The city wall people heard this conversation between the two people, and their eyes were equally hot. They really wanted to know who could be better when these two people met with strong brands.

If you have a monthly ticket in the hands of your brothers and sisters in the middle of the month, vote for Wu Dong. I haven’t seen a three-digit ticket for many days.
Please everyone. Four hundred and seventy One yuan nirvana
In the distant days, two figures stood in confrontation, and the atmosphere was solidified and tight, and the sense of coldness quietly spread.
Many eyes on the city wall are also quite hot. Both of them are famous in this northwest region. Of course, Shi Xuan became famous early, and his nirvana strength was enough to make him proud of many senior dynasties, plus the title of Magic Rock Dynasty behind him. Many people know him as the number one.
On the other hand, Lin Dong became famous only recently, and he always came to some small dynasties alone, but this did not prevent people from causing some shock to him. After all, it is rare to dare to provoke a magic rock dynasty in this northwest region.
The two men are obviously very eye-catching to ji’s hand, and their official is very interested in knowing who can be better when the two men collide.
I’ve seen a lot of you. You’ve made great strides in your adventure, and no one cares about your natural enemies. But in the end, these people can really live. Maybe one of the ten people is lucky. Shi Xuan’s feet are empty and his eyes are wandering, looking for a flaw in Lin’s body. A new sneer in his mouth.
In my eyes, you are also this kind of person, but it’s a pity that you won’t be one of the ten people. The details of the high dynasty are not comparable to your explosive impact.
Lin Dong smiled and didn’t argue with Shi Xuan. Although the background of the senior dynasty is not weak, it doesn’t mean that it is enough to make his starting point higher than ordinary people, but his achievements after the old are only dependent on himself.
However, Lin Dong’s flat smile makes Shi Xuan’s fist can’t help but hold on to his heart, which is even more evil. Others rise from his magic rock dynasty unless they are in awe, but in front of them, this guy doesn’t care at all and doesn’t know whether he is knowing or because his confidence is too inflated.
With Shi Xuan’s fist clenched in bright golden light, an amazing force B moved slowly on the surface of his body, and B changed like a storm.
I’ll see if you can still laugh when you pick it up
Shixuan’s printing method is changing and surging, and even the teeth of heaven and earth are spinning at its center. A bb rich light broke out and a moment later it was condensed into a huge mountain on that day. On the top of the mountain, there was a huge seal, emitting amazing B movement.
The mountains across the sky faintly exude extremely sharp boxing strength, and even the sky is shaking up in that mountain.
Moyin Town Shanquan
Shi Xuan face syn cold blow boom suddenly that huge mountain is with a long shadow to the forest dynamic detonation and sharp than boxing strength is directly to the ground are living collapse.
This Shi Xuan single-handedly shows the strength of one yuan’s nirvana. Compared with Razer and others, I don’t know how much I hate it. That kind of power is also enough to explode a man like Chen’s tomb.
Looking at the mountain forest that came with the oppression of the shadow of Gansu, there was also a dignified S in his eyes. He took a deep breath and turned over an ancient futon in his palm, which was now in his hand.
Strong force and strong jng divine power surged almost at the same time, and then poured into the futon continuously.
make a din
With the two forces pouring into the futon, a huge light beam suddenly rises into the sky, and the strange jng tooth force makes this piece of vitality boil up in a flash.
This force Shi Xuan slightly shook and looked at the light beam surface S that showed hn Dun S. As soon as S changed, he could perceive that this force jng divine power was completely different, and it seemed quite powerful.
This guy can actually combine two different forces. Shi Xuan’s eyesight is obviously very good. At first glance, he has a glimpse of the clue. When his heart is full of thread, he is very difficult to combine the two forces. Don’t say that he is a one-yuan nirvana now, even if he continues to survive several nirvana robberies, I am afraid he still can’t reach this level.
It is said that the integration of different forces is not something that Nirvana can control, but the eye movement has brought him a lot of shock
It’s the futon.
But shocking, but this Shi Xuan, after all, didn’t lose his head. At a glance, it was the ancient futon that condensed in front of Lin Dong. The hn Dun S beam rushed from here.
The wild prison heaven refers to the prison heaven and earth, and the two fingers move and dry Kun.
The huge jng light beam goes up into the sky and then tears five giant fingers from ancient times, which is so quietly suspended in the sky. It is as old as ever.
This is the first time in the history of forest movement that ng has put all the fingers of the wild prisoners to good use, and it has also prompted jng to unite such power. Even this world is a sign of earthquake dng.
The wall several eyes looked at the ancient giant fingers suspended in the forest overhead, and there was also a strong shock. S was surging in this intensity, and it was considered that some nirvana was strong and felt deadly dangerous.
Lin’s eyes are full of fighting spirit. After breaking through to half a step of nirvana, he is finally able to display this wild prisoner’s fingers with the ability of Tianfu teacher.
The five fingers hanging from the forest suddenly waved their arms, and suddenly the ancient giant fingers were suddenly and violently plundered, and those terrible impacts were like even the virtual ones, showing some signs of distortion.
Bang bang bang.
The deep breath exploded continuously in the thumb, and then in the ancient fingers with breathless eyes, and finally the mountain crashed into each other severely.
Earth-shattering noise, like nine days of thunder, suddenly resounded through this world, and the earth was picked up in this giant tremor.
The first giant finger was exploded at the moment of contact, and then the second one was bombarded on the mountain.
In Shi Xuan’s sneering eyes, three ancient giant fingers were completely exploded when they were pressed for more than ten seconds in the mountain town.
This dusk has also made many people feel awkward. This martial power is not weak, but it seems that its power is not as earth as expected.
However, for those many outcries, Lin’s eyes have not changed at all, and the power of each finger is completely different, especially the fifth finger, which is a qualitative change. It is not too early to be happy now.
In fact, the fourth finger burst, and the oldest condensed fifth finger finally landed in the strange rune on the top of the mountain.
It seems that at this moment, with the sneer on Shi Xuan’s face, the tooth force slowly solidified.