We are born with two lives: one is the continuation of race, the other is the individual evolution. Every member of our family will reproduce without hesitation in the breeding period, and the other is our pursuit of individual evolution. This is also why we have many waves, because we can absorb various kinds of metal essence and then we can evolve after a certain amount. After evolution, our body shape ability and life span are very long. We are just looking for different metal substances. Our extensive knowledge is that this sexual by-product is because no race has been to more places than ours. We are more willing to cooperate with other races, because we are not interested in what other races are interested in, and we are not interested in the abilities of other races. We are not threatening them, and all races are more welcome to us. Of course, we don’t need metal essence to evolve, but we also need to absorb and accumulate certain energy elements to evolve.

Can you tell me something about ancient times? I should ask you in your racial memory.
In ancient times, well, there were more races in the ancient universe than now. At that time, the universe was also full of dangers. At that time, there were not our intelligent races in the universe, and many cosmic beasts attacked us intelligent creatures everywhere. Among them, the gold-eating beasts were our natural enemies, and they also naturally absorbed metal essence. These cosmic beasts didn’t have the wisdom to know that they could hunt other races by living, and they were also threatened by various cosmic beasts, so the intelligent races in the universe joined forces. Get up and fight with the beasts of the universe for a long time. This war lasted for thousands of years. Many intelligent races disappeared in the war. After thousands of years of war, the intelligent life union finally opened an Anxin domain in the universe, so that intelligent life could continue here.
It was a dangerous age, but it was also a heroic age. In the thousands of years of fighting, all intelligent races cooperated with each other. Because of different racial abilities, we can make warships for other races to ride and fight. My ancestors participated in several wars, and intelligent life students made contact and contributed. After the end, Tianyi people’s extraordinary reproductive ability gradually became the leading force in the alliance of intelligent life. After thousands of years of fighting, the universe seems to be white. Intelligent life is not that they can easily hunt food. However, after a long period of development, Tianyi clan no longer regarded itself as the leader of the alliance but as the master of intelligent life, so the alliance broke down and Tianyi clan enslaved other races. My Jin clan was also in this field. Millions of years ago, Tianyi clan disaster was not a Tianyi clan disaster, but also a disaster of all races. Because Tianyi clan weakened the resistance ability of all races, all races were in Tianyi Star Domain. Of course, they were extremely strong and most of them were in Tianyi Star Domain. When the disaster occurred, all races were extinct. The world powers were all buried in this physical star field, which also caused the ancient physical empire to fall apart. This was really an accident, and all intelligent races also took the opportunity to get rid of the physical enslavement. When I met my ancestors some time ago, it was a catastrophe. Then I went on to say
This action is a great action since the establishment of the Chinese Empire. This time, 500,000 mecha accompanying the two legions of Qinglong and Baihu were mobilized, and nearly 50,000 people were repaired during the distraction period. However, it is impossible for me to plan the main force this time without paying back dozens of robbery periods and I, the pick Jin Xian, don’t know the strength and charm. We really don’t know what the strength and charm are. If we want to divide the charm, we can divide it into robots. She is a robot that can be upgraded. In recent years, she has been responsible for the management of materials in an empire. In addition, in her hand, she returned to the largest scientific research base in the empire. No one knows how many times she has upgraded herself. If she can mature the technology, she will always upgrade it at the first time. I know that she has upgraded her weapons for not less than five times. Every time I repaired the upgrade, she called me. She upgraded some parts of her body. I don’t know how many times she searched Baidu in the past 200 years.
