Although there are also some humans in the beast war domain, it is rare to dare to be so arrogant here.

Mengshan yellowed his eyes and stared at Lin Dong. Soon, he grinned at me and told me some benefits of Blood Python City. I’m afraid you have to come with me today. Don’t worry, I won’t give you a win for Cao.
Lin is also looking at the Mengshan immediately glanced at the line of sight behind him. Sorry, I don’t want to go anywhere.
Mengshan smell speech is sneering at this kind of thing. It’s not up to you to decide. I know you are not weak, even Cao Ying can’t stand you, but you and I, Tieshan Wei, are comparable to those Ukrainian allies in Blood Python City.
And it seems that in response to his words, a large number of troops in the rear suddenly and violently drank and thundered, and the momentum of the mountain was overwhelming as Lin moved away.
Then, when Lin started, my aunt and others suddenly changed their faces, feeling that it was difficult to breathe, but when they could not bear it, a figure stepped from the side, and all the amazing momentum was oppressed by one person.
It seems that the pavilion today is really going to entangle me to the end. Lin moved around with a faint green light, and he stared at Mengshan with a sharp surge in his eyes.
At this time, you still dare to be arrogant and reckless. Mengshan’s eyes are also gloomy because of Lin’s attitude. He is obviously angry with his identity, and he has come here to fight. Instead, he has repeatedly made people angry with nonsense.
Brother Lin dong
Aunt Xin, when they see this tense atmosphere, it is also a big worry. Can Mengshan’s words solve the immediate dilemma? Even if it is solved, this Mengshan representative is a Leiyuanshan.
At this time, in the center of the village, Sunny and others are also anxiously looking at that direction, so it is not good for Lin to develop like this.
Somebody arrest this little boy for me.
Mengshan sneer at immediately with a wave of his hand behind the Tieshan Wei eyes is gradually sen cold up thick forceful force fluctuation is also distributed.
Aside that Qin Gang is looking on coldly, he’d like to see how this man named Lin Dong wants to get rid of the present situation. Mengshan’s strength is stronger than Cao Win’s, and its leader Tieshan Wei is one of the bandits who have followed him through many battles and honed their troops. I don’t know how much stronger they are than those in Blood Python City.
Lin Lin’s hands clenched slowly in front of him. Obviously, there is no way to be good. Since this is the case, they can have a fight.
Just as Lin’s eyes became more and more sharp, suddenly this big earthquake moved, and this sudden vibration also made the tense atmosphere slightly coagulate.
The vibration became more and more frequent in a short time, and then the former leader of Kyubi no Youko Village looked at the far end of the line of sight with amazement, where a black steel flood was mixed with a monstrous ferocity.
The black flood roared by in their place, and it was shocking that the amazing ferocity condensed layers of black clouds, and then the black clouds rolled in to cover the sky.
Outside Kyubi no Youko Village, everyone is shaking their eyes and looking at the roaring black flood. This posture far exceeds the other two groups of people here at this time.
And as Hong gets closer, they always find a flag flying in the black flood.
It’s a tiger that eats the army
One after another, the alarm suddenly broke out at this time. The Mengshan Qin Gang led two groups of people to look at the noise that didn’t come when it came. The eyes were all covered with a deep fear.
Qin Gang is also looking at the roaring black army, and the eyes are full of fear and fear. Leiyuanshan Mountain, the mountain of beasts, is also suffering from a lot of friction. Wars, large and small, have also broken out many times, and in these wars, the tiger eats the army, but it makes the mountain of beasts pay a great price.
And the army command is also the first fierce general in Leiyuanshan, who has been running around in the beast war field at an amazing speed for more than a year.
How come even this malicious character is here? Qin Gang pulled his mouth and immediately took a pity look at Lin. This guy seems to be a bit miserable today.
That’s the tiger eating army
Aunt Xin and others looked at the black army rushing in this direction, but their faces turned white in an instant. Before speaking, they were able to keep a little peace of mind in the face of Mengshan Qin Gang and others, but their courage in their hearts was always signs of collapse before the black army came with monstrous ferocity.
It’s the most powerful army in Leiyuan Mountain, and it’s also the fiercest-they face their opponents, who have always believed in exterminating the grass and eating the army, and they only live in a sea of blood and corpses.
If that ferocious division wanted to attack Kyubi no Youko Village, there would be a river of blood here today.
Lin also looked at the black army with a slight frown, which was so thick that it was almost as fierce as solidification. Even his eyes were dignified. This army was obviously the strongest he had ever seen since he came to the demon domain.
This is also the Leiyuanshan people, but they are very strong. Lin took a deep breath and the black mountain in Lei Guang surged deep in his eyes. It seems that today is really a bitter struggle.
Black flood is a kind of charge posture, but it is always clear after a while, and now it is in people’s eyes, and that kind of ferocity also makes people breathe a little.
And as close to the people are able to see the armor in the flood road fierce dark red eyes.
Of course, even though the black army ShaQi amazing, but people’s line of sight is quickly condensed to the central position of Nahong, where there is a more horrible evil foaming at the mouth.
It is said that those tigers are fierce tigers, then the man in the central tower of that army is the king of real tigers
He looks like an iron tower, and his fierce spirit seems to be condensed into a blood-red tiger-shaped light and shadow behind him. The tiger’s eyes glance at the sky and the fierce atmosphere.
Eyes were focused on the tower, and their eyes were full of fear, even in Mengshan.
Lin’s eyes also looked at the tower figure at this time, but soon his eyes slowly stagnated, and that plain face also emerged with a look of consternation to the extreme.
One side of the heart aunt looked at it with a wry smile. This situation is really getting desperate.