Wow, is that Gui Hao’s snow unicorn horn very powerful? Yuan Ye’s eyes are already shining.

Hum-hum: The worst thing about snow unicorn as an adult is that Yuan Zun will run away when he sees it. The essence of snow unicorn’s life fighting experience and understanding of heaven is the best treasure in this unicorn horn. Yuan Zun can’t ask for revenge because Yuan Zun dares to kill snow unicorn. Besides, it is unknown whether Yuan Zun can defeat the adult snow unicorn. Mu said that his face is full of pride. At the same time, the remaining four elders are also proud, which is more proud than anyone who is such a peerless expert in his own family.
Xiang Mu looked at Yuan Ye, of course, to put it bluntly, the Haochi Lake is a sacred place, and we won’t let you in, so I believe you can solve it.
Ah, wait, that’s all you said. Don’t let me in. Yuan Yeyi is depressed.
I’ve already said that Guihaochi is not a common place. How can you be ashamed to go in as an outsider? If you are not a friend of Shao Hao, you can’t even get in here. When the owner is depressed, he has politely refused. He still wants to go in. When he feels that the little jerk friend is careless.
If you don’t let me in, people will say I’m being sarcastic. I’m wronged. It’s nothing. Yuan Ye is shameless, patting the little jerk on the neck, and the little jerk has long been impatient. He goes inside with Yuan Yerui on his back.
No, Shao Hao is qualified to go in. You humans can’t. Two elders, fire Kirin, stand in front of the little jerk with a firm expression.
Yelling at the little bastard, gnashing his teeth and showing his attack posture at once.
Red anger can’t be presumptuous. Elder Xiang Mu immediately drinks a way.
The two elders hesitated and let the little jerk go directly.
Just wait a moment. At this moment, the previous five elders, Bai Ling, stopped and smiled. Shao Hao is the only snow unicorn in this generation and our future patriarch. We dare not stop it. It is our family’s millions of years of rules that can’t be broken. Can Xiao You practice the effect at the side of the pool? It’s as magical as it is, but it’s not bad. It’s our family’s rules. Do me a favor
To tell the truth, I’m very grateful to the nobles after coming here. I will never destroy this rule, Yuan Ye patted his chest and immediately promised
Five elders spirit bent down and said, thank you.
Soon, the little jerk took Yuan Ye to a white world. It’s strange that in midsummer, although the mountains are a little cold, it’s by no means snowy. However, there are snowflakes the size of goose feathers floating here, and the world has turned into a snow world. Snow is a white jade statue, a variety of snow unicorns or bowed their heads and moaned, or prostrated themselves on the ground or sat on a frosty day. Each of them has a different expression and a different expression, but at first glance, they all know that it is the last moment of their lives.
White unicorn statue, goose feather, snowflake, slight cold wind and quiet mountains, all of which constitute a sad world.
Brother Ye, it’s so beautiful and sad here. Rui Xi took Yuan Ye’s hand and eyes couldn’t help but get wet.
Even when the strong snow Kirin died, it was also attached to the limit of life. It was these strong deaths that made the world even more sad. Then the snow Kirin died and constituted this beautiful snow field. Yuan Ye said faintly that he didn’t know what to do. When he came to this pool, he never became cynical again, but lamented the heavens and the earth. Yuan Ye didn’t know that the pool contained snow Kirin’s understanding of heaven. When he entered the pool, Yuan Ye’s understanding of heaven had been greatly improved and his thoughts were more refined and sublimated.
At the same time, white energy melts into Yuan Ye’s body visibly, and Yuan Ye’s atrophied meridians gradually become full.
Does Xiaoxi feel Yuan Ye look at Ruixi and smiles to say
Well, I think I’m in good spirits. Rui Xi nodded with a happy face. This time, the little bastard has walked into a milky pool and slowly walked in to soak in hot springs, enjoying it and looking at Yuan Ye Rui Xi’s eyes as if he were invited.
Brother Qiu, I wish we were here. Xiaoxi, practice according to the method I taught you. Yuan Ye said, sit cross-legged and recover her strength directly.
Yuan Ye Rui Xi, a little jerk, was practicing to enter the illusory realm in Guihaochi, and I’m afraid I can’t enter such a magical realm for a while even if the master of Emperor Wu retired for a hundred years, but it’s too simple to enter such a realm in Guihaochi. I don’t know how long it took Yuan Ye’s mind to suddenly fluctuate. At this time, Yuan Yecai woke up from practicing that artistic conception.
Come on, I’m practicing at the critical point. Yuan Ye cried gloomily. At this time, Rui Xi was awakened. Yuan Ye was surprised that Rui Xi has reached the level 6 state of Wuhou, and his strength is exhausted, but he still recovered quickly in this way. But Rui Xi is a second-class martial man. It is incredible to practice to Wuhou in such a short time.
Thought of here, Yuan Ye couldn’t help but look at Guihaochi again. All this can be said that Guihaochi is amazing.
Xiaoyou, your strength has been restored. Actually, you are a friend of Shao Hao. We want to give you a banquet to show your host’s friendship. Yuan Ye looked up and saw the three elders of Kirin clan.