In the process of fleet marching, he constantly received information from all over the world. He has attacked the patrol fleet of two major fortresses, especially the size of the patrol fleet of Feather Empire has been carried out for more than a dozen times. The first time, a standard fleet of Feather Empire was destroyed, and a patrol squadron got a lot of information. The first important news is that Feather Empire has increased its troops in view of the pressure from the East Tianyi Imperial Fortress on Feather Empire Fortress. Four legions have now become Star Fortress except the Blood Wolf Corps, the Evil Tiger Corps and the Violent Bear Corps. When the base arrived, an ice snake regiment was accompanied, and now the Red Fox Corps and Panther Corps have been added. The second news is that most of the attacks were aimed at the patrol fleet of the Feather Empire, but also at the East Tianyi Empire several times. But after a great search, I don’t know what Raya 86 Andrei 86 Ronakov became careful, and the patrol range was significantly reduced. In some sensitive places, I simply gave up a defensive posture as if I felt something. I looked at all the information and turned to ask Bai Yeqing behind me.
Julia, what do you think of Bai Yeqing? Obviously, I didn’t expect that I would ask him for advice. I handed him the information in my hand, and he quickly read it and then handed it to me. I motioned for him to give it to others and then continued to ask. He looked at him with a frown and thought about it, and then said,
Young Master, I think this Raya Andrei Ronakov often reacts. This guy is a good general, and he has an unusual feeling about the battlefield situation. I think he has already felt that the development of things depends on his plan, which makes him feel dangerous. It’s just that I would take such a defensive posture. After all, be careful. I guess he also got the information that the feather imperial fleet was attacked. It seems that he is defending us. After all, our first two battles used sneak attack tactics and both fought less and fought more. He reacted very often.
Have you considered what impact it will have on our plan? If he asks for help from the Eastern Tianyi Empire now, when we get to the Augustus Star Domain, we may not be facing a big army, and then the war situation may be out of our control and turn into a decisive battle with the Eastern Tianyi Empire. This is not what we want. Will this guy be so sensitive to the war when we are in the hands of the six regiments of the Feather Empire? I don’t want to be a mantis in the mouth of a yellowbird. Now, what should we do to increase the attack force or reduce it? I asked this time, not Bai Yeqing, but the generals.
We should stop the action of General Man Du, and we should make General Man Du intensify the attack and give them more pressure. If we don’t increase the pressure, it may make this General Raya as difficult as his country’s reinforcements. Do you want us to have a decisive battle in the Eastern Tianyi Empire? Are we still afraid that he won’t be there now? We are not afraid of the decisive battle between the two legions and the fourteenth legion, but we are not planning to have a decisive battle. Everyone has thought about it for a while, and Bai Yeqing said slowly
Young master, I think it would be best if we don’t adjust the posture of General Mandu’s actions, which will have no impact on our big plan, that is, the feather imperial fleet adopts the same posture, which means don’t forget that our purpose is not to fight, but we should keep them in this posture until we finish it, so it will be easy for us, but it is unlikely that they will take other measures in the long run. At present, it is impossible for this general Raya to ask for help from China on the basis of his own feelings. He has no information about his origin for help. Soldiers, even Emperor Ankara IV, are in favor of him, and it is impossible to send reinforcements to him because of his intuition. He is qualified to help the Eastern Tianyi Imperial Corps. This is impossible. Two hundred years ago, we only used the standard fleet Tianyi thinking mode to calculate where we can develop in 300 years. Don’t forget our population of more than 10 million. I think even if he wants to ask for help from the country, he will get our exact information.
After listening to Bai Yeqing’s analysis, other generals all nodded and said that I had people send messages to Manchuria. The attack continued without increasing the pressure on Raya Andrey Ronakov. We continued to keep the attack secret. We closely noted the changes in military strength in both aspects and told him to be careful. Actually, I adopted Bai Yeqing’s strategy, which increased Bai Yeqing’s weight in the eyes of everyone. It was a little help for me to control the White Tiger Corps more smoothly. This is not to say that the White Tiger Corps is rebellious, but Any soldier who doesn’t have a little pride, a little heart and enough military exploits can’t get it if he wants to control the roots of such a big army. I’m sure it’s the record. I’ll let all the generals go to rest after the order is given to Man Du. My eldest brother sits on the podium and looks at the imaginary stars shining outside, showing the mystery of the universe like human beings. He said with a mouthful of tea.
