In the battle with Feather Empire, Ricci sent tens of thousands of mecha to the surface of StarCraft. The intelligence department of Feather Empire estimates that there are not less than 40,000. This is not the most important thing. The main thing is that these 40,000 mecha are masters of the true god level. This is unbelievable, but the intelligence department of Feather Empire has confirmed that this is true. Therefore, you are now in a very dangerous situation. I hope that you can take practical defense measures after learning the information until reinforcements arrive. The Empire will also send a large number of mecha to help you. The owner bless you, my child, and then the picture disappears. The adjutant knows that his company graduated from the Royal Military Academy of Bai Niao Star, and he is very close to this marshal Tucker Alstead. This old marshal is also the vice president of the Royal Military Academy. His company was the old marshal and recommended it to Emperor Ankara IV.

General, what should we do? The adjutant asked him that he had been frightened by the old marshal’s words.
We need to stick to it less for three months. After three months, the Fierce Inflammation Corps arrived, we settled down a few days ago. Now I have guessed it, but it has only been confirmed. Now think about it carefully, you will see that Bai Liqi’s previous attacks were all aimed at compressing our defense. He was shortening the distance between our StarCraft and his fleet. I think they were able to send the mecha to the surface of the StarCraft after reaching a certain distance. The Feather Imperial Corps must have seen the number of their warships as we did earlier. It’s definitely not possible to take the initiative to attack twice as much as they did, so we shrank our defense lines, but this time we won the battle with Liqi 86-bit pregnant, so they defeated this time. This 86-bit good handwriting wiped out four feather imperial legions at one time, and most of the two legions were wiped out. I’m afraid we haven’t had such a record in the war with Feather Empire in a hundred years, so Raya is now relaxed.
Yes, general, it was more than 170 years ago that Marshal zhukov 86 Slotowski led the large army to wipe out the feather empire and the beast. The marshal’s battle was much bigger than this 86-bit battle, and five regiments of the feather empire were wiped out. The adjutant was not so nervous when he saw that his company was relaxed.
There is not much comparability between these two. Marshal zhukov is a famous general in the emperor’s life, and he has fought thousands of battles, but after several experiences, Marshal zhukov led the cracked army, but most of them were newly formed. From their fighting with us, I felt that Marshal zhukov had annihilated five legions of the feather empire, but also killed four of them and captured a star fortress of the feather empire. In a word, the two men were different, Raya added
So, general, do you think we can hold out for three months? The adjutant asked questions that he had been wanting to ask for a long time.
I don’t know what I should do and what I can do, so I left it to the creator to decide. Some time ago, I guessed that the Ricci 86-bit plan also destroyed his plan, but he didn’t react slowly. At this time, we should adjust his plan. We lack understanding of them and even the most basic information. What can we use to analyze his intention to take the next step? We can guess that his plan has been blessed by the creator. This time, we can strengthen our defense, pay attention to defending the StarCraft and be careful of his sneak attack. It is said that this guy is best before the sneak attack. Several times it was a sneak attack that won the victory. I really don’t think there is anything else I can do. We are short of troops and the defense is barely enough. If I were two big legions, maybe there would be other ways to sneak attack him, which might make this Ricci 86-bit suffer a big loss. Alas, I am short of soldiers and warships now, Raya said
The feather empire reinforcements arrived faster than I expected, and after more than a month, the feather empire aid fleet or revenge fleet arrived. The vanguard reconnaissance warship has been guarding the warships with us. It’s hard to say that I am the big guard fleet or I know from the prisoners that the feather empire is afraid that the fleet is its main battle fleet, a flying wing legion, and the feather empire, a militaristic country, will not lag behind it. The main battle legion is two more than the East Tianyi Empire, and this flying wing legion is one of them. The other nine legions are the War Beast Legion, the Claw Legion, the Fierce Pupil Legion, the Giant Tooth Legion, the Night Legion, the Falling Star Legion, the Deep Legion, and the Hell Legion. Among them, the War Beast Legion 170 was annihilated by the East Tianyi Empire Rift Legion years ago and has been re-established over the years.