Banquet: I won’t just think that I left Guihaochi when I saw my strength restored, will I? Yuan Ye’s heart andao was intensive by the pool for half a month. His strength has been restored and his strength is more refined. Yuan Ye has realized the power of law to a higher level than Yuan Ye. Yuan Yegen can’t imagine what it would be like to enter Guihaochi. He doesn’t want to go if this situation kills him.
Well, I haven’t recovered my strength yet. Wait another ten years.
Hehe, little friend, we can fix you. You may fool me. Three elders laughed angrily.
By Yuan Ye, I despised this and suddenly fell to the ground. Oh, my leg hurts for half a year.
The third elder shook his head and smiled bitterly. It was the first time I saw a master who was close to featuring strength, and suddenly my leg ached and I fell down.
I’m so realistic in this acting that Yuan Ye got up reluctantly.
Brother Ye, shall we go?
People are waiting for us outside. What should I do if I don’t go? Yuan Ye said grumpily. When the little bastard saw Yuan Yelai, he immediately climbed from the pool and crept with him.
Soon Yuan Ye Rui Xi, a little jerk, came to the five elders of the Kirin clan outside Guihao Pool, waiting impressively.
Five heads of families in Shao Hao bowed down when they saw the little bastards.
The little jerk smiled smugly at the corner of his mouth but followed Yuan Ye honestly.
Five seniors, if we don’t eat our horses for a while, I have to go in and practice again.
The five elders of Qilin Group turned blue when they heard it, but it was not good because of the little jerk.
Hehe, let’s go to the party first and speak slowly. Speak slowly and make a gesture with the elder Kirin’s dry smile.
The food at the banquet was very dull, but there was no meat and no wine. It surprised Yuan Ye that Kirin should eat vegetarian food, so Yuan Yerui and the sunrise talked together with the five elders of Kirin.
Xiaoyou, you have been here for a while, and you have never thought about when to make a living. The elder seems to be very polite.
Yuan Ye very ungracefully grabbed a NiDan and swallowed it, saying vaguely, No, No, No.
Wood that smile face a stiff.
In fact, the number of treasures in the outside world is my Kirin clan’s Guihaochi, which is the snow of the past dynasties. It is also the most important thing for Kirin to sum up the heaven in his life, and it is also a pity that the heaven is a late stage of cultivation. It is too early for you to enter the Guihaochi now. This is also why Shao Hao has entered the Guihaochi many times, but his strength has not changed much, mainly because Guimu thought about preparing for Yuan Ye’s departure.
Understanding heaven is the most difficult and uncertain thing. It may take a million years to get a glimpse of heaven, but understanding heaven is the most important thing. In the late Wu Dynasty, if you don’t understand the root of heaven, you won’t make progress. All peerless experts want to improve their understanding of heaven. It is the most important treasure, but all this is too early for Yuan Ye. The former main element of the six-level military king is fighting power. After the military king, the power of understanding law can only be qualified to say that you can benefit from heaven and earth. Now Yuan Ye doesn’t know where to go.
No, I think my strength has improved a lot. Ji Haochi is barely okay. I forgive it.
At the same time, the five elders despised Yuan Ye for ten thousand times.
The five sacred places of beasts have all increased their strength and effectiveness, especially those of you who are just martial arts. But this is not the most important. I am the only one in the five sacred places of beasts. Kirin and Haochi are the late stage of understanding the rest of Heaven, but do you want to listen to the wood and continue Yuan Ye?
Well, I’m so handsome. Maybe one day I’ll get another friend from the other four beast heads. Yuan Ye said while drinking water.
Make a good effort to make a quick laugh. The unicorn horn, the best treasure of the five god beasts Kirin clan, is called the unicorn horn, which is the best treasure of the dragon who understands the laws of heaven and earth. The dragon ball is the essence of the dragon’s life. Among them, the dragon king, the dragon ball and the dragon ball are called the dzi bead, which is the best treasure to treat serious human injuries. It is necessary to breathe a sigh of relief in the dzi bead, and it can be cured quickly. The best treasure of the Linghu clan is the tiger pattern, that is, after the death of Linghu, Tiger Claw, in which the tiger king The best treasure of the Phoenix clan can be made into a peerless magic weapon after being refined by great magical powers. Every phoenix will burn in flames after its death. Finally, there is one feather left. This feather has the extreme terrible destructive power of the phoenix, and it can definitely surpass the assassination master. Among them, the phoenix king Suzaku’s feather is called the heavenly feather, and the best treasure of the Xuan beast clan is that the defense of the Xuan beast shell is strong, and no one can break it into an absolute enemy of armor. Among them, the Xuanwu shell of the Xuan beast king is called the heavenly armor, and it is worth saying that there are five god beasts. Each clan has a king, However, in the past dynasties, a light unicorn became the lowest blue dragon of Gao Xue Kirin Dragon, but in the blue dragon, there must be a dragon in charge of a dragon, a spirit tiger, a white tiger, a phoenix family, a suzaku Xuan, an orc Xuanwu, all of which are the five sacred objects of the five families. The essence is generally given to the later heads of families. After all, the heads of families must be well protected and cultivated.