Duanmu Yunji is also sighing behind him. Yes, more than 70 years have passed. At the beginning, I was scattered by Tuopi of Huangfu Nan. Later, I heard that my father was grieving and vowed to avenge me. Today, Tuopi of Huangfu Nan was punished early, but I have come back, but I don’t know where my father is and when he will come.

I’m afraid that Duanmu Lie will be closed for hundreds of thousands of years, and perhaps it’s no wonder that Duanmu Yunji Nai sighed.
Yuan Ye’s mind flashed across the road for a moment, and then he sighed lightly. He vomited his head from Yuan Ye’s mouth and looked at the side of Duanmu Yunji with a small smile. Let’s go and walk with me. Yuan Ye’s body movement was due to a light leaf in the wind flashing at the foot of the mountain, and then Duanmu Yunji followed closely and revisited 691.
The threesome soon passed through two big six realms and reached the site of Ice Spirit Big Six. Yuan Ye still remembers the scene that Duanmu Yunji was sealed by Kouyi and his brother Hangjian, and his strength was hunted by several people. That was when they were hunted by a group of soul-fighting people. At that time, in Yuan Ye’s eyes, there were few soul-fighting masters. Today, his soul-fighting brothers don’t know how many. Yuan Ye couldn’t help but sigh again.
When I was young, it was here that Duanmu Yunji really met that guy’s lair, which was less than a hundred miles away. At the beginning, I didn’t even dare to say that I would be able to fight with my soul. It’s really funny. It’s been chaotic here for more than 70 years, and it hasn’t changed at all. Yuan Yewei smiled and introduced it to Xiaoxiao around me.
Smell speech Duanmu Yun Ji also smiled. At that time, it was dangerous for the two people to fight each other in the cold war. But now the meeting is not as thrilling as it was at that time, but it is strong to smile at its past and recall a successful memory. However, it is a satisfied smile. Today, Yuan Ye’s achievements are absolutely worthy of success
A small stop is also a Zheng, who immediately snickered and laughed, that is, fighting the soul in the "Shen Shao star" is not strong. I didn’t expect that in seventy years, the little people fighting the soul were already strong to this point. Is it a feeling that things are transformed?
Yuan Ye smiled and said nothing.
However, just as the three people were talking and laughing, the mountain forest was suddenly chaotic. Soon, two figures broke through the tree barrier and fled in a low panic. Just as the figures just flew in, more than a dozen figures flashed past the mountain forest, and one of them was obviously a big step faster. Behind these people, a large group of wannabe roared that their strength was too weak. These wannabe couldn’t even fly to France.
Haha, I want to run away. None of us can escape to kill women. Haha, a middle-aged man with a scar on his face is flying very fast. He grinned at the man and a woman who were being hunted down and flew directly from the side. Soon the man and a woman were surrounded.
Surrounded by two people, a man and a woman, a young man is tall and handsome, but his face is bitter at the moment. The woman next to him is even more refined and charming, and her face is handsome, but at this time that beautiful cheek is extremely pale.
After rushing around together, you go first, and I’ll stop them. The man’s eyes are staring at the scar man across the street, and he drinks, "Guo Huai, you must be driven to extinction because Jade Brake Sect supports you. You are too arrogant."
What can you do if you are arrogant? Who will destroy the Jade Brake Sect in this ice? You can’t wait to die, but if you think I’m killing them all, I can be merciful and ask you to honestly give me that chick to play with. I can let you live. Scar man grimaced.
Dreaming youth huffed, but it was holding the female body with one hand and rushing.
Coldly looking at the young man’s behavior, Scar man sneered and gave me this ungrateful thing to dismember with a wave of his hand.
Listen to command a few people Lima should drink immediately holding a weapon is to kill the young man, and the scar man is striding to the pale face of the female line to the corners of the mouth with a smirk.
Yuan Ye and others couldn’t hear what they said for several miles, but looking at the situation on both sides, Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji couldn’t help looking at each other and immediately laughed.
A man and a woman were all repaired by Emperor Wudi, but they were hunted by a group of people. They were still fighting spirits. Everything was just like the two of them at the beginning, and the location was still on this small border.
In Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji lamented that the young man who came to be injured was defeated by several people across the street. Finally, he was repelled by a palm. When one mouthful of blood was sprayed, he turned to look at the face of her smile and went to the female line to scar the man. Despair emerged in his eyes with a sad smile.
Brother Yong saw that the young man was wounded, and the children called Shan finally couldn’t help crying and shouted.
And the scar man listened to the sad cry of the woman, which was even more brazen. The harsh smile made people feel extremely uncomfortable. Hey, hey, there’s nothing left. The little girl obediently followed me home. I really don’t want to pay attention to playing here. Scar man smiled and his big hand was straight at the woman. At the moment, the woman was obviously more seriously injured and had no resistance, so she could watch the approaching big hand with a touch of despair and sadness in her eyes.
Beast, the young man looked at the scar man and immediately denounced, and the scolding just fell into a figure, that is, he kicked it in his chest and would kick it to the ground and spray one mouthful blood again.
Scar man smiled and glanced at the young man. Don’t kill him yet. Let him enjoy it. Come and enjoy my glory. Haha said that Scar man’s arm was in vain and he wanted to catch the woman in front of him directly.
However, when the palm of his hand is still half a foot away from the woman, his body is strange and now stops.
I’ll appreciate it, too.
A black shadow came with a strong strength and finally smashed into the scar man’s chest. The sudden blow directly made the scar man blanch and spray his body like a dead dog. He chased the ground from the sky and rolled around the earth for more than a dozen times before slowly stopping this mutation, so he suddenly became quiet all around. Everyone looked at the scar man’s mind with amazement, which suddenly turned into a dead dog.
Finally, I reflected that I turned around and saw a blue-robed man in the location of the scar man.
The pretty girl called Shaner also looked at the man who kept wailing in the ground with his mouth slightly open, and suddenly turned his head and his delicate and pretty young face came into view.
Seeing this mutation, everyone is wary of stepping back three steps and shaking a shiny weapon at the sudden guy.
The young man who was knocked to the ground also took the opportunity to get up, regardless of the blood on his mouth, and rushed to protect the woman. He looked up at the blue man in front of him and thanked him for his help.
At the moment, the people who came after each other also looked at it with amazing eyes. Although quite young people were surprised that he was able to instantly beat off a soul-fighting master, many people’s eyes were full of bold eyes. How strong can a young man be? Doesn’t he know what power Nine Romain is? Even local overlords like Nine Romain dare to provoke death. There is no second statement.
Bah, Scar Man struggled to get up, turned pale, vomited a big mouthful of blood, and looked at his face viciously. Yuan Yeshu shouted, "It’s really brave to dare to provoke us in this border. I think you have hundreds of lives to death."
Lightly glanced at the scar man Yuan Ye eyebrows a wrinkly nine Rohm so familiar with the name that I can’t remember it at the moment.