So what’s done is done, even the emperor can’t stop it.

Qin went to the side of the night inflammation god and stretched out his hand and took a bunch of treasure keys from him. Then he turned and walked Su Chi copper and followed him with a smile.
When they walked around, everyone looked at the emperor and his face became ugly. He waved his hand and said, Let them go. Let’s continue.
When the emperor acquiesced, the song and dance music in the banquet hall immediately sounded and the hall fell into a sea of false music again.
Qin destroyed Su Chi copper in the former, and the two men walked towards the hidden treasure cave in the royal garden. The hidden treasure cave is also familiar to Su Chi copper. Although he visited this place ten years ago, it is still difficult for him to travel this distance.
Near the cave mouth of the hidden treasure house, Qin Chu keenly felt that the guards around him were motionless. These people have probably arrived at the notification and have not appeared to stop them from approaching the treasure house.
Su Chi’s bronze master is bold, and he is not afraid of challenges. Even if he ambushes, he will retreat and win confidence.
Qin destroyed the key and hit the door of the hidden treasure cave. The entrance of the dark cave was the first to drill in.
Su Chitong walked to the door of the cave and hesitated a little, or followed closely into the cave.
Magic lights on both sides of the stone wall lit up and Qin destroyed the second stone gate.
Su Chi copper suddenly grabbed the Qin Dynasty’s head with a claw behind it, without a trace of wind.
Qin dynasty has been in the spirit of God’s vigilance, but it is always locked behind the enemy. As soon as he perceives Su Chi’s copper hand, he immediately rushes forward and throws the other party far behind him.
Su Chi-tong’s blow was not moderately flashy, and he was more experienced in actual combat than when he decided to start work, he would never give this wizard a response.
Qin has been silent to strengthen the flurry, but the degree is still worse than Su Chi copper, and it was quickly chased by the other side.
Su Chi copper is another slapping at Qin’s waist side. Although his palm seems to be light, Qin can’t hard-connect the good body and the true qi, and twist the body to avoid the blow.
It’s time for the close-fitting dogfight key. Qin destroyed a big day’s shocking flame knife without reservation. A four-foot long flame blade turned around with Qin destroyed and suddenly it was severely cut to the other side’s waist.
Su Chi copper frightened and retreated on the 8 th day, and the flaming blade of Qi Yu Lian soared to the length of Zhang at noon, and the heat was as hot as Su Chi copper’s cheek.
Su Chi copper’s left hand is finally a pale golden holy order of quarrelling, swallowing, spitting, pulling and collapsing, and immediately smashing the Qin flame blade.
Qin put out to give up and retreat. In front of the body, a mass of cursing clouds appeared in an attempt to stop Su Chi copper’s sharp offensive.
I thought about the equipment in Lishi Terrain to deal with Su Chi copper, but I didn’t know that the Qin Dynasty was destroyed until I got the chance to get the equipment. It was so fast that the oppressed people could hardly breathe.
Su Chi-tong’s left arm burst into a holy order of quarrelling, and this kind of physical situation burst into quarrelling control is perfect. Although Qin Chu didn’t know why he wanted to do this, it was an opportunity after all.
Su Chi copper waved his left arm and quarrelled again, which immediately dispelled the curse cloud in front of him. But when he was going to shoot the mage with one punch, a big hole suddenly appeared on the left side, and a huge sickle with a strong smell of death stretched out from the inside. The blade roared and hooked to Su Chi copper’s neck.
Yi Su Chi copper a light shout at the same time back to the left arm when an index finger stood on the BoLian blade never forced blocked this unpredictable blow.
The scythe didn’t go in the right direction, and a row of beautiful silver spikes shot Su Chi’s copper arm and tinkled at the same time.
The scythe was suddenly returned, and the black hole disappeared inexplicably.
At this time, Qin destroyed the treasure chest and picked up the black spirit stick and brought three rings and a necklace with white light.
The spirit-devouring stick can cause the target to be paralyzed, and those three rings are extremely rare. The ring with double strength is a famous elf monkey agile necklace with white light. It is said that you should take this necklace with you, and your predecessor will be as light as a feather. It is better than the elf monkey in the forest. Qin has already given yourself an intensive blast technique, which means that Qin’s power has reached a magical effect and can be added to all peaks.
Pick me up with a stick, Qin destroyed Judah, and a shocking ape smashed it into Su Chi copper with a stick.
This stick is menacing. Su Chitong doesn’t want to let his opponent do it in one go. He prefers to take this stick hard.
Locking this stick is like knocking directly on a piece of stubborn iron. The huge anti-seismic force will destroy the Qin Dynasty, and even the people and the stick will be thrown back.
However, Su Chi-tong felt bad, too. His feet sank deep into the floor and he was buzzing and vibrating all the time. He probably didn’t expect this masked mage to turn into a brute warrior and have such great strength.
The paralyzing effect attached to the spirit-eating stick caused Su Chi copper to pause for a moment. Although I don’t know what he hasn’t been fighting with the holy order, it’s already a big trouble just because his holy order is strong and tough. Qin destroyed the stick and immediately retreated to the treasure chest and touched the blood-red gloves. I immediately felt a surge of murder.
The name of this glove is the lip skin of the red whale with angry teeth in the deep sea. It can be used to cast spells as crazy as the seven-level psychic magic.
Psychic magic is different from ordinary attacks. It is the most mysterious and mysterious magic, which magnifies the enemy’s psychic barrier. The smaller the adult, the easier it is to be attacked by psychic magic.
Although Qin Chu doesn’t understand psychic magic, he can touch the magic by directly touching the target’s body. The question is whether a punch for a punch can withstand Su Chi’s copper blow.
Su Chi-tong’s hasty state looks strange. He didn’t attack his opponent immediately, but stood on the ground and remained alert. His left arm only occasionally exploded a pale golden holy order and quarreled with the enemy most of the time with his rich practical experience of the earth.
This doubt has given Qin a lot of opportunities to destroy, but now the opponent is motionless and does not destroy before Qin, but it is not good to get the first hand. The attack distance of this fearsome hand glove is too short. Qin can’t recognize the ability to directly rush to bomb the Sino-Soviet red copper, unless the other party also moves to fight with high posture, it is still possible.
Since Su Chi copper did not move, Qin destroyed his attack mode and tried his best to fill himself with state magic. By the way, he also built a lot of magic hidden weapons, and the number is still rubbing.
Su Chi copper eyebrows gently Yang Yang, he didn’t expect that in this treasure house, except for the young wizard, he was still a master, but it was still enough to threaten the master who was serious. Although the slight magic fluctuation was weak, he couldn’t deceive himself. Although such a master could not fight with the holy order for the time being, the holy order was still sensitive, and Su Chi copper stood still and quietly gathered strength to wait for the opponent to strike.
But in front of this magician, he is also a difficult opponent, and his outstanding skills are inexhaustible. This guy has called a large number of low-order magic while he is on guard against kung fu. Although he has not really tasted the taste of hidden weapons, the Qin Dynasty’s magic, he has also seen the horrors of the iron guards and vaguely guessed that these large numbers of low-order magic are not as simple as imagined.
Finally, Su Chi copper couldn’t help it. Before deliberately stepping, he blew a straight punch. air billow matched the Qin Dynasty and came out.
At this moment, there was a rush from behind the two men, and every step of it shook the floor.