Suddenly Yuan Ye felt a cold in his heart.

Camouflaged weakness, this other person is really slow. When the other side deals with him, it will naturally be the same in this respect. The plan is that he is slow, but his reality is not slow. The enemy will end up.
This Changde is too horrible and insidious. Yuan Ye is also careful. It seems that it is not so easy to kill Changde.
You can’t chase me.
Dihuang’s figure flashed away from Changde’s small blood axe and he wanted to escape, but
Ah, how is that possible
Dihuang’s eyes were wide open, and he believed that Changde had reached the fastest speed behind himself. Changde actually caught up with himself and killed himself. Is Changde faster than himself? But he has lost his vitality. Just now, as Changde smashed Dihuang’s chest with an iron fist, he smashed his heart and strangled his soul.
A clap rang Yuan Ye smiled at Changde.
Not the kui is a great war, but the strength of calculating means is superior. It is estimated that no one knows that the defense is strong and your degree is very fast. Yuan Yewei said with a smile
Changde looked at Yuan Ye with a meaningful tunnel. No one knew that it was the dead man. Changde’s face smiled and bloomed. Now that you know the secret, you will also be a dead man.
Really? Yuan Ye suddenly asks
Is it true that Yuan Ye walked slowly towards Changde with a smile and a leisurely walk?
Changde felt a pressure, but his right hand turned a huge blood-red axe in the distance and once again came to his hand, one big and one small, two blood axes. This is Changde’s real weapon, and Changde still feels a little insecure.
Yuan Ye’s smile made him feel his heart fall.
Changde frantically encouraged the body energy and quarreled with others.
Yuan Ye is still taking his time. Changde walks slowly, but at the same time, he seems to have a plan in mind. Yuan Ye is not overreaching. He is really confident. He has a gun in his hand. Yuan Ye can still be the strength of Emperor Wudi’s peak when he was a junior. Qi Yue didn’t have a gun in World War I. It is more difficult for Yuan Yewu’s peak to kill a war emperor than it is now. Yuan Ye is the peak of Emperor Wudi. He Changde can stop the gun from hitting him.
At the moment, Yuan Ye is very convinced that this letter has made Changde feel great pressure.
A drop of sweat drops from Changde’s forehead, that is, facing the saint-level Yu Yan, there is no such great pressure. This is not imposing manner, but simple pressure. This pressure has almost made Changde crazy.
He has no confidence at all.
Chang Defa put up with the red blood and bloodshot eyes.
With the roar of Changde’s body bleeding, he has reached the limit at the moment, holding a huge blood axe in his right hand and a small blood axe, which is integrated into the body and can be attacked at any time.
A lightning flash of Judah is twice as fast as this just now, but it is hidden deep enough. A huge blood-red light of Judah is a red dragon that has been violently chopped to Yang from nine days, and at the same time a very weak little blood-red light is shot at Yuan Ye’s chest.
Two blood-red lights, one big and one small.
Hum is good. Don’t look at my fastest speed, too
Yuan Ye’s gun is a force of wind attribute, and now the fourth sword of the magic is flashing.
Blink a Yuan Ye body is foaming at the mouth and disappear is almost instantaneous has disappeared in Changde field of vision.
Where’s Changde? One leng
Suddenly, a terrorist energy swooped down from nine days and killed Changde as directly as a flash.
Changde seems to be a kind of induction immediately looked up, but