Julia is a talented person. He has done a good job in recent years, and his five brothers have done a good job in these years. If it weren’t for his balance, I would have cultivated them. You know, I found the interesting phenomenon. Orphans like them are also easy to achieve good results. They are loyal to us, but they are not very good at all. They just have too many dark sides in their hearts. I heard that this small place was bloody when they were in the empire of Augustus Temayat, but many people died at his hands, especially. Prince Kieran told us a lot about it when he wanted to invade our industry. How time flies! Three hundred years later, they may be long gone.
You feel so much today. Sister-in-law is not here. Who makes you feel bad? It doesn’t matter that everyone has different opportunities. If you know Julia’s childhood life experiences, you will understand their thoughts. We can’t impose our way of thinking on another person, but I admit that the five brothers are really talented. I didn’t take them with me at the beginning. It’s cheaper. When we talked about it, I remembered that my apprentice is Edward. How is he doing now? You are so good at his son. You must know his situation. I asked my eldest brother.
That’s the right question for you. You don’t really know how to be a teacher. When you left Nu Wa Star to explore Fuxi Star, I put him in the street. I returned my parents and your sister-in-law lived together. This little boy was also practicing the basic skills of Zhenxue School, and then Nu Wa Star came to Fuxi Star with us when he moved for the first time. After that time, you were busy with your spaceship. You left the little guy and met him and drove him back to school. I haven’t seen you, but this little girl didn’t lose face for 70 years. She entered the Yuan infant period with a very solid foundation. After she entered the Yuan infant period, she spread the word that it was your own brother. No one dared him to be an apprentice. He was also training with several elders in our door. Most of the time, Qing Lin was guiding him to practice. Now she has become obsessed with it. This time, because she can’t follow me, she is still angry. I think both of you and my sister-in-law treat him as a child. When it comes to eldest brother and sister-in-law, they
I didn’t expect a word from my heart to come true. I said that if I fix the truth with me, I might not see his parents for the last time. Now it’s all my fault. When I get back, let him learn from me. Others are going to inherit my tradition in the future. You don’t have a problem with it, do you? Your eldest sister-in-law has been married for so many years. I’m too busy practicing and forget about it. If you want to have children, I can give you double cultivation skills, so that my eldest sister-in-law can successfully conceive and give you a boy and a girl. This is a great harm I can’t help it when I wait for you to rob me at night during the fitting period. I don’t know if the immortal can be my own daughter, but I can’t help it because I can’t do the immortal’s kung fu. Now my kung fu is very effective in repairing the truth.
Brother Zhen looked at me and asked me to nod my head. Well, as soon as this thing is over, I’ll discuss with you two eldest sisters-in-law about who will have a few children in the next life. You didn’t say earlier that let’s make a wild guess. After all these years, my parents have been repairing the truth, they can’t have a daughter. For so many years, you Qinglin has been silent. We haven’t been able to do anything about it. Parents, but it’s been sad for a long time. No, you can’t’t. Xiaotian is busy and can’t decide when If it’s up to me to decide, I’m not afraid that you’ll forget it again. Teach me now, or I’ll let my parents get even with you. If they know that it’s two or three hundred years late for them to have grandchildren because of you, it’s strange that my parents won’t skin you, said the eldest brother.
Brother, you don’t have to be so cruel. I’m your brother, saying I forgot. You know I have a lot of things. I haven’t been idle for 300 years. My brain is full of my spaceship for 300 years. I’m talking about hello, too. My two eldest sisters-in-law gave birth to children before the Yuan baby, so their progress in repairing the truth will be much slower in the future. If in my previous life, in which world you might have to fly to the celestial world alone, it would be much more dangerous for my two eldest sisters-in-law to rob you, but fortunately, there is no celestial world
What big brother asked
The realm is too poor. I haven’t heard of the immortal’s dual cultivation of cultivating truth. If you dare to try, I guarantee that my sister-in-law will die in the first place, I said
No matter how many things I remember, don’t worry about my wife’s life. I’m more nervous than you. Instead, just teach me the martial arts now, said the eldest brother
Ok, I’ll teach you this achievement method, which consists of two parts: one is men’s practice, and the other is women’s practice. After your sister-in-law is divided into two disciplines, your practice will be lowered, and your practice will soon be high. It’s a common phenomenon that you don’t make a fuss. In fact, this achievement method is also understood by Qing Lin. If you don’t know anything, you can let the two sisters-in-law go to Qing Lin and ask me to give you the achievement method now. I said that there is a small golden light in my hand, and the golden light quickly disappears on the forehead of
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. That’s great. Old people can also be children. I’m dizzy. How can you be so funny?
Looking at my eldest brother’s funny appearance, I sweated all the time. Other officers on duty in the operation room looked at us strangely, so I escaped from the operation room. I really told this guy that Baidu search became a joke to other generals for a while, but eldest brother was not angry. Instead, it was a triumphant scene. Whenever people talked about it, eldest brother would say
You don’t always have children when you are young. You beg me for a day. I’ll see what you do when you are young. That’s a joke. The guy’s face is green. Now all these guys around me belong to cultivation. For human beings, apart from innate IQ, a person’s achievements depend on his hard work and experience, which grows at any time. People can’t experience world things. Simply put, the longer you live, the more you experience, the richer you will be. Fixing truth means that you can live longer. The higher you learn, the longer you live. We don’t know that it’s actually a fairy, and Shou Yuan must be too long, giving people the feeling that it’s immortal, and the fairy is also a disaster. As far as I know, let’s talk about God’s robbery. I think it’s really immortal that Pangu Nuwa and other ancient gods can travel through the universe into chaos
However, the threat from eldest brother is that most of these guys are not married, let alone married people who don’t experience these things. Their life experience is finally regrettable and lacking. It is said that their nerves have been tense enough in the past 300 years. This is also good for repairing and it is also a good idea for them to get married. However, it requires their willingness, but I am not a feudal parent. It is enough to go back to Qinglin and let my mother help her.
For more than a year, the root is a very short period of time. I led the Qinglong Legion and the Baihu Legion to jump at a place not far from Augustus. The adventurers of the East Tianyi Empire, the feather empire in Augustus Port, announced that their good days in Augustus had come to an end. We came to Augustus this time to divert the attention of the East Tianyi Empire, but it was impossible to hide and disappear. The two legions did not pass through Nuwa Star, but directly crossed it to Augustus Star Rhyme and led 300,000 dragons. The transport ship has gone to Nuwa Star. After I led two legions to control and block the star field near Nuwa Star, I think it is necessary to block the star field of Nuwa Star for about one thousand light years. Only in this way can we avoid being discovered by the two empires. The Central Horn Corps of Qinglong Legion was ordered by me to protect the star rhyme transport fleet.
There are a lot of wise people in this world. My fleet just came to Augustus Port from the jump gate, and many ships fled everywhere. Brother ignored these fleeing ships. Our purpose is that the Augustus star has become a deformed phenomenon in this port for 200 years. After all, the two empires have not occupied this place, but the adventures here are strangely many. Many people come here to take risks, and the construction of this port is also very big. The purpose of these adventures is that the two empires have been reviewing their policies toward the Chinese empire for 300 years. After eating twice, although the loss was not great and we hid again, the more this happened, the more wary the two empires became of us. It was really unpleasant to hit people without saying anything. After even reviewing the negotiation opportunity, the two empires found a problem that they had ignored for a long time. Their understanding of us was limited to some superficial things and I deliberately let them know the other things.
After Raya Andrei Ronakov set up the Glorious Legion, the Royal Family of East Tianyi also released an Huaxia Imperial Intelligence means in the Imperial Adventure Union. Up to now, the level of intelligence is not limited according to the importance of intelligence. A little intelligence in the Huaxia Empire will be worth a lot of money, and there are many adventures in Augustus. In this universe, the Adventure Union is like an intermediary organization, and it is not strongly binding. My experience in the life of Augustus for more than 20 years has already been clearly understood by these people.
After Brother Da ordered the capture of the port of Augustus, the Kratos quickly fought in the White Tiger Corps, and all the ships that dared to fight back were destroyed. But three hours later, Kratos had occupied the port of Augustus. I was satisfied with the pat on Bai Yeqing’s shoulder and tried to give him a chance to show it. This is my eldest brother’s discussion on good things. This meritorious military service also fell into Bai Yeqing’s pocket. According to the plan, one step is to sweep the range of 1,000 light years near Nuwa Star, and all the Huaxia spacecraft will fly to me. On the issue of military and civilians, it is not allowed to let go After the absolute control of the thousand light-years range, we will try our best to suppress the activities of the two imperial fleets and then prepare for a non-military operation to capture the interstellar fortress 3,000 light-years away from the Feather Empire.
One thousand light-years has been in our hands after three days of absolute safety. Raya 86 Andrei 86 Ronakov has already shrunk his troops when he was active here in Manchuria. After learning that I led two legions of troops to capture the port of Augustus, I even reduced my troops to about 300 light-years away from the fortress. Most of the warships are in the fortress. Of course, he can’t know in detail that I led 14 legions of warships from two legions. He got the information that I led a large number of fleets to capture Augustus. It is estimated that there are no less than two large legions of fleets. He can’t figure out where I come from for a while. What is my goal again? Augustus or will we fight him? Raya Andrey Ronakov doesn’t frown.
At this time, Bai Yeqing, the eldest brother, is not easy. Although our plan was completely supplemented by the general staff before the war, this is a battle in which two legions are fighting at the same time. We are likely to face two attacks. At present, the sooner we solve the feather imperial fortress, the more dangerous we are. Raya 86 An Lielie 86 Ronakov is not an easy person to deal with. He will not be easily suppressed by us, which will cause us some trouble. Now Bai Yeqing is already the eldest brother’s deputy, because this time it is the Qinglong Legion and the White Tiger Legion. At the same time, it is natural for Bai Yeqing to become the deputy of the big brother of the White Tiger Legion. We need to cultivate him into a talent who can be independent in the military to share the worries for the big brother. With the expansion of the imperial population, we need such people very much.
I suggest that we attack the StarCraft of Feather Empire in three days. In three days, our absolute security zone can be extended to 1,500 light years, and our defense circle will be established. Since we are ready to attack the StarCraft, we should implement it as soon as possible. I am afraid that Raya will find us for a decisive battle. Bai Yeqing suggested to the people in the operation room.
I agree with Julia. After all, big sleep’s procrastination is bad for us. Since there is nothing that can’t be planned for the campaign, I agree to proceed as soon as possible. Three days have passed, and then the rest of the people looked at me after listening to Brother’s words.
Look at me, big brother. You’re the chief commander of this campaign. I’m just holding your hand and showing mercy to a soldier. Just do what you want. Don’t look at me. I’m fine with it. I said
Ok, now I order the troops to be arranged three days after the battle. The Green Dragon Army Room Army Heart Army White Tiger Army Bi Army stays in Hong Kong to prevent Raya 86 Andre 86 Ronakov from sneak attack. Although we plan that he can’t sneak attack, we can’t put people’s lives on the plan. The attack on the Feather Empire Starcastle is divided into two groups, one is the Dikang Army in the Green Dragon Army, the other is the White Tiger Army Lou Army, and the other attack direction is the White Tiger Army Dikui Army Stomach Army. Ang Legion Gou Legion formed a regiment to be responsible for Qinglong Legion, White Tiger Legion, and White Tiger Legion. The reserve corps is ready to meet and prepare for unexpected situations. For example, the feather empire came unexpectedly to reinforce the troops, and all the generals went to prepare after hearing the order.