Black and thin man looks at Huangfunan. You know me.

As soon as Huangfu Nan knew Ge Tianhe’s adult, he was also a friend of Warcraft, that is, the dragon, the black dragon, the ao charm, and the adult’s strength was comparable to that of human beings. The six attributes were quasi-peerless, but the fire was big, and the six shura doors were few. The Lord worshiped Ge Tianhe’s adult very much.
Six attributes of quasi-respect
After hearing what Huangfu Nan said, Mr. Qu and other six people are still Yuan Yeqi Yue, and the faces of these two younger generations have changed six attributes. In front of them, the root is God.
I didn’t expect that after 20,000 years, people will remember my master, the black and thin man, sighing again. I was ordered by my master to guard here, and I needed to stop an attack.
The black dragon ao mei said that everyone’s face is dying, and six attributes must be respected. Who can stop it?
Ao Mei shook her head slightly disappointed when she saw everyone’s expression. Immediately, she said, you can rest assured that the test of the spirit array is your fighting potential, that is, the ability to leapfrog. You are a single-attribute quasi-respect, and you must bear a blow from me, which is equivalent to a double-attribute force. Of course, if you are willing to bear it higher, you can bear it, but if you don’t bear it, you will die. The highest available array treasure is a cloak, which allows you to teleport for a distance in battle. The teleport is generally as precious as the previous one,
As soon as you hear this treasure, people are amazed at the quasi-sacred realm. Every time you raise an attribute power, you will get a new avatar. This teleport is a six-attribute quasi-sacred avatar. This cloak is simply a six-attribute quasi-sacred avatar. When people are jealous,
Is it necessary for the elder to bear a three-attribute quasi-respect blow and then enter a sudden bend, so the elder can calmly sound up?
Well, Ao Mei nodded and failed or didn’t fail.
Since the younger generation won’t rush into this array, Tai Shuai gave me your sixth picture, Qu said, suddenly summoning his armor and flying away for a while.
Thai handsome one leng.
Well, Elder Qu suddenly looked coldly at the past.
It’s the elder Tai Shuai who devoting himself to the direct treasure map. The high-level Tai Shuai’s position in the wind and the soul is not the same as that of the elder.
The sixth picture of Elder Qu’s hand goes straight for a while, and at the same time, he is always ready to deal with the punishment of failing to enter the array.
Breaking into the array, he wants to fight against the four attributes of quasi-respect. He wants to deal with the three attributes of quasi-respect attack. Which is simple and which is easy? Everyone knows that Elder Qu came here to clear his soul, but he gave him a card. But this card can’t be waved here. The real decisive battle is yet to come. How can Zhang Yanzhi fight behind it? Although it is also the three attributes of quasi-respect, Elder Qu has never paid attention to Jin Yuyan. Because Jin Yuyan is the strongest Kodak 19th peak, nothing can take the table card, but Zhang Yanzhi is different, and Ziluo Wonderland is bound to
The teleportable treasure gets the watery pearl, which is half a yuan, and the yuan statue is more accurate. Then what magical power can be counted without this account?
Treasure-grabbing will always be a huge sectarian game like Ziluo Wonderland, and a local sectarian game like Kodak’s Nineteen Peak can be a soy sauce to watch the fun. Unfortunately, Jin Yuyan doesn’t know how much he weighs.
In this case, I am also willing to bear the attack of three attributes and respect. Zhang Yanzhi immediately walked over with a smile for fear that Elder Qu would be the first to break in with the sixth picture.
Hum jinyuyan doesn’t rush into the array when he throws his sleeves.
Should I rush into the array or go directly to Xue Lu and ask Yuan Ye?
Nonsense, of course, directly in the past, you think, alas, four attributes must respect the attack, Yuan Ye immediately said
Oh, well, be careful. Xue nodded like a bird. It was Yuan Ye who didn’t see Tai Shuai’s murderous eyes.
Who is not going to rush into the array and look at a person present coldly?
People didn’t speak. They were weak, but they could stop the attack with three attributes. Even if they could, they wouldn’t break into the array. They still had a chance to get a cloak without breaking into the array. Nothing.
All right, the six of you who have the most leaps and bounds will be eligible to get that cloak. If you have the least breakthrough, you will be the first to choose Ao Mei’s finger to point at Mount Tai, the god of death.
A god of death, Taishan, didn’t expect to be the first one to look for him. In fact, no one wanted to be the first one to choose, but in the face of Ao Mei’s orders, who dared to resist Taishan without saying anything? The other party was too strong and had no choice.
A god of death, Taishan, bent down and went straight ahead.
You are a dual-attribute quasi-statue, ready to challenge me more and more, and I’ll wake you up again. You’ve gone more and more, and you’ve failed at least in breaking into the array, and you’ve got a chance to be arrogant and indifferent.
The younger generation leaped to the next level.
Good ao mei speaks instantly, with a finger stretched out and a finger shot directly to the finger, and it is broken in succession.
Seeing this attack, everyone present turned pale, but how strong will it be to shatter the attack power?
Drinking death Taishan with a solemn face and stabbing it with a flying sword was equally broken.
The strongest attack shadow raid
Death Taishan single-handedly created the Shadow Sect’s Shadow Name, which is his strongest attack naming. This blow consumes a lot of power, even in Taishan’s heyday, it can also have two swords, but the power is not underestimated. Taishan absolutely grasps the three attributes of confrontation.
Flying sword refers to a terrible black hole where the mans meet. The black hole disappears instantly. Death Taishan has a big body shock, and his face is flushed but colored.
Yes, just after the attack, the three attributes of quasi-respect power ao charm smiled and then with a wave of his hand, he succeeded at the first level.
Death will leave as soon as Taishan bends down.
Live ao mei suddenly cold hum.