Our play plan went well, according to our play. We assembled the bomb fleet and retreated to alert the fleet. Of course, we didn’t forget to detonate the bomb before the evacuation. After the explosion, the feather people blew up the star fortress in despair. After the explosion, the feather people called the star fortress again, and there were not many places that were actually destroyed. After careful search, the flying wing corps entered the star fortress foundation fortress, and some of them who were familiar with it did not find many inconspicuous places in the fortress changed.
The Flying Wing Legion deserves to be the trump card of the Feather Empire. Once trained, the Flying Wing Legion has gone through a hundred bloody brigades, and all the actions have gone smoothly without delay. All the orders have been executed in that order. It’s almost like a wonderful performance. When will my fleet be able to perform like this in front of this fleet? I really want to be a professional. When the gap between children and children is experienced, I will use other methods to make up for the fact that the Flying Wing Legion has not been stationed in the fortress, but also sent a legion to pursue and withdraw our two small fleets. It is also said that the two standard fleets update the star rhyme around me the fastest.
I don’t envy it. It took more than a thousand years for the feather empire to call the elite ace fleet. Our fleet, which has not experienced several battles in 300 years, can’t help it. They are less than the commander of this fleet, and he is not a simple person. He has reached the point of being fascinated by the command of the fleet. I hope that he will save his life in the coming disaster. I have already recorded the scene in memory. Go back and show it to those guys, so that these frogs at the bottom of the well don’t know that people at the bottom of the well are different places. We should teach them a lesson when they lose their temper. After 300 years, our development has been rapid, but it has also made many guys pay great attention to it. I agree with you to build a base and protect the war situation with the feather empire for a long time. Now it seems that it is really good for us to be as strong as you think. Now I think we care too much for them, and it is not good for our plan to go like this.
Then what’s your opinion? I asked
In the future, I will gradually reduce the management of things in the Imperial Ministry and speed up the training of successors. We will gradually hide behind the scenes and concentrate on things in the door. We have laid a solid foundation for them. Let’s let other people come to see things in the future. Of course, we can’t just let go so suddenly, but it will take a few hundred years to buffer. It will probably take you to wait until you come back from the depths of Tianyi Star Domain, Xing Yun said
I’m also thinking about what you said. We have taken care of them for too long. We really need to let them really grow up without our help for a while. I agree with your plan. You can tell me the general steps. After all, the implementation of the plan is for you to carry out. Let’s not talk about this. We are not here to discuss this. Don’t forget that we are here to see fireworks, the most expensive fireworks in the universe. Are you ready? I asked.
Of course, I’m ready, but it’s an exciting moment. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Xingyun made no secret of her face and looked forward to talking about it. Well, it’s time to play now. After that, I took a remote control from the fairy ring and gently pressed the button on the face. Then a flame burned the remote control-style thing into smoke. It didn’t take long for the feather empire to shine in the interstellar fortress, and then more and more bullets exploded. Finally, these explosive energies gathered to form a light ball with a diameter of more than 2,000 kilometers. Finally, it flashed for a while, and then it exploded, and violent energy flew everywhere. The battleship of the flying wing army of the Imperial Feather has turned into fragments and flew to the depths of the universe with the scattered energy.
It’s spectacular, isn’t it? I asked, yes, I want to see it again. It’s a pity that you are not going to capture the glory star fortress of the East Tianyi, otherwise we can watch such fireworks again, Xingyun said
Of course, I seriously consider that it is impossible for us to wage a large-scale war with two big empires at the same time, which is not good for our development. We have to think about it in an all-round way. Now we have gone back, and now the feather empire has come to the fleet, and we have already completed our plan, and the feather empire has been destroyed by us one after another. More than a dozen legions are not weakened, but they have suffered enough pain for a while. Now they can’t easily give up our hatred. Our long-term hostile forces have achieved our goal. Next, we will see how the relocation plan is going. I went on to say.
The plan is going smoothly. Now we have a batch of migration ships every month, and each batch of ships has a standard fleet escort, mainly for these migrants, even without fleet escort. I believe that the ships can reach their destination on time. Don’t forget that we have carefully explored this star field for the past 300 years. There is no danger in this star field. Even the pirates of the universe have left Nuwa Star for four batches. The fifth batch of ships and horses will have moved about half of the population. It seems that there is no problem in completing the plan in ten months. During this period, we plan where our future military base will be arranged. We can go on a field trip.
