That’s settled, then. I’ll pick up my luggage as soon as you clap your hand. Aha, I’m a beautiful woman, so you won’t be so boring all the way, will you?

I called a military meeting last night, and I gave a short meeting to my brothers after I finished my military deployment to the border.
Moyun Slag: I have a look at these two gods. You are not fit for magic. Don’t go this time. Go to Qingzhou to train our newly formed legion.
What? We also want to see the world, Mo Yun muttered.
From arranging the slag to knock Moyun’s head, we are soldiers
You’re a soldier when Mo Yun stares at your eyes. I’m just talking about it. It’s so important to train the legion. Can you finish it without the big ye?
It must be finished. Slag curled his mouth and said
All right, don’t make any noise. I slapped the table and it shook symbolically.
But his face was hidden in the shadow of his cloak and hat
You and I have a sore nose. This brother came to be a dragon knight, but now he has become a vampire because of me. It’s a shame. Are you responsible for staying in Kyoto to protect his father’s safety
No problem but said
In fact, how much I miss bickering and being lively, but since I became a vampire, my body has not changed, and even my personality has changed. Even when there are many people, I remain silent.
I pursed her lips and patted her shoulder and nodded.
Leng Mengzhe lost his excitement when he was lonely. Boss, let’s call it a day. It’s long overdue. Everyone should go to bed early.
Well, I nodded and took the lead and got up and went.
Spring has passed, but it will still be cold in Kyoto in the middle of the night. I am walking slowly in the imperial garden. The branches are hung with dew, and the spring breeze has dyed the earth green. It makes me finally breathe a sigh of relief. I told myself in my heart that small is dead, but it is an unchangeable fact. I should accept this fact.
There is a slight wind in the middle
Assassin, my ears moved sensitively, and then my consciousness tracked it to the source.
A black shadow is moving rapidly in that direction, and I thought about the imperial dining room 2.
The black shadow looked around in front of the imperial kitchen for a while and then disappeared in the door.
What did the assassin want to do when he entered the imperial kitchen? I thought, is it to poison the food? I have a small headache at the thought of poison. Fortunately, I found it, and then I heard the chicken whine inside and then lost its sound.
Come on, I’ll kick the door with a big drink
A vague shadow came at me, but I kicked it but it was a soft object. I thought it was the whining chicken, but another shadow flew to the window. This little trick can be hidden from the king. I flashed around in front of the shadow, but I can’t run away with it. Hehe, I grimaced. At this time, with the noise of people, Leng Mengzhe was lonely and had rushed in with a torch. The torch lit up a kitchen and also lit up the shadow.
Chapter one o six It’s me who should say I’m sorry
But I exclaimed
But the corners of the mouth hung bloodshot and looked at me calmly.
Catch the assassin. The noise is getting louder outside
Leng Mengzhe is lonely and drives away people outside. No one is allowed to come in here. I immediately drink a way.
It was Leng Mengzhe who was ordered alone to close the door conveniently.
However, you, this is my heartache when I walk over and touch you with a delicate face.
Suddenly, his eyes were red and his fangs stuck out of his mouth and bit me.
Don’t take me by surprise, but fortunately, I’m better than others. Many hands have been propped up against the wall, but what’s wrong with you? I’m your big brother.
However, his eyes are flashing red and he has entered a state of madness. His strength is transient and he is constantly trying to break away from my hand control.
Brother resisted the cold dream, Zhezhe rushed in and shouted to me, then raised a chicken to say hello to loneliness, and quickly gave him chicken blood. Then he sent the chicken in his hand to his mouth.
However, with a bite on the neck of the chicken, the chicken gradually stopped struggling, and finally the head of the chicken hung down to one side and the comb turned dark red.
Leng Mengzhe threw the chicken aside and hurriedly sent the chicken in his hand to his mouth.
I was heartbroken and looked at it, but I was crazy about sucking chicken blood. Once a white, handsome and good guy, he has now become a bloodthirsty demon king. My tears are ticking on the ground, brother. I am sorry for you.
However, after sucking up four or five chickens, the sharp breathing gradually stopped, and the red pupil slowly recovered, and the black fangs retracted into his mouth.
I let go but collapsed to the ground.
Eldest brother I’m sorry but low head gasped
No, I plopped down on my knees. Good brother, I should say I’m sorry. It’s me.
Brother, why do you wait for Leng Mengzhe to exclaim and help me?
I tried to wave Leng Mengzhe’s lonely hand. I’m sorry, brother. The boss has made you suffer so much. I don’t deserve to be the boss. I really don’t know how to repay you for being so kind to me. I’m crying.
Brother, don’t say that, but hold my shoulder. Everyone has his own destiny. This is my destiny, and it is my change.
No, I wanted to talk, but I was interrupted. However, my boss has always been unlucky. When I was a child, I fell into the family, hoping that I could make a name for myself. So I joined the army, but my family left one after another before I became an officer. But it is my greatest luck to be able to follow the boss.
Brother, I wiped my tears, but I don’t know what to say. What can I say if I’m such a good brother?