
Chapter 20 Choosing a Princess
As night falls, the palace seems to be very lively in the New Year’s atmosphere. The biggest difference is probably that there are many kinds of women in the palace, which adds a lot of color to the usual boring forbidden palace.
Today, most of them are noble families, and they are also invited to Putian Loess. Which girl doesn’t want to fly branches and become a phoenix? It’s rare to see a beautiful man. According to Jing embroidery, the first beautiful man called the Seven Halls Jing Yun is also in the palace. This doubt is a great temptation to women in heaven. It is their long-cherished wish to be an unknown concubine.