If you want me to spend more time with you, just say what to do with those excuses, but your discussion is good. Now the feather empire doesn’t need to worry about Raya Andrei Ronakov. We plan to die. He is worried about the fate of the glorious legion. It will take him months to relax. It will be possible after his reinforcements arrive. In the past few months, we have nothing to investigate. I smiled and said to Xingyun. After listening to my words, we didn’t say anything. Our figure disappeared from this star.
General Raya Andrei has really lived these three months. Over the years, intelligence from China has proved that his strength is amazing. After landing the StarCraft to a certain extent, he tried his best to make defensive arrangements. However, after all, his strength was half that of the other side. After several times, the other side had compressed his defensive range back to the range before his counterattack, but he defeated the other side’s fleet. After all, he had little experience, and his offensive continuity was not strong. Discontinuities often occurred. The key phenomenon of attack occurred, but the commander of the other side was not a simple person’s ability. Soon in the recent short period, the other side’s command ability was greatly improved. The fleet cooperated with each other skillfully and put more pressure on itself. Raya knew that he had become a hot, 86-bit proud piece, grinding his hand to sharpen his knife, and his cosmic fleet. But now he has received the message from the crack army. After three days, the fierce army will arrive, and he will not be so tired. How long has he not slept for three? Yuelaya couldn’t help but shake her head and stop thinking about it. Should we consider what to do when the Rift Army helps us? It’s so difficult that the Rift Army is here to defend the empire. When has this situation passed, the Rift Army will certainly think the same.
The reinforcements of the East Tianyi Empire have arrived, and it is estimated that they will arrive at the Great Glory StarCraft in three days. It is estimated that the aid will be the elite fleet of the battle-hardened ace of the East Tianyi Empire. It is most likely that they will not be so simple in defense. This is not their style of attack. This is their main tone. Then you will face a large-scale crazy attack. I hope you will not let us down. I have seen these things in recent months, and you are all very good. Gifted officers, I expect you to grow up. A Chinese ancient poem means that a general’s achievement is based on flesh and blood. This does not include the bones and flesh of the enemy, but also the bones and flesh of his own soldiers. The soldiers should think more about what I ask of you. Try to minimize their own losses, destroy the East Tianyi as much as possible, and attack the enemy. Our strength will tell Emperor Ankara IV that we Huaxia are the masters of the new Tianyi star field. Here we are the masters. I will talk to the generals. It seems very calm, but in fact, the heart is very excited. The elite of Feather Empire was ruined by a big bomb. Without the mobile phone meeting, now the elite of East Tianyi has come, and others finally have the opportunity to prove themselves.
Three days passed in a flash. Raya Andrei Ronakov was greeted in the harbor by Nikolai matthaeus, the head of the Split Army Corps. There are two kinds of marshal ranks in the East Tianyi Empire. One is Marshal. The other is Marshal for Life. The honorary rank is mostly awarded to those marshals who have made great achievements in military service and made great contributions to the imperial team. That is to say, you can’t get the honorary marshal for life before retirement. Not all marshals can get the honorary marshal for life after retirement. A head of the army shook hands and hugged each other affectionately, and then led a hand to show mercy. Many senior officers came to the conference room of StarCraft Department. Marshal Nikolai looked haggard and Raya asked
General, do we really put so much pressure on you in the face of the enemy? You are one of the young generals of the East Tianyi Empire, and you are glorious. As you say, the big army is not battle-hardened, but it has two hundred years of experience in fighting the feather empire. Are you still afraid of a group of inexperienced fleets? After hearing this, the senior officers of the Split Army all looked at Admiral Raya Andrei Ronakov together.
Marshal is my haggard because the opposite fleet makes me haggard, not because this fleet is bigger, but because the owner of this fleet has brought us to this star field abandoned by our Tianyi clan. This man gives me the feeling that we will defeat him by law. You’re welcome to say Marshal, you and I, including us here, we will defeat him by law. This is my feeling. Do you know what I am haggard about? Because now I find that even if you come, we are still in danger. If he wants us to honor the StarCraft, we will stop him by law. We don’t know what he did, Raya said.
