Yang Tian stretched himself and smiled at the two of them. It often looks terrible.

Brother Tian
Fat Ah Shui immediately rushed to hold Yang Tian with tears in his eyes and finally completely relieved.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-two Big Buddha Temple
Life is too short to live long, but after a hundred years, there are 70 natural disasters.
People, animals, plants, and animals will eventually turn to dust when they live for a long time. Only when heaven and earth are immortal will wise sages think that they should follow the example of heaven and earth. If we can spy out the same life on the same day.
Therefore, the temples, temples, cities, rivers and lakes in the past dynasties sought immortality, and many talented people gained insight into the changes of heaven and earth day and night, and combined with various ways to prove the mystery of the human body, they finally achieved immortality.
It’s against the sky for a saint to cultivate immortality, and it’s easy to destroy heaven. If everyone is immortal, heaven and earth will not.
The ancestors of Xiandao all set rules. Xiandao is nothing more than cultivating self-cultivation and teaching people to govern the world.
Therefore, the Xiandao Sect has always been extremely secretive, and most of the younger brothers are secretly looking for fairy brothers who are concerned about orphans with excellent qualifications.
However, immortals are still human beings, and there are many sects today. When the forest is big, any bird will pursue a quick escape and can do whatever it takes.
Fairy Taoism proves that life is composed of three talents, heaven, earth and man. To achieve eternal fairy Taoism, three talents must be integrated.
The innate vitality of the universe is inseparable from the inability to operate. At the beginning of life, the injection body is separated from the five internal organs and the five internal organs, and once the vitality is exhausted, it will end immediately.
People’s minds are formed the day after tomorrow, which is also called the soul. Life is in meaning, and the mind is scattered, leaving a body, vegetation, different worlds and spirits. Only people’s minds are the most powerful and unique.
The earth is the body, the vitality, the mind, and the body turns to dust after death, so the body is subject to the ground.
Cultivation of immortality is the process of cultivating and strengthening one’s own ideas, from physical deformation to physical conciseness and never dissipation.
Here is the theory that a humble creature has achieved eternal immortality
In midsummer, the weather in the south is especially humid and stuffy, and it is often in the middle of the night that you can have a good sleep.
Qixing has just risen, and an abandoned garden in the south of Runzhou has come to practice boxing.
A boy of about thirteen or fourteen years old wore a pair of ragged shorts barefoot, but his eyes were sharp and full of energy, although he was skinny and sweaty.
Throwing punches, arrows and legs, when the wind moves and moves, the rock stands like a dragon and a tiger, the swallow leaves the nest and the eagle hits long.
Hey, hey, hey.
This is the method of exhaling and practicing qi in boxing
Listen to its urging force, the spring thunder goes straight through the eardrum, and you will know that this is a physical exercise.
It’s not easy to practice boxing overnight, but it’s not easy to have a vicious wind and rain.
The boy named Yang Tianzhong was picked up by an old beggar who lived here and became an orphan after his death the year before last.
Yang Tian is the name he has named Yang Tianyi.
However, everyone who knows others calls him puppy. Puppy is his nickname and has been called so since he was a child.
Yang Tian suddenly stopped and waved his face in pain, squatting on the ground and gasping.
Alas, Torre has been practicing Fufu Boxing for two years, but it is still practiced. Is it true that Torre said that it is harmful to practice because he is weak?
Fu-Hu Boxing is an old beggar’s life. Yang Tian said it was when he walked around the streets to beat dogs. At first, it was called dog boxing. Yang Tian changed it to Fu-Hu Boxing because he thought the name was bad.
The old beggar gave this boxing method to let Yang Tian practice promoting blood circulation and relaxing tendons occasionally to keep fit, avoid getting sick and enhance his ability to live.
It takes a lot of energy to practice and refine boxing. In addition to high food quality, it also needs all kinds of precious elixirs to relax muscles, wash marrow and replenish vitality.
And Yang Tian can’t even get enough food and clothing to ensure that he wants to practice boxing.
After practicing Fu Hu Quan, Yang Tian’s strength has been growing rapidly. However, with the profound boxing, he felt that his physical strength was getting worse and worse. Later, every time he tried to punch, he felt that Venus was roaring in front of his eyes, especially when it was serious recently. It was bloody in the stool, which hurt his bowels.