After crossing the border for more than twenty miles, a military fortress appeared in front of it, and heard the long horn coming from the fortress. A cavalry unit in Daimon Masaru rushed to us. This unit had a big moon and 500 human mounts. The cavalry were wearing red leather armor and leather helmets. When they saw that their impact formation was an elite cavalry unit, they all whispered softly.

The flower stand is fragile and shows death in front of us. I don’t know if we fight with Archduke Philette.
Are you famous? I heard whispers all over the place. They don’t know what’s better. It’s so difficult that people are dangerous to you. You’re happy. Are you idle? It seems that you need special training.
I know I’m wrong, young master. Please give me a break. If you don’t have special training, you’ll do everything, begging for mercy until you read.
Remember, this is what you said. Don’t regret what I said.
The big man said that he would never regret it. He replied that the cavalry brigade rushed to a distance of 50 meters from the team and stopped, moving and stopping. A tall and earthy beast rushed to the front of the team and shouted
Sister Cojna, are you there? Sister is coming to pick you up. Come quickly.
Cojna’s little head in the carriage behind him immediately reached out from the window and shouted at the knight
Sister Courteneva, I’m here. Are you here to pick me up?
The knight immediately urged the beast to rush to the car, and we, the people beside the car, immediately turned around and the wind beast made way for the knight. The knight rushed to the car, and Cojna jumped out of the car, and then the two of them hugged each other and jumped and jumped. Obviously, it was a little overjoyed. After a while, the two talents were quiet and came to Cojna to ask the question just asked.
The knight’s scalp helmet is a beautiful woman with heroic spirit. She replied with a leather helmet in one arm and Cojna’s hand in the other.
Are you happy that my sister came to meet you specially?
I’m glad, but how did my sister know I was coming? I remember I asked the businessman not to tell you I was coming to surprise you, Cojna asked
It’s not because of that Richie 86-bit count. Oh, no, we’re here to meet the count. The female knight said it seems it’s time for me again. I went up to the female knight and said
I’m the Earl of Malta, the 86-bit Richie, and I ask you who you are.
Well, you’re uglier than the portrait. I’m Courteneva Bonnier, the Grand Duchess of Alexandria’s Temayat Empire. Hold on, Cojna.
By listening to this, I almost went crazy. It’s the first time I’ve been commented on my appearance as a beautiful woman. It annoys me even more to get comments. By the way, the word "ugly" is the word "Grand Duchess of Temayat Empire". Where did this female knight come from? I put up with Confucius, a saint of the ancient Chinese generation, who said that it is difficult to raise a little woman.
Little sister can’t be polite to the Earl’s adult. The Earl’s adult is my special guest of Temayat Empire. Don’t neglect it, or the emperor’s position will definitely be reduced. Then you will receive the sound coming from behind. When the cavalry array charged, more than 20 knights rushed in the fortress. When the female knight Cojna hugged and jumped together, they came behind us. Of course, they have long discovered that these people have no malicious behavior and didn’t ask.
I turned around and the orcs immediately let a road sound behind me. The owner was a man of about 30 years old, dressed like an ordinary man. Behind him were two dozen people who were attendants, but two of them were masters of the world, the holy care division of blade master. This person had a lot of connections.
Before I introduce Kieran Bonnier, Prince of Alexander Temayat, the male population said
Shit, it’s no wonder that the female knight should be the princess of the former empire. When her brother becomes the emperor, she can be called the princess again. There is no female prince in the mainland alone, and she becomes the grand duchess. It seems that their emperors have a good relationship.
I’m Richie, 86-bit Earl of Malta, and I’m also introduced.
Welcome to the Temayat Empire, Count Ricki 86-bit. On behalf of my imperial emperor Alexander IX, I welcome you to the Imperial Guest. You take your people with us to rest in the fortress. We will talk about it later. You see, Prince Kieran has discussed it.
It’s up to you, prince’s palace. Make up your mind, I said
Well, the prince of the fortress ordered the motorcade and cavalry to go to the fortress. The duchess had already got into the car, and the four women in the car were obviously familiar with it. They were joking. I really couldn’t understand their code of conduct. When I saw the prince’s eyes staring at the car, I said
Don’t worry, my companions in the Prince’s Palace are very friendly. I’m sure they will get along well with Archduke Courteneva.
I’m not here, but what will happen to them? I’m looking at your car. Your car is better than I said. I wish I had one. How many beautiful women want to sit in this car? The prince said that I almost went crazy after hearing this. The Temayat Empire is like this
Do you know who has the largest number of people in my empire now? I’ll tell you, I’m a businessman and a smuggler. I’ve been engaged in smuggling these luxury goods. I’ve heard of these cars for a long time. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen you sell them until now. I know that there are no more than ten such cars in mainland China. How can I sell them to my high-priced prince?
Why do you want such a car so badly in the Prince’s Palace? What’s good about this car? I asked
What’s good? You’re a white prince. You’re going to curse me when you open your mouth in great anger. Suddenly you think of my identity, and you swallow it and take a long breath and say,
Your Excellency, your door is this kind of car, of course, you can’t feel anything. You see, on this road, little sister doesn’t have any bumps in her car. It’s much more comfortable if other cars can’t take it long ago, otherwise it’s impossible to ride animals on the ground. When riding animals on the ground, the thighs will be worn red and swollen. Businessmen just make money by walking around. How much suffering does it take to travel for a long time? Besides, this kind of car has good load-bearing capacity and great transportation capacity. You build a garage in the empire to sell this kind of car, so that you can make a lot of money. Every businessman in the mainland wants this kind of car. I’m sure think about how many businessmen in the mainland. I mean, not only Everbright, but also Diablo.
It’s not so luxurious to sell to these businessmen, and you can also customize luxury goods for the nobles. The nobles are sure that this is the car I want to pick up women, and I promise to be on call, said the prince
Who says this guy is a prince? I think he’s a lobbyist and E is not white. These are all ancient professional titles. Now it’s the business owner’s turn. Art will discuss that it’s a good idea to see if the axis turns and there’s no way to make words. I’m too busy to remember this time.
Oh, because of the technology and the cost, this kind of car can’t be built in large quantities. It’s for my friends, but I don’t know if it can be built in large quantities, but even if it can’t be built in large quantities, I will sell it to the prince. I promise to satisfy the prince, I said
Great, you are so kind to me, count. You are my best friend, Kieran. Just ask me for anything in Temayat Empire. If it is not a conspiracy to overthrow the emperor, it will not be settled like me. Now the prince is a bit like a gangster.
The prince meant something, and I thought that the motorcade had pulled into this border military fortress.
After crossing the delia Empire, we now arrive at Temayat Empire, which is called the most powerful empire in the world, although it is not the largest empire. Because it is very simple, most of the land of this empire is flat, and there are many rivers and lakes. Compared with other empires, it is said that it is developed and capable of feeding more people. In this era, population and food are the best symbols of wealth and strength.