Raya will make sure that you are not alarmist now. You know that you are in a military analysis meeting, not you and me. Personally, today your situation is not suitable for military intelligence. You should rest for a few days. I know that it is very tiring during this period. You can be responsible for the defense of the fortress. Marshal Nikolai said with a look.
Marshal, I’m sober now, and I didn’t wake up before. It’s also because of your arrival that I woke up. I was under too much pressure some time ago, and some situations were ignored by us. This Ricci 86-bit good plan. As soon as he led us all by the nose, we were all deceived by him, Laya said with regret
General, make it clear. Marshal Nikolai said
General, I was just thinking that Blackie didn’t intend to capture my glorious StarCraft as soon as he was 86 bits. His constant attacks just increased the pressure on me to exercise his fleet. He must have increased the pressure on me for other purposes, but it was only to distract me and destroy his plan for the Feather Empire StarCraft. He had to capture him. It was impossible to fight against two opponents at the same time. The Feather Empire Fleet was unlucky and he destroyed it, Raya added.
How did you come to such a conclusion? Marshal Nikolai asked.
Marshal, you and I are both leading and generals. How many warships do you need to transport 50,000 mecha, especially those cosmic warships? Five bows are enough for 50,000 true-god-level mecha. But during these seven months of fighting, I found that their traces seemed to be absent. But we both know that it is true to get information from Feather Empire. Do you think it takes seven months for 50,000 true-god-level mecha and two large legions to destroy a big legion? If they make up their minds, they will not be able to finish it in one month. They can plan it for us in the battle of Feather Empire Star
If the two opposing legions’ fleets are pressed, our defense guests may collapse. It is easy to take this opportunity for dozens of cosmic warships to cross the defense line, and then they can easily plan, that is, it is impossible for me to arrange all the mecha on the surface of the fortress to stop the other side’s actions. It is certain that the glory of the interstellar fortress will be captured, but they have not done so. Instead, they have been fighting with our glory legion for seven months. Apart from that, we must have another purpose of knowledge. We don’t know. What’s the fastest update? I said that we are in danger now because Marshal, you split the big army. I carefully calculated that we are still not enough to defend against the attack of 50,000 true god-level mecha, that is to say, we can still capture our glory at any time if we want him to take advantage of the 86-bit StarCraft. Without the StarCraft, it is even more impossible to stop the attack of 50,000 true god-level mecha. Now our fate is in the hands of the mysterious man opposite, Raya 86 Andre. Ronakov’s face turned pale and sat down. A general who led the troops to fight had to come to such a conclusion that it was the biggest blow to himself. How painful it was for his opponent to control his own destiny and his own ability. It was a meeting. These people here were all battle-hardened generals. When all this information was combined, it was easy to come to an analysis conclusion. The simpler and more obvious it was, the easier it was for people to ignore it.
Can’t we do anything? Marshal Nikolai asked Raya Andrey Ronakov.
I can’t think of anything to do at present. To be honest, my fleet has been very nervous for seven months, and now it’s very tired. Are you new reinforcements? The morale is still very high. Today, the analysis will not be leaked, but we have no idea what this 86-bit Ricci is going to do. We have guessed his plan, and we may have some chance to talk about Marshal Nikolai with his eyes closed and his fingers dancing in his chair. Everyone knows that he is thinking about becoming a marshal for so many years, and this habit has gradually become known to the public. It took a long time for Marshal to open his eyes and slowly say.
I thought of a possibility that Ricci 86-bit was retreating. He was afraid that we would find out his retreat plan. Apart from this, I can’t think of any other possibility. This is based on the current military situation. We have some information in Ricci 86-bit and some historical experience. He is retreating.
Marshal, what can you tell us? Will you come to this conclusion? A senior officer of Marshal Rift Corps said.
First, at present, the strange situation can be said in one case, that is, Liqi 86-bit doesn’t want to lose too much power. These two large army fleets may be the strength of other departments. He doesn’t want us to have a decisive battle, but he just leads us. He doesn’t want to lose combat power in this sense. Two or three hundred years ago, we obtained intelligence that Liqi 86-bit closed technology was successful, and a standard fleet ambushed and annihilated one of our legions. We searched for it for three hundred years, but we didn’t find Liqi 86-bit people in this star. Traces of life in the domain, so I wondered if he had hidden his base with closed technology, so that we could not find many countries. After all, it was more difficult to transport closed technology in the enemy’s body, but it was much simpler to transport it in his base. Third, since we haven’t found them for 300 years, they can continue to hide against us, but what has come up again? One explanation is that there is a problem in their base and we need to move and retreat. Marshal Nikolai said that the strange situation today was that Raya listened to it and nodded and agreed with Marshal’s analysis.
Marshal General, what should we do now? A senior officer asked.
Marshal, what did the emperor give you? There was no other command. Raya asked.
The order given to me by the emperor’s military headquarters is to lead the crack army to come to the staff, and the glory army will cooperate with the defense of the glory star fortress to ensure the safety of the glory star fortress. There is no other order, Marshal Nikolai said
In that case, let’s go to rest for a while. Now the Glory StarCraft is still very safe. Let’s not worry about you coming from afar for the time being. Let’s go to rest first. We will have a reception and everyone will attend the Marshal on time. We haven’t seen me for many years. I also have some good wines here. Don’t you want to try my collection? Raya has changed money.
Well, I also want to taste the general’s treasure. You all go to rest. My general is here to catch up and remember to attend the Glorious Legion on time. We are going to meet our officers for the reception. The officers have already issued an order to disperse in twos and threes. At this time, many officers who know each other also started talking. Marshal Nikolai Raya came to General Raya’s private room. The adjutant took a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet, poured one for each of them and then retired. Raya picked up a cup and handed it to Marshal Nikolai, saying.
Try it. It was given to me by the emperor when I came to this new Tianyi Star Domain 300 years ago. It is said that it is brewed by the royal secret party, and there is no way to buy it outside. Marshal Nikolai raised his glass and tasted it briefly, then said.
It’s true that I lived in the royal power brewing place. When I first tasted this wine, it was 6,700 years ago. At that time, I was just a head of the army, a captain of the fleet led a standard fleet and was bravely received by the soldiers. But today, it’s not just me drinking, is it? Marshal Nikolai asked.
I knew I couldn’t hide something from you. I don’t want to tell you in front of so many officers how about signing a ceasefire agreement with Ricky 86. My idea now is that this new Tianyi Star Domain is really not suitable for us. It is no longer the Tianyi Star Domain before the catastrophe. It is no longer our Tianyi Family’s hometown. Now it can be said that the roots here don’t welcome our empire. It has been proved that this star domain is not suitable for our Tianyi Family to live here. Our ability will gradually deteriorate and our descendants will gradually lose our ability. I know all about many emperors’ private actions in recent years, but I didn’t stop them from doing anything, because I believe that if I want that kind of power, I have to pay them to plunder many orcs from Augustus, that is, to show mercy to those people of the same race with the strength of 86 bits. They also have the ability to ride bits, and the emperors and daughters have also obtained these methods, but it turns out that we Tianyi people can’t have this ability. This ability conflicts with our racial ability. The higher the racial ability, the deeper the conflict, and finally the violent death.
There are a lot of dead hands of imperial ladies, aren’t there? What have we got in this way? What are we staying here for? There is no root conflict between us and Liqi 86-bit. Here, our ability is under pressure, so our ability is under pressure in the star field where we live. In this case, we have no serious conflict. Then why are we still fighting? Isn’t these battles not imperial wealth? Now Qiliqi 86-bit doesn’t want to push us to the wall. He has captured the glory star fortress. If you destroy my glorious legion, the empire will certainly continue to fight with him, but he didn’t do so, so we will sign a ceasefire agreement. Maybe you should not forget that our fate is still in the hands of others. We are under too much pressure, and I am afraid that he will be desperate to capture this interstellar fortress.
I don’t say it in front of all the officers because many officers hope to prove themselves by coming to fight and add something to their shoulders. You and I don’t need these things anymore, but they are different. I’m afraid that my plan will be opposed by everyone as soon as I say it. The command given to you by the military headquarters is to cooperate with me to ensure the glory of the Star Fortress, and the fortress will be safely guaranteed. What can the military headquarters say? General Raya Andrei Ronakov said easily.