The murder in Lin’s eyes didn’t hide too much, so the king’s plate also felt a little cold and looked startled. Finally, the young figure sitting on the rock locked the plate and looked at the familiar face. His face was cold in an instant.

Lin Dong, you punk are still alive.
For Lin Dong, who robbed his Lingbao Wang Pan that day, it was obviously extremely resentful. Before I saw it, resentment suddenly erupted in my heart, and when my eyes were overcast and folded, a binge drinking was exploding in the day.
This name, whether in the wild county now or for those who have been to the four clans of the ancient tomb mansion, is not too strange, so when Wang Pan drinks, his eyes blink away and he finally locks in the figure of Fang. Chapter 265 Fight Wang Yan again.
The fastest response to this name was Wang Yan, who was injured by Lin Dongfu because of carelessness and robbed him of his dry Kun bag. He always regarded it as the biggest shame in his heart. After that, he suspected that he hated it to the extreme. When he heard this name, his eyes were almost suddenly cold and suddenly turned to the side, and then he stared at the young figure sitting on the rock.
When Wang Yan looked at Fang, Lin Langtian’s eyes also fluctuated slightly, and his eyes were indifferent, but his eyes were fixed on Lin’s face, but his expression didn’t fluctuate. Perhaps this name was forgotten when he left Tianyan Mountain, and he let go of malicious words and didn’t leave half a sentence in his heart. After all, he once said that Dayan Dynasty wanted to challenge him, and Lin was just one of them, which was not worth any other impression.
Behind Lin Langtian, Lin Keer is also surprised to see the party’s impression of Lin Dong is good, but then when she is in a white situation, she can’t help but have a worried look in her eyes. Bai Wangyan hates Lin Dong’s guts and will definitely meet him today, but Lin Dong’s strength is obviously not done. He will definitely suffer when he competes.
In counting on Lin Langtian’s help, Lin Keer also knows that it is impossible. In the eyes of the most brilliant genius of the Lin clan, the separation of families is like an ant. In his view, except for the Lin clan, these separation ants are not the same at all.
This guy wants to come here and doesn’t know to hide a trace. Lin Keer is a little angry. Isn’t this guy short of memory after eating a loss?
Taishi clan Taishi is also a little surprised. He glanced at Lin Dong, apparently for a little memory, but the look was a glance and then he went back and didn’t care too much.
Is this person Qing Zhu’s elder sister ever moved to Lin’s ancestral clan, and that Huang Pujing’s cold face is at this moment, with some fluctuations, frowning slightly and looking at the beautiful eyes of a young figure with a rather inexplicable look?
Is generally I don’t know how can be clear bamboo elder sister chi beautiful eyes set off in the forest swept the emperor PuJing is mumbling way
In that several eyes converge, Lin’s look is still calm and slowly, and the rock rises. However, at the moment of his body, his eyes are suddenly sharp, his feet are sharp, he steps on the ground, and his hands are violently plundered like a shell, and his hands are hard at the king’s plate, grabbing a few silk threads of the earth and violently plundering them, and binding the king’s plate like a flash.
Spirit of silk will Wang Pan bound Lin after a wave of his arm is directly by its outrageous pull fly away.
Lin’s hands were unexpected. No one expected that he would dare to take the initiative in the face of how strong the Wang clan was. Therefore, when Wang Pan was captured, those Wang clans were strong enough to return to their senses, and when they were angry, they would ring up.
Anger sounded when several Wang clans were strong and aggressive, and when they took the pledge, they exploded against Lin.
However, in the face of their offensive, Lin Dong’s mind moved vigorously, and the spirit roared into a spirit hammer, which severely dispersed the numerous offensives.
Lin Dong, what do you want to do? Don’t you dare touch me. Our Wang clan insists that you live or die. Lin Dong grabbed the throat and Wang Pan’s face turned red and growled. When he growled, he also turned up some waves in his heart, because he found that in Lin Dong’s palm, regardless of his body’s chalk force, he broke away from the other palm. Obviously, Lin Dong’s strength is far beyond him.
As soon as Wang Pan growled, he fell into the palm of his hand, which contained vigorous strength, and it was mercilessly thrown in his face. When his mouth was full of teeth, it exploded into powder at this moment, and his face was swollen with bloody steamed bread in an instant.
Blood mixed with tooth powder was sprayed, and Wang Pan was directly beaten into a faint state by Lin’s slap, but now he’s afraid he can’t even whine.
Looking at that in the hands of Lin, who was slapped into a pig’s head, several people were startled. No one expected Lin to be fierce to this extent and carry people to play this miserable in front of the Wang clan.
The atmosphere in the sky was stiff for a moment, and then some huaran broke out, among which there was a lot of applause. Most of the people who could come here were powerful, but not everyone was afraid of them, although the Wang clan was powerful.
But Lin’s move is suspected to have completely angered those Wang clans. When those guys’ eyes are red, they roar one by one.
Since you don’t teach money, I’ll do it for you, by the way. Lin’s face is indifferent, so he just throws the Wang Pan, who is going to be in a coma, at the opposite side. A Wang clan looks at him and rushes to catch the Wang Pan, otherwise this unlucky guy will have to fall off again.
What are you? I’m from the Wang clan, too. You can teach a huge golden gun. A red-haired old man always stares at Lin Dong and looks unusually gloomy.
You will pay the price for this reckless behavior, and another person who has the same atmosphere will become a white-haired old man with a dense tone
While talking at the same time, two powerful smells are also slowly emitting from the two old women’s chalk, and it turns out that this appearance is going to be grabbed by hands.
However, just as they were about to start work, Wang Yan, who was located in the front, suddenly stretched out his hand and stopped him. His eyes were cold and he stared at Lin Dong. Soon he tilted his head and looked at Lin Langtian in the direction. Brother Tian publicly insulted my Wang clan. If I killed him, I don’t know your opinion.