Cass narrowed his red eyes and hid the sadness from the bottom of my heart. Korea curled her eyes and the biting stare at each other. A woman and a man stared at each other, and they couldn’t wait to stare at each other. Peach blossom beautiful eyes are black to Danfeng beautiful eyes and red world, so you can’t see who is who and who is left to meet enemies. That bone is particularly jealous.

The night is deep and the moonlight is gorgeous.
Outside the door, the northwest wind blew the dead branches, but suddenly broke a few branches to form the strange sound of swish in Leng Ye.
In the small wing of the building, there is a quiet and unique lake green color all over the room, but the mountain color is the color that Korea loves.
The candle in the room went out early, lifted the bead curtain, quietly worshipped the eyes, relaxed and tired, and just wanted to sleep, suddenly the door creaked, and then the small window was strangely blown by the wind, and the cold wind blew into the quilt from the outside, and the body was frozen and shivering, aiming at the surrounding darkness. Suddenly, the hair was dripping wet, and there was a horrible red light in the face.
Korea curled her mouth and couldn’t help screaming. The doorman quietly walked into the threshold and locked the door. A small window with sleeves was pulled, and the tall dark figure was alienated and strange in the dark night. The special smell became an inexplicable threat, which made her tremble and cringe at the corner.
It’s me, Cass, who suddenly raised his eyebrows and strode forward, violently covered Korea’s screaming mouth, and his brow was full of rage and impatience. He shouted, and the candle holder lit a fire in the room, and a faint light shone on Cass’s red and dripping eyes.
it’s you
Korea curled her eyes carefully, and it was a blow to the bridge of Cass’s nose, and then rolled the bedding to the side of the bed. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were red. What did you do in the middle of the night? You came to my room to scare me.
Give me something.
Cass clung to the ropeway and stretched out his rough hand, but was picked up by Korea’s crisp pat. He left the embroidered pillow unceremoniously to him. Cass flashed and kicked the embroidered pillow back to the bed. The two men stared at each other like a seesaw, neither letting anyone compromise.
Are you-are you a person or a ghost?
Uncle dead girl doesn’t want you to talk nonsense. Give me the things quickly and I’ll get out of here immediately, or your daily treatment will be this until you die. Cass stretched out his arm and lifted the jade bead curtain and glanced at Korea, where the charming face of Zhang Tieqing raised a sneer.
It’s okay if you don’t want to give it. Cass sits down on the bed and picks up the hip flask. It doesn’t matter who is in charge. If you offend him, don’t think about it. I’m the way to deal with your unruly little girl.
For him, she was speechless, but she was lazy and ran into her boudoir to let her have a bad life.
You sleep
Cass narrowed his red eyes thoughtfully and glanced at her. He gave the quilt a rude peck at her head, and he was enjoying himself.
It’s only a ghost when she sleeps. Korea can’t stand it. She sits up with anger and shouts, "You’re like a plague. You tell me to sleep. You and I are pigs. You can sleep like that."
Sleep or not, forget it.
As soon as Cass gathered his eyebrows and glanced patiently, he looked like he deserved to suffer because he didn’t sleep. This became more and more profound. Korea curled up and angered him, who was not good at provoking a god of plague, and Gu was entangled by him for no reason. This is called a thorough struggle.
Get out of here.
No one dares to order me to get out except her, and you are no exception. Shut up and sleep if you don’t want to die. You think you can sleep.
You are lazy.
Korea gave up the ghost and shivered, hoping that a knife would cut him into meat sauce. The world is really such a bastard who can make her feel high.
When you can’t sleep, bring your things to Uncle Bielang.
Hey, do you talk or not?
My woman often says that I am arrogant, but it’s a pity that since she left, no one has dared to reprimand him so confidently and teach him to pick up his ear and call him this bastard. When he was confused, his ear suddenly ached and looked up. The dead girl grabbed his ear and shouted at him that you were arrogant.
The moment cass suddenly alpha males.
Glancing at her stupidly, a strange ray of light shone into it, as if the gentle touch of the fingers made him forget to resist, push, roar at her and hold his breath and immerse himself in the illusion before him.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
My name is not hello.
Then what’s your name? Han Waiwai feels puzzled. This guy is picking up his ears instead of growling at her. He misses his appearance. It’s a freak.
Cascas Gong, if you want to be in a daze, please go back to your room and don’t bother me to rest, okay? Han Waisong’s ears are slightly yawned and pointed to the door panel. The marching orders are tactful and firm. After all, we are lonely.
Uncle has no idea about you.
Cass cold hum a.
He has no interest in makeup, thick face, long demon eyebrows, curved lips and painted red and blue buildings. Suddenly, Korea curled her mouth and smiled badly. The ghost hooked Cass’s neck and leaned over his ear, so it was ambiguous. But I thought deeply about you.
Be brazen and shameless.
Hehe, Mr. Cass is a little annoyed, but he looks handsome and won’t suffer if he eats it. If you don’t dislike us, don’t you?
Cass disdain cold hum pa will Korea curled her forehead brushed with anger.
Oh, my Lord, you are in most of fun run. What the hell are you looking for in my room? I look at things. Secondly, you want to find something, right?
Shame on you
Cass flung his sleeves and strode to the threshold with a violent kick. The door was livid and rushed to look at his awkward back. Korea curled her lips and laughed. This guy was quite innocent and devoted to her woman, but not very funny.