Huo Yuan eyes flashing immediately decided to binge drink, although the three of them are far better than Lin, but their hearts are Bai Lin, which really motivated the two great ancestors, and they must be born to die.
Hear Huo Yuan drink that Li Lei two people’s eyes is also over a bit hard color body movement to disperse.
Since the exposure of the Zufu, how could it be possible for you to escape from the forest movement? The three people looked forward to fleeing, but they smiled faintly. Even when the forest movement was forced by the three giants of Yuanmen in the different magic city, they didn’t dare to move. First, the gap between the two sides was too big. Second, the forest movement didn’t want to expose him to devour the Zufu. Otherwise, even in this chaotic magic sea, the forest movement would be stared at by several people.
But he will expose the two great ancestors, Fu Ran, with absolute confidence, and completely kill Huo Yuan, otherwise once the news comes, it will really cause great trouble.
Phagocytosis chain of ancestors
Lin long palm agent immediately suddenly hold flat sound from its mouth.
With the sound falling, we can see that there are suddenly several black rays in the rotating black hole, and at the same time, the black light condenses into a series of black chains, and the chain’s swallowing power surges rapidly. When the chain touches the energy, it is forcibly swallowed up and grows stronger.
Black chains swept them all over the place, and the speed was faster. It was almost a flash, and now Huo Yuan’s three sides stabbed them hard and violently.
cry of some birds and animals
In the face of those black chains condensed by devouring power, Huo Yuan’s three men also hurried to dodge those chains, and the devouring power made them extremely uncomfortable. Zufu’s power was a great deal for different magic gas.
Three people at this time is obviously the speed to the extreme, but those who devour the chain speed is more rapid, just a dozen interest rates, three people’s bodies are now bloody and look quite embarrassed.
Lin looked indifferent and looked at Huo Yuan, who was embarrassed by the number of devouring chain attacks. Although he could not use the power of the flame ancestor to the terrible point of burning the sky and boiling the sea like Moro, it was not too much trouble if he wanted to deal with this Huo Yuan.
Zufu strength can be underestimated, but it’s not easy to move to the forest.
Phagocytosis spiral prison
Lin’s handprint suddenly changed, and those Huo Yuan’s three bodies roared past and swallowed the lock. Suddenly, a coagulation of black light scattered directly into a swirling black hole vortex with strong swallowing power, which emitted directly into a rather strange swallowing magnetic field, while those Huo Yuan’s three bodies were completely solidified by those swallowing forces from all directions.
At this time, the situation of the three people is quite funny. In their whole body, hundreds of black holes whirled around the three-person black hole, and the prison still bound them to move.
Such a strange scene also makes Huo Yuan’s face change dramatically. However, regardless of their course, Yuan Li’s body is still motionless.
Lin was indifferent and looked at the hands of the three people who were bound. When they shook hands, Thunder Zufu suddenly rose and then swept into the thunder cloud.
With the thunder ancestor fu chong, Lei Yun suddenly rolled up crazily, and the terrible thunder spread with an amazing fluctuation.
Thunder trial
In Lin’s right eye, Lei Guang suddenly became strong and cold, and the judgment of the gods echoed in this world.
In the forest, the cold voice echoed in the thundercloud, and then the thunder condensed crazily, and then a huge thunder spear was slowly revealed in the thundercloud, and then it went straight to Huo Yuan’s three people.
Bang bang bang.
The cold thunder spear whizzed through the heavens and the earth, and the earth was split at this moment. The Huo Yuan three people were even more horrified and looked at the thunder spear that was rapidly enlarged in the eye pupil, from which they felt the thick smell of death.
That Li Lei’s body was first feared by Lei Maobo’s face, and then it suddenly solidified and the body exploded.
Black but in Lei Guang, the devouring power diffuses like the remnant snow, which quickly dissipates in Li Lei’s piercing screams.
Li Lei was instantly destroyed, and the dust spirit followed. The cold thunder spear seemed to be the judgment spear of Raytheon, which gave them the end of death.
Lin, you are pregnant with two great ancestors, and sooner or later you will die. Huo Yuan growled, and there is a deep fear in his eyes.
Lin’s face didn’t have the slightest mood swings, and his palm waved slowly, and that LeiMao also scored Huo Yuan’s body severely.
I won’t make you feel better if I die
Huo Yuan was covered in blood, and his skin was covered with cracked blood. He growled wildly, and soon his head suddenly exploded and a strange wave surfaced.