What are you doing? You should be unhappy.

Don’t go to this kind of battle. That’s the business of the three brothers. He’s not happy when you go. Qingzhu Ling said softly
I should have heard that my body shape was also slightly slow to move, and I wanted to refute it, but it was only after I remembered Lin Dong’s ng that it was quiet. She knew that Lin Dong seemed warm at ordinary times, but his pride in his bones was higher than anyone else. Three years ago, he was forced by the Big Three of Yuanmen to retreat and flee from the East Xuanyu, and he must be ashamed in his heart. Now he ng’s humiliation must be recovered by himself, so he didn’t even move except his two brothers.
I did tell Qingzhu Ling that this kind of fighting would not help her.
He’s a real snob.
Should be looking at the distance that the blood spilled in the tragic war circle, the silver fangs bit the teeth and couldn’t help but be angry and angry. Soon, the whole body was suddenly and violently cold, and it was directly rushed into the magic corpse army. All the magic corpses were turned into ice crumbs, and the biting degree of that hand was better than before. Obviously, she wanted to vent her anger on these poor magic corpses.
The black S totem pole swept past with a terrible evil spirit, and then mercilessly swung it in the tiger’s mouth, which rushed to the dark holy tiger. However, there was a cry of pain in the tiger’s eyes. The ferocious tiger’s mouth was severely bitten by the devil’s arm in the sky, and the tiger’s head was thrown to life, tearing the magic arm into a huge mouth.
Violet and black light swept through the wind, and a huge gun shadow was directly penetrated, and finally flashed on the evil spirit’s chest.
Sharp than a gun shadow, even if it is a top player who touches the reincarnation, it is full of holes, but when it falls on that day, the evil spirit’s body is pierced by half a foot.
Dragon songs followed by thousands of feet of huge purple dragon claws clenched into a fist, but it was a punch that slammed into the thousand feet of huge grips, and a force visible to the naked eye rippled violently.
With such a powerful blow, the thousand-foot pike finally penetrated the evil spirit’s chest and then the rear penetrated.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
It is also at this time that three strange faces in the big mouth of evil spirits are surging and ferocious.
You three bastards dare to hurt this evil spirit. Do you know how much we paid to repair it?
The sharp roar resounded, and there was an extreme terror and evil spirit. On that day, the evil body chalk swept away, and the three giants of Yuanmen had enough drinking and playing. You three little bastards all gave seats to die.
The evil spirit in the sky suddenly opened its ferocious giant mouth at this time, and a terrible vortex formed in it, which swept through the mouth and gave off the smell of death.
The abyss of evil spirits
It will be midnight, so let’s have a monthly pass.
We will never lose the chain this month. Don’t worry. Since we said we would work hard, we will stick to the last chapter. One thousand two hundred and thirteen The revenge war.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen Revenge War
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen
The monstrous evil spirit broke out in the ferocious giant mouth of evil spirits on that big day at this time, and in the depths of that giant mouth, there was a thick fluctuation of death, which made people numb.
This land is shaking violently at this time, and there is a strong suction. The suction in the mouth of the evil spirits in that big day is strong. Even the large bodies of the three people in Lin are signs of being sucked away.
The surge of suction suddenly saw a black S-aperture, and the evil spirit suddenly slammed sh in its mouth, and then the small inflammation of the dark holy tiger was shrouded in it.
make a din
Aperture shrouded in that kind of suction suddenly skyrocketed and inflammation, and that huge body actually took off directly, and then it threw sh at the big evil spirit’s huge mouth like the abyss of Judah.
Xiao Yan roars violently, struggling with black and white brilliance, trying to resist the suction from his body, but he can watch himself getting closer and closer to the giant mouth. In the depths of the giant mouth, it is still the abyss of death, and a sense of legal danger permeates his heart.
When the sable saw Xiaoyan’s dangerous surface S, it also changed. The huge bat wing slammed its body shape and suddenly plundered it, trying to save Xiaoyan.
But his figure just moved. The magic totem pole in the hands of the evil spirits in that big day is to wave the vast magic and surge directly to force the mink back.
Haha, people who fall into this great evil spirit can never live. The smiles of the Big Three of Yuanmen are full of evil and malice.
Xiaoyan struggled fiercely, but when he found out that the tiger’s eyes flashed with fierce light, his huge body was permeated with blood, and an extremely violent energy was emitted from his body, which was a sign of explosion
However, just as Xiaoyan was preparing to give the Yuanmen Big Three a hard time, Zijin light suddenly enveloped and a huge Zijin dragon tail was severely left in his body. The strength of the earth was directly to fly Xiaoyan.
Small inflammation tiger eye one leng, and then hurried a look at the sudden horror of the dead, and saw that the forest-moving Zijin dragon replaced his previous position, and then it was swallowed up by the huge mouth that exuded all the magic.
eldest brother
Violent scarlet almost burst into the eyes of a small inflammatory tiger, and then he turned around and rushed at the evil spirit on that day, but immediately he was stopped by the small mink in front of him.
Second brother, what are you doing? Xiao Yan said immediately nu way
What’s the hurry? Do you think he’s such a reckless person? It’s so easy to swallow him. Mink’s handsome face sank